Message From A Mistress

Message From A Mistress Niobia Bryant the red hot author of Show and Tell delivers a sexy unforgettable novel about love infidelity and the importance of keeping your friends close and your enemies closerThrough good time

  • Title: Message From A Mistress
  • Author: Niobia Bryant
  • ISBN: 9781449816209
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Niobia Bryant the red hot author of Show and Tell delivers a sexy, unforgettable novel about love, infidelity, and the importance of keeping your friends close and your enemies closerThrough good times and bad, longtime friends Jaime, Renee, Aria, and Jessa have shared just about everything But all hell breaks loose when Jessa texts them a shocking revelation she Niobia Bryant the red hot author of Show and Tell delivers a sexy, unforgettable novel about love, infidelity, and the importance of keeping your friends close and your enemies closerThrough good times and bad, longtime friends Jaime, Renee, Aria, and Jessa have shared just about everything But all hell breaks loose when Jessa texts them a shocking revelation she s been sharing her bed with one of their husbands To make matters worse, she refuses to name which husband she s been cheating with And all three wives believe they have reason to worryJaime wonders if her own past infidelity drove her man into Jessa s waiting armsRenee thinks her busy career opened the door for Jessa to step in and fulfill her wifely duties and Aria fears her competitive relationship with Jessa pushed her so called friend to claim the ultimate prize in revenge.The betrayed trio vow to stick together But before the identity of Jessa s lover is revealed, each woman s deepest secrets will be exposed for all to see and they ll need each other than ever.

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      359 Niobia Bryant
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    About "Niobia Bryant"

    1. Niobia Bryant

      Niobia Bryant was born and raised in the Central Ward of Newark, New Jersey to Letha and Ernest She has one brother, Caleb She credits her mother for introducing her to books at an early age Bryant was educated in the Newark Public Schools system and graduated from University High School, eventually earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Bachelor of Arts in Social and Behavioral Science with an accompanying Psychology minor from Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey Currently Bryant writes full time, splitting her time between New Jersey and South Carolina.

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    1. Season PremiereFour married couples share meals, laughs and outings. While they are all friends, they have limited what information has been privy to the entire group. Unknowingly, Jamie, Renee and Aria have shared deep dark secrets with Jessa Bell. When Jessa Bell's husband, Marc, is killed in a motorcycle accident, the friendships stay exactly the same. Friends relishing in good times, none of the women worried in the least that their dirty little secrets would ever be revealed. As the four gi [...]

    2. I was excited to start reading this book because of ms Bryant's reputation as a great story teller and I wasn't disappointed with this book. I had never read a book that was taken place in one day and was so nerve wrecking with suspense and torture that I was so upset at the end. I mean the story must go on. Imagine you having four best friends. You all are different but at the end of the day you all love each other. That is until one day one of those best friends leaves a text message saying sh [...]

    3. This book was very hard to follow. I kept forgetting who was married to whom, and the switching between past and present wasn't very well done. Also, several unnecessary characters were thrown in and didn't add anything to the story. So, they could have been eliminated. I suffered through it because I was intrigued and wanted to know who the mistress' lover was. More disappointment came when I reached the end of the book without the lover being revealed. I guess it is a setup to a sequel, but I [...]

    4. Now I've been putting this book on hold for a while but it is good!!! Wow , I'm getting started on the second book ASAP.

    5. I wrote this and posted it to my Facebook April 27th, 2010 (wayy before I discovered ) My latest read , Message From a Mistress brings four married women together to discover that a lady that was considered a "friend" has been sleeping with one of their husbands. This "friend" decides to send a text message to all of these ladies at the same time (becasue she views this as a game), to inform them that when they get home tonight one of their husbands will be forever gone, and moved on with her! N [...]

    6. All I can say is whew! With a friend like Jessa Bell, who needs enemies? Jamie, Aira and Renea all have secrets they have shared with Jessa. She sent them all a very disturbing text that has them reflecting on lots of things. She didn't give any explanations and leave the ladies to figure things out on their own. The question of who is the guilty husband is not answered. Going through the ladies individual issues will keep you wondering. The emotions are raw and jump off the page. A definite pag [...]

    7. The book could have been so much better, for me it had too many flash backs and sex. You can read only so much and have to skip the parts with the sex scenes. It should have been more substance and less on the flashbacks and sex. To me the foundation of each character was not totally there for you to get a feeling to whom you feeling the worst for. The author puts you into this world and after all this drama you still don't know who was the cheater so now you have a cliff hanger to continue with [...]

    8. it was good and kinda a mess because y would yu want to go with one of yur bff husband dhat jus nasty but it was great i loved it

    9. Message from a Mistress was my first read from author Niobia Bryant. I must say, that I was a little disappointed. I am not a fan of cliffhangers, and this one ends with a huge one. Basically, this is the story of three couples and their widowed friend, Jessa Bell. The three husbands (Eric, Kingston, and Jackson) are on a fishing trip for the day when all three wives (Jamie, Renee, and Aria) receive a text from Jessa advising them that she has been having an illicit affair with one of their husb [...]

    10. I thought this book was ok except of two things. First, all of the graphic sex scenes were not necessary. I know Zane make a lot of money selling explicit sex books but not everyone wants to read them. I would not have read this one if I had known it was that bad. Second, the ending sucked. I read the entire book waiting to see which husband was cheating and all I got was "wait until the next book to find out. Come on author, there were enough cliff hangers to carry you next book. What was the p [...]

    11. I only rated this book two stars because I grow a bit tired of the dramatic stories of high society when it comes to fiction. That said, Message from a Mistress does deliver in suspense and drama, as I found myself unable to put the book down and constantly wanting to know what was going to happen next. In addition to the suspense, I also have to admit that I was impressed with how each of the characters learns something different about herself than she expected to. Definitely a decent read, and [...]

    12. This book is hot like fire when you can't find any water to put it out! Message from a Mistress is about 4 friends, 3 husbands and 1 destroyed life! Just when you think you know someone, here comes trouble. A text message was send to 3 of the friends by the fourth friend informing her that her husband was leaving her for the sender of the text and the 3 wives have to wait for the husbands to come home from a fishing trip to see which one is cheating. High-energy reading and just from the ending [...]

    13. Now I don't remember loving this book when I first read it but I loved rereading this story! It was so damn good that I had to add a star to my rating. The sex scenes were hot and the characters' drama was definitely entertaining. I still can't figure out who was cheating with Jessa but either way, each couple needs to reevaluate their relationships. Mostly, I'm rooting for Aria and Kingston. They are just so good together. Renee and Jamie need to jump ship and get some new men. I'm planning on [...]

    14. I bought this book about a year ago and because of recent excessive time on my hands, decided to sit down and read it. I'm sooooo glad I did. I was entertained through the whole book. Couldn't put it down. The story line and suspense level is perfect. Good stuff! The sex scenes are graphic but who doesn't like a little bit of that every now and again. I know I do. It's a romance novel, purchased and categorized in the "romance section". What do people expect??? Good job Niobia Bryant. BTWjust bo [...]

    15. OMG Jessa was wrong for that bougus stunt she pulled. Shit back fired on her ass real smooth. Nobia did the damn think in this book! I like how the wives was all shook up not knowing which of their husbands was cheating with their so called bestie.Even with there own issues.Bout to start part 2 next.

    16. fast page turner but i was highly annoyed at the fact that you still didn't find out whose husband it was that had the mistressof course, there is a sequeli will read sequel to find out what happened but the author had better bring out the explosives or i will be highly upset at having to buy two books for this storyline :(

    17. I don't know how she managed to make a story with all that happened in just one day. this was a page turner from beginning to end. Story ended with no clue as to who Jessa Bell was claiming to be her lover.

    18. This book was crazy good. Niobia has you guessing through the whole book. Not everything that looks perfect isat is the true lesson in this book. I can't wait to read the next one. Had a hard time putting the book down. Highly recommend.

    19. I got to disc 3 today and still just can not get into this book to the point that I don't care to know the identity of the cheating husband.

    20. Loved it!!!! Kept you guess through the whole bookNow I have to read Mistress No More to find out what happens!!!

    21. Book started off with a BANG!!! 2nd time reading it. Still a good book, but this time around it took longer to read because I knew the ending so I wasn't as excited.

    22. i think that i need to get Mistress No More and finish off this drama! What kinda friend wants her "so called" friends husband! Jessa needs a real south side #1 azz whupping!

    23. Three Women and a Mistress Three friends, three husbands, one mistress. Jaime, Renee and Aria never knew what was in store for them. The day started out as normal as any other day. The three friends set aside a girls’ day at the spa while their husbands went on a fishing trip. Relaxation, gossip, good times and laughter is what the trio was looking forward to until…they all received the same text message from their fourth friend, Jessa, conveniently missing in action. “Tonight he comes hom [...]

    24. Message from a MistressI believe this novel by Author Niobia Bryant, was her debut novel, and she knocked it out the ball park with this work, which was cleverly written.My version of this novel was an audiobook purchased from Audible. It was narrated by (the seductive voice of), Scoozi Cheyenne. It plays 8 hours and 44 minutes, which is about the average time 8 to 10 hours, and it's Publisher: Recorded Books.I loved the way Author Niobia weaved this tale because the mistress within this story t [...]

    25. The only two "complaints" I have about this are that it's a little on the confusing side and the sex scenes. The confusing parts I tried not to be too harsh in my thinking about because with 4 different woman, not to mention their husbands, and their lives there is bound to be confusion in a book only 270-some pages long. The sex scenes what to say. I'm not easy to offend and even though I find I can't really read much erotica sex scenes, for the most part don't bother me. They especially do not [...]

    26. Why I read this book: This was the June 2014 selection for my book club. This is the first of three parts.Content: 1/1Fiction is not my genre of choice, but I was captivated by this story and the author’s story-telling strengths. The story was told well and I was engaged throughout the entire read. I read this book in one day because it was a great page-turner.Delivery: 0/1I expected bits of erotica given that the book is about a mistress. However, I was thrown off by the amounts of sexual det [...]

    27. Now this book had me turning pagesoops, going through CD's like crazy. However, the end just pissed me off. I waited until I had completed dinner and was able to sit still and listen to the misfortune of the author just leaving "who" the adulterer was. This book is about four married friends that live in the same neighborhood; Jessa, Renee', Arisa & Jamie. All the couples hung out together until Jessa's husband dies. However, they still include her in the group until one day, the other three [...]

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