All of Us: The Collected Poems

All of Us The Collected Poems This prodigiously rich collection suggests that Raymond Carver was not only America s finest writer of short fiction but also one of its most large hearted and affecting poets Like Carver s stories

  • Title: All of Us: The Collected Poems
  • Author: Raymond Carver
  • ISBN: 9780375703805
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback
  • This prodigiously rich collection suggests that Raymond Carver was not only America s finest writer of short fiction, but also one of its most large hearted and affecting poets Like Carver s stories, the than 300 poems in All of Us are marked by a keen attention to the physical world an uncanny ability to compress vast feeling into discreet moments a voice of conveThis prodigiously rich collection suggests that Raymond Carver was not only America s finest writer of short fiction, but also one of its most large hearted and affecting poets Like Carver s stories, the than 300 poems in All of Us are marked by a keen attention to the physical world an uncanny ability to compress vast feeling into discreet moments a voice of conversational intimacy, and an unstinting sympathy This complete edition brings together all the poems of Carver s five previous books, from Fires to the posthumously published No Heroics, Please It also contains bibliographical and textual notes on individual poems a chronology of Carver s life and work and a moving introduction by Carver s widow, the poet Tess Gallagher.

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    About "Raymond Carver"

    1. Raymond Carver

      Carver was born into a poverty stricken family at the tail end of the Depression He married at 19, started a series of menial jobs and his own career of full time drinking as a serious pursuit , a career that would eventually kill him Constantly struggling to support his wife and family, Carver enrolled in a writing programme under author John Gardner in 1958 He saw this opportunity as a turning point.Rejecting the experimental fiction of the 60s and 70s, he pioneered a precisionist realism reinventing the American short story during the eighties, heading the line of so called dirty realists or K mart realists Set in trailer parks and shopping malls, they are stories of banal lives that turn on a seemingly insignificant detail Carver writes with meticulous economy, suddenly bringing a life into focus in a similar way to the paintings of Edward Hopper As well as being a master of the short story, he was an accomplished poet publishing several highly acclaimed volumes.After the line of demarcation in Carver s life 2 June 1977, the day he stopped drinking his stories become increasingly redemptive and expansive Alcohol had eventually shattered his health, his work and his family his first marriage effectively ending in 1978 He finally married his long term parter Tess Gallagher they met ten years earlier at a writers conference in Dallas in Reno less than two months before he eventually lost his fight with cancer.

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    1. Sometimes reading an entire collection of poems cover to cover is exhausting and maybe even inadvisable work. In fact, I often read poetry collections on the side as I'm reading fiction (or non-) because it requires such focus. You know the feeling. Especially with poems that yawn and stretch out over a page or two. You're reading and suddenly you realize your mind has drifted, like a newbie meditation acolyte trying on Buddhism for size. You go back. Remind yourself. Focus on the words! Start o [...]

    2. God damn you, Raymond Carver. You spent time with Haruki Murakami when your books were selling better in Japan than America. Because the Japanese were infatuated by the deep roots of shame in your work, and we were too scared of how it made us feel. You spent time with Bukowski when he had money and threw it around like a man who understood how ephemeral it was. You were the best and no one knew it until you were dead. I love you, Raymond Carver. The same way I love my dad, like a god, untouchab [...]

    3. Bagni di sole che diventano bagni di luceHo letto tutto il libro con spirito da bagnante: godendomi parole e immagini attraverso le ciglia, con occhi semichiusi e beati. Pensavo che il mio ego letterario fosse soddisfatto, ma dopo ho letto la postfazione della moglie di Carver. Ebbene: ho dovuto rileggerlo daccapo con occhi spalancati. Ed è stato uno stillicidio di luce continua. Non so se riesco a orientarmi tra le stelle, ma a forza di fissare tanta luminosità, adesso vedo impresso su ogni c [...]

    4. There’s a sensethat I’ve lost—not everything,not everything, but far too much.A part of my life forever. *Went on with my life. Butthat memory entering like a spike. *The starsburning holes in the sky. Becoming ash, yes.But it’s all right, they’re supposed to do that.Those lights we call stars.Burn for a time and then die.Me hell-bent. Wishingit were tomorrow already. *[…] I was beginning to understand how it’s possibleto be in one place. And someplace else, too. *There was a timeI [...]

    5. I know it's hip to hate him and now with the Lish melodrama going on, he's even more tarnished I suppose. But I've always been a big fan of the writing even with its uneven quality. The poems are often despised for their prosoid, talky, confessionalist New Yorker qualitiesere are some like that in here but the vast majority strike me as successful transpositions of a particular school of Russian poetry into English. He's very Russian for an American. I think he was trying to write up to Chekhov' [...]

    6. These poems tell autobiographical stories. They are about survival in every sense of the word. They taught me to love life.

    7. Your Dog DiesYou Don't Know What Love Is (an evening with Charles Bukowski)The Mailman as Cancer PatientThe AshtrayStill Looking Out for Number OneNext YearEnergyLocking Yourself Out, Then Trying to Get Back InMy BoatPlusReading Something in the RestaurantThe Author of Her MisfortuneThe PossibleAn AccountWaiting Left off the highway and down the hill. At thebottom, hang another left.Keep bearing left. The roadwill make a Y. Left again.There's a creek on the left.Keep going. Just beforethe road e [...]

    8. I read one Raymond Carver story called Cathedral recommended by my friend Jason and it kicked ass. It was about an aloof alcoholic whose wife invites over an old friend of her younger years who happens to be blind. It was terrific.I don't like reading too many short stories by the same writer that are terrific because my expectations get too high and they usually turn out to all be terrific in the same way, a way probably unknown and unintened by the author, but a way nonetheless as I come to se [...]

    9. "E hai ottenuto quello che volevi da questa vita, nonostante tutto?Sì.E cos'è che volevi?Potermi dire amato, sentirmiamato sulla terra."Una raccolta di poesie moderne ed originali, sia nella forma (a volte somiglianti alla prosa, a volte libere da figure retoriche e parole auliche) sia nel contenuto o nel modo in cui viene esposto.I temi sono molteplici: si spazia dall'amore al distacco, dal piacere al disprezzo, dalla leggerezza al rancore; tutto questo per scoprire l'animo di Carver, un auto [...]

    10. I'm not finished with this book yet, but I already know without a doubt that it gets a perfect score. I'm even breaking my rule against rating the book before I finish it, a practice my linear sensibility finds distasteful. I guess it makes sense that it is a book of poetry to pull me away from the careful mental boundaries and boxes I construct for myself.Here is a taste of Carver's absolute gorgeousness. This poem, included in this volume, has long been a dear favorite of mine-- it is what ind [...]

    11. Último fragmento¿Y conseguiste lo quequerías en esta vida?Lo conseguí.¿Y que querías?Considerarme amado, sentirmeamado sobre la tierra.

    12. Raymond Carver werd in de jaren '70 en '80 terecht wereldberoemd met zijn korte verhalen, die vol staan met wanhopige morsigheid en het "dirty realism" van in het leven, in de liefde en vaak door de drank op de dool geraakte dwaallichtpersonages. Verhalen bovendien waarin Carver zich de kampioen toonde van het weglaten en het "schrijven is schrappen": kop en staart ontbreken, in een paar ongehoord spaarzame regels wordt alleen een topje van een ijsberg getoond, en toch word je als lezer helemaal [...]

    13. Like many volumes of collected poems, this book was long, and I enjoyed it more and more as I went along. Carver is known for his short stories and is often compared to Chekhov. He favors a strong narrative voice in poetry, too, and lays himself bare on the page. I admire how he accepts responsibility. “This is how it went down, I admit it was my own damn fault” is a recurring theme. He’s matter of fact, never maudlin.Carver’s early adult life was in a tailspin: a teen marriage, first ba [...]

    14. Qualcuno, per favore, spieghi a Carver che una cosa è la poesia, un'altra spezzare i racconti in versi e farli passare per testo non in prosa.E qualcuno gli dica anche che potrei commuovermi finanche davanti alle sue liste della spesa - in poesia o in prosa che siano, fa lo stesso -, tanto è il mio amore per come racconta e per quello che racconta. C'è un senso di realtà e di tristezza per tutta questa raccolta, fino alle ultime poesie scritte poche settimane prima di morire, che(Comunque io [...]

    15. I have always admired Carver's stories, even when some of them were unpleasant to read due to the directness with which he made some of what his characters were going through feel so real. Now I find out that he was a poet first, and really last as well. These are good. They read like his stories, though sometimes with a tighter focus on an emotion, or a sense of something. It's nice too that they are all collected in one perfectly printed Vintage Contemporaries paperback--one of my favorite pub [...]

    16. Raymond Carver is perhaps the most under-appreciated poet of the post-modern world. Known almost exclusively as a short story writer, even the might Norton Anthology does not mention his work as a poet. Carver was as good a poet as he was a fiction writer, and this collection contains pretty much all of his poems.Spare, stark, and honest, Carver's work perhaps is neglected because it is so accessible. But don't let that fool you. This is art. Great art on supposedly artless subjects, like fishin [...]

    17. Lo tuve en mis manos hace 4 años, creo. Y no me lo llevé. Hoy se ha sentado conmigo en el sillón, y he charlado con Ray como charlan dos colegas. Porque esa es la sensación que transmite.Apasionante, duro, conmovedor, desequilibrante e histórico. Una técnica compositiva cuidada y mimada al mínimo punto y coma.Fantástico. Fuerte. Genial.

    18. his style is like a softer, more subtle, more long-winded bukowski. it was ok / decent but i would recommend his short stories over his poems in general and would recommend finding and reading specific poems (online) over reading a super long collection like this. Poems such as: You Don't Know What Love Is (an evening with Charles Bukowski) , Your Dog Dies , Drinking While Driving.

    19. No one needs this much of Carver's poetry. I do like a few of the poems - Winter Insomnia, The Current, My Crow - but the vast majority of it is lacklustre and repetitious. Idk, lonely alcoholics with failed relationships isn't my thing.

    20. Beautiful didn't know Carver was such a lover, of life, of love, of everything. Many of these poems will make you stop and savor, enjoying every word and how masterfully he put them together.

    21. "Recimo da kažem leto, napišem reč "kolibri", stavim je u koverat i odnesem je dole niz breg do sandučeta. Kada otvoriš moje pismo setićeš se ovih dana i koliko te, koliko te samo volim""Čeznem da ti kažem najdublje reči koje ti imam reći, ali se ne usuđujem, strahujući da bi mi se mogla nasmejati." Tako je govorio Tagore u jednoj od najljepših ljubavnih pjesama koje su ikada napisane. Mislim da niko ne umije da te "najdublje reči" kaže tako lako kao Karver. Da približi sve one [...]

    22. I don't read much poetry, but I really enjoyed this collection. I much more enjoyed the earlier collections -- Fires and Where Water Comes Together with Other Water. By the time you get to Ultramarine, and then especially in A New Path to the Waterfall, Carver has abandoned the fishing streams and trailer parks that make his work accessible, touching, and human, and has begun to focus on higher subjects, like Greek mythology, Chekhov, and, especially, dying. The final collection is incredibly sa [...]

    23. Raymond Carver's poems vary in style and length and subject a great deal, and there were some I liked a lot more than others. By the end, the book seemed to drag a bit, as it took me a long time to finish it because of college courses, and by the time I finally managed to finish it, I was a little sick of reading only poetry. But that's not Raymond Carver's fault. I love his poetry because it is clean and clear, but still paints a picture. It doesn't use complicated language or complex poetic de [...]

    24. It was a great pleasure to be in Ray's poetry symposium at UC Santa Cruz in Fall 1973. I remember him saying (I can only paraphrase) that he preferred writing fiction, but that some stories and characters can only come to life as poems. It may sound self-serving; however, I think much of my better poetry reflects this early "instruction." The works in Raymond Carver's "All of Us: The Collected Poems" bear this out.I don't recall when I first read this collection, although is was when first relea [...]

    25. Il libro soffre per la mole e l'eterogeneità del suo contenuto, sono infatti contenute TUTTE le poesie dell'autore: da quelle giovanili a quelle scritte poco prima di morire.Lo spettro dei temi è vasto, e fare un elenco puntato ne tralascerebbe molti, ma in pratica prendono in esame tutte le componenti della vita di una persona.Purtroppo, e sento che grossa parte del giudizio è meramente personale, quindi soggetta a possibile rimaneggiamento in futuro, alcune poesie sono veramente insoddisfac [...]

    26. I've been nursing this collection of Carver's poetry for quite awhile now, and I'm glad I did. Like many others, on balance I prefer his prose to his poetry, but this collection demonstrates that he wrote some excellent poems, too. He has a simple, straightforward style that carries a lot of strength, and some of these poems are among my favorites I have read by recent poets. Not all the poems are excellent, but some are and most of the collection is at least good. The final few poems, written a [...]

    27. I don't remember if I've made it all the way through this poetry collection or not; I'm better at remembering individual volumes rather than collected works.Carver is a master of the line break that same way that Bukowski was. Sometimes, the words may seem mundane, but it's the line breaks that can break your heart every time. I'm in love with the poem "Luck"--in LOVE with it. A lot of times I'll read it to beginning poetry students as an example of how poetry is writing what we really want to s [...]

    28. Carver as a poet is a mixed bag. Some of the short narratives are excellent and the poems about his alcoholism are straightforward and true, still I had trouble with about half the poems as poems. Is compression the only requirement for a poem to be a poem post-1970? Here's where the criticism of contemporary poetry as cut up prose gets a display. About half the poems are what Harold Bloom would condescendingly call "very sincere". The book overall is redeemed by some of the finer poems. I parti [...]

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