Mengele: The Complete Story

Mengele The Complete Story Based on exclusive and unrestricted access to than pages of personal writings and family photos this definitive biography of German physician and SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Josef Mengele pro

  • Title: Mengele: The Complete Story
  • Author: Gerald Posner John Ware Michael Berenbaum
  • ISBN: 9780815410065
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • Based on exclusive and unrestricted access to than 5,000 pages of personal writings and family photos, this definitive biography of German physician and SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Josef Mengele 1911 1979 probes the personality and motivations of Auschwitz s Angel of Death From May 1943 through January 1945, Mengele selected who would be gassed immediately, who would beBased on exclusive and unrestricted access to than 5,000 pages of personal writings and family photos, this definitive biography of German physician and SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Josef Mengele 1911 1979 probes the personality and motivations of Auschwitz s Angel of Death From May 1943 through January 1945, Mengele selected who would be gassed immediately, who would be worked to death, and who would serve as involuntary guinea pigs for his spurious and ghastly human experiments twins were Mengele s particular obsession With authority and insight, Mengele examines the entire life of the world s most infamous doctor.

    Mengele The Complete Story Gerald L Posner, John Ware Mengele The Complete Story Gerald L Posner, John Ware on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Based on exclusive and unrestricted access to than , pages of personal writings and family photos Josef Mengele Josef Mengele m l German m l March February was a German Schutzstaffel SS officer and physician in Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II.He performed deadly human experiments on prisoners and was a member of the team of doctors who selected victims to be killed in the gas chambers Arrivals that were judged able to work were Dr Josef Mengele selections for the gas chamber at Shown in the photo above, from left to right, are Dr Josef Mengele, Richard Baer, Karl Hoecker, and Walter Schmidetski Richard Baer, known as the last Commandant of Auschwitz, was the commander of the main camp his adjutant was Karl Hoecker. The Last Nazi The Life and Times of Dr Joseph Mengele The Last Nazi The Life and Times of Dr Joseph Mengele Gerald Astor on FREE shipping on qualifying offers The definitive investigation into the life and unspeakable crimes of the Nazi Angel of Death explores how he rose to power in the Third Reich and Nazi human experimentation Nazi human experimentation was a series of medical experiments on large numbers of prisoners, including children, by Nazi Germany in its concentration camps in the early to mid s, during World War II and the Holocaust.Chief target populations included Romani, Sinti, ethnic Poles, Soviet POWs, disabled Germans, and Jews from across Europe. Nazi physicians and their assistants forced Mengele Sh pottinger mex something else Have run a SH and a mex .The Mengele is the better machine especially if you have than hp to chuck at it Parts expensive for mengele and the mex. Medical Experiments of the Holocaust and Nazi Medicine The Nazi doctors who conducted medical experiments of the Holocaust violated the trust placed in them The truth is the doctors escaped their crimes. What gives you hope during tough times Quora The person in following mentioned in the following experience and a few similar people give me hope Mumbai is hot literally And it feels even hotter when you are wearing a suit Wear a tie if you want to add a pinch of suffocation If you wi Josef Mengele Besondere Aufmerksamkeit widmete Mengele dem Wasserkrebs Noma , einer seltenen bakteriellen Infektionskrankheit Dabei entsteht zunchst eine Wasserschwellung an der Wange, die sich bei fortschreitender Entzndung zu Mundfule bis zur Verfaulung der Wange mit Lchern in der Gesichtshaut entwickelt und durch Blutvergiftung schlielich zum Tode fhrt. The Holocaust Glossary of Terms, Places Personalities AKTION German Operation involving the mass assembly, deportation, and murder of Jews by the Nazis during the Holocaust. ALLIES

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      272 Gerald Posner John Ware Michael Berenbaum
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    1. Gerald Posner John Ware Michael Berenbaum

      Gerald Posner is an award winning journalist, bestselling author and attorney The Los Angeles Times dubs him a classic style investigative journalist His work is painstakingly honest journalism concluded The Washington Post The New York Times lauded his exhaustive research techniques and The Boston Globe talked of Posner s thorough and hard edge investigation A meticulous and serious researcher, said the New York Daily News.Posner s first book, Mengele, a 1986 biography of the Nazi Angel of Death Josef Mengele, was the result of a pro bono lawsuit Posner brought on behalf of surviving twins from Auschwitz Since then he has written ten other books from the Pulitzer Prize finalist Case Closed, to bestsellers on political assassinations, organized crime, national politics, and 9 11 and terrorism His upcoming God s Bankers has spanned nine years of research and received early critical praise.ohn Martin of ABC News says Gerald Posner is one of the most resourceful investigators I have encountered in thirty years of journalism Garry Wills calls Posner a superb investigative reporter Posner, a former Wall Street lawyer, demolishes myths through a meticulous re examination of the facts, reported the Chicago Tribune Meticulous research, Newsday.Anthony Lewis in The New York Times With Killing the Dream, he has written a superb book a model of investigation, meticulous in its discovery and presentation of evidence, unbiased in its exploration of every claim And it is a wonderfully readable book, as gripping as a first class detective story What we need is a work of painstakingly honest journalism, a la Case Closed, Gerald Posner s landmark re examination of the assassination of John F Kennedy, concluded Joe Sharkey in The New York Times.Gene Lyons, in Entertainment Weekly As thorough and incisive a job of reporting and critical thinking as you will ever read, Case Closed does than buttress the much beleaguered Warren Commission s conclusion.More than that, Posner s book is written in a penetrating, lucid style that makes it a joy to read Even the footnotes, often briskly debunking one or another fanciful or imaginary scenario put forth by the conspiracy theorists, rarely fail to enthrallCase Closed is a work of genuine patriotism and a monument to the astringent power of reason A Jeffrey Toobin in the Chicago Tribune Unlike many of the 2,000 other books that have been written about the Kennedy assassination, Posner s Case Closed is a resolutely sane piece of work More importantly, Case Closed is utterly convincing in its thesis, which seems, in light of all that has transpired over the past 30 years, almost revolutionary.I started Case Closed as a skeptic and slightly put off by the presumptuous title To my mind historical truth is always a slippery thing The chances of knowing for sure what happened in any event much less one as murky as the Kennedy assassination seem remote But this fascinating and important book won me over Case closed, indeed Based in the mixed realms of politics, history, and true crime, his articles from The New York Times to The New Yorker to Newsweek, Time and The Daily Beast have prompted Argentina to open its hidden Nazi files to researchers raised disturbing questions about clues the FBI missed in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing sparked a reinvestigation of the Boston Strangler and exposed Pete Rose s gambling addiction, which led to his ban from baseball.Posner was one of the youngest attorneys 23 ever hired by Cravath, Swaine Moore A Political Science major, Posner was a Phi Beta Kappa and Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of California at Berkeley 1975 , where he was also a national debating champion, winner of the Meiklejohn Award At Hastings Law School 1978 , he was an Honors Graduate and served as the Associate Executive Editor for the Law Review Of Counsel to Posner Ferrar

    277 thoughts on “Mengele: The Complete Story”

    1. This isn't a straight-up biography. The authors spend one chapter on Mengele's life before Auschwitz, and one (albeit very detailed and horrific) chapter on his activities in Auschwitz, and the rest on his life as a fugitive and the decades-long hunt for him. I was deeply distressed by how many near-misses there were, how many times they could have caught him and didn't. It's no consolation that he was lonely and miserable most of his time in South America.If you want to know the details of Meng [...]

    2. This is perhaps the most researched book ever on Josef Mengele. Very thorough, step-by-step description of Mengele's post-war activities and multiple attempts to bring him to justice. I was not entirely suprised that Rolf Mengele decided not to openly denounce his father, unlike several other Nazi leaders' children. The pressure of his family must have been tremendous. Still, it would be interesting to see if his views have changed now in 2012. It would be a pity to see yet another Nazi offsprin [...]

    3. The information was very detailed, which I found a bit dry for the most part. I chose to read this book to get a German perspective, but felt I was reading a textbook at times. Hard to stay engaged. Fascinating to read about the denial the family had and the endless help Mengele received after going into hiding.

    4. Posnerin ja Waren alun perin 1986 kirjoittama ja vuonna 2000 uudistettu painos käännettiin viimein suomeksi 2017. Aiheena on Auschwitzin ”kuolemanenkeliksi” tituleerattu natsiupseeri ja lääketieteen tohtori Josef Mengele, ja teoksen alaotsikko on elämä ja teot. Kirja oli sikäli pettymys, että varsinainen elämäkerta teos ei ole, vaikka Mengelen kirjeenvaihtoa ja runsaslukuista lähdeaineistoa onkin käytetty. Silti se muistuttaa enemmänkin lukuisiin lähteisiin perustuvaa kertomust [...]

    5. Allekirjoittanut luki Gerald L. Posnerin ja John Waren kirjan Josef Mengele Elämä ja teot, joka kertoo Auschwitchin pahamaineisen lääkärin elämän ja pakomatkan Etelä-Amerikassa. Mengele onnistui pysymään piilossa yli 30-vuotta varakkaan yrittäjäperheensä ja vanhojen natsien avulla. Tarinaa lukiessa tulee erittäin surulliseksi, koska se kertoo hyvin kuinka helposti entiset natsit pääsivät pakenemaan kansainvälistä sotarikosoikeutta. Etenkin Länsi-Saksan oikeusviranomaisten lep [...]

    6. Chilling, exhaustive and thorough, Gerald Posner again hits a home run with his disposal of the Mengele mystery, the life and times of the "Angel of Death", the infamous camp doctor of Auschwitz. He give a history of Mengele's brief medical career--a brilliant young doctor becomes enraptured with the Nazis and joins the SS--later becoming a sadistic experimenter on camp inmates, especially twins, etc.; the tales of his actions at Auschwitz are difficult to read or comprehend, but what reads as a [...]

    7. Mengele: The Complete Story is a fascinating biography of Mengele's life on the run and the multiple efforts to arrest him. The author's purpose of writing this book was to inform. This book was a well-researched study. The authors provided the most complete portrait of Josef Mengele that I have ever read. The theme of Mengele: The Complete Story was never blankly stated. From my standpoint I believe it was for us to be thankful for our lives and realize how truly lucky we are, that we were not [...]

    8. Nappasin kirjan lukulistalle Hesarin arviosta, ja yllätyin loppuun päästessäni, että alkuteos olikin jo vuodelta 1986 - suomennos vain ilmestyi kolme vuosikymmentä myöhemmin. Tämä on hyvä huomata taustaksi ennen kirjan lukemista.Kirja oli puuduttavan yksityiskohtainen kertomus Mengelen elämästä, ja otsikosta huolimatta vähemmän hänen teoistaan. Vuodet keskitysleirilääkärinä ovat saaneet vain osapuilleen aikajaksonsa mittaisen ossuden kirjasta, ja fokus on Mengelen sodanjälke [...]

    9. The complaint I have read in other reviews of this book was that there was only one chapter devoted to his time in Auschwitz. However, I found that one chapter very horrific and detailed and difficult to get through. Most of the book focuses on his life as a fugitive and the years of hunting for him. It was shocking how many times he was almost discovered. I must agree though that it is no consolation that he was lonely and miserable most of his time in South America. I would definitely recommen [...]

    10. Just completed reading Mengele The Complete Story by Posner and Ware. The book is more about Mengele's escape from capture and his life on the run, initially in Germany and then in South America where he lived until his death. What this fascinating account tells us is that Mengele should have been caught (and subsequently put on trial) for his evil crimes at Auschwitz. All along, his family at Gunzburg were the key to his capture. It was also known to all, that Mengele was living in Argentina, P [...]

    11. I was hoping this book would shed some insight as to the evil of mind of Mengele. It did not. I do not for one minute believe he ever felt what he was doing was wrong or evil but was to help purify the Aryan race. By the end of the book I was ready for it to end. On and on it told of his escapes and evasions from getting caught. I think that part could have been condensed. I find it quite disturbing the amount of political leaders that knew he was alive and just felt to much time had passed and [...]

    12. Luin tämän, koska tämä oli HS kirjastosta helposti saatavilla enkä keksinyt siihen tilanteeseen muutakaan luettavaa. Ei kuulu ollenkaan siihen genreen, jota yleensä lukisin, ja monta kertaa on pitänyt jättää kesken. Silti jatkoin, koska kirja oli kätevästi saatavilla. Auschwitz-kuvaukset olivat musertavan yksityiskohtaisia, onneksi sitä oli vain yhden luvun verran. Eikä kirja näköjään oikeastaan tuonut aukotonta vastausta siihen, miksi suku suojeli tämän luokan rikollista lop [...]

    13. Huh, sainpas luettua. Niin mielenkiintoinen kuin kirja olikin, oli se paikoin raskasta luettavaa, koska tietoa, nimiä ja lukemattomia yksityiskohtaisesti selostettuja sivujuonteita oli yllinkyllin. Mielenkiintoisinta antia minulle oli kuvailut Mengelen luonteesta, joka karmaisevaa kyllä, muistuttaa monin osin erään tuntemani henkilön luonnetta.

    14. This book gives great insight in the hidden life of Mengele. It is beautifully written with tons of perspectives from different angles. I've felt disgusted with such a heartless person, but then this book also embrases the human sight of Mengele and one could almost feel sorry for him.I truly recommend this book the whomever is interested in the life of the angel of death!

    15. This was a well written book. It gave so much detail about Mengele after the war and how he survived. There are plenty of "notes" if you want to fact check.

    16. Suosittelen kyllä kaikille.Henkistä velttoutta vastaan, lukemaan kirjallisuutta jonka tietää aiheuttavan puistatuksia

    17. The Authors purpose in writing this book is to inform. This is the authors purpose in writings this book because he is informing his readers with information on the history of Josef Mengele. The main point in this book is the man Josef Mengele, who is a Nazi war criminal and his story talks about what he did during WWII. This book only shows details of what happened during WWII and does not over exaggerate Joseph's story, but to tell it in the most simple way possible, by just stating facts abou [...]

    18. This book, Mengele-The Complete Story, was written by the authors to provide a full-life account of the monster Josef Mengele. They dedicated the book to all of his victims. The purpose of this book is to finally reveal the secrets of Josef Mengele and explain how he eluded capture for over 30 years. They delve into his mental states, travels, assumed identities, family and protectors.The theme of this book is the uncovering of the truth. Dr Josef Mengele was possibly the most notorious Nazi SS [...]

    19. I read this book many years ago when it was new, but re-visited it with new eyes and a better understanding after I had read some other works that mentioned Dr. Mengele. Gerald L. Posner has researched and painstakingly uncovered a virtual moment-by-moment expose of the life of this wicked but complex man; it is the most accurate and detailed look at Mengele to date. He is quite a fascinating character, a demonic and deceptive man. Mengele’s own son and some of his family members have contribu [...]

    20. The author's purpose for writing "Mengele" was to explain Joseph Mengle's life and the events that occurred during it. The authors Gerald L. Posner and John Ware went into great detail of Mengele's life. The theme of the book was not directly stated, but I believe the theme of the book is to never take life for granite. In "Mengele" Dr. Joseph Mengele took people’s lives for no particular reason. I think that we need to be more thankful for our countries freedom and protection. The style of th [...]

    21. The one glaring problem with this book is that it was written and told after his death.There was only 1 chapter devoted to his time in Auschwitz and the horrific nature of things he did there. Im not saying that I wanted to read his personal diaries or anything I don't think anybody with any kind of soul could endure that. But, there should have been a little more detail given to that time.There was 1 chapter given to his time prior to being the "Angel of Death" wich does give you some insight a [...]

    22. It's almost impossible for a straight-up biography of someone often purported to be one of the most evil men ever, especially when most of his life was spent hidden away in various locations in South America with truth and fiction constantly fighting for attention. In Mengele: The Complete Story, we are at first given a rather rushed and somewhat sloppy account of Josef Mengele's time spent in Auschwitz. History is written by the winners, so it's inevitable that facts get a bit murky. The book's [...]

    23. This was a very interesting book. And highly frustrating. The murderer, Mengele, was not hidden very well. With a little cooperation between countries he could have been found and brought to trial years before he died. The only positive thing was that his 'life on the run' sucked for him. But it didn't suck enough. There was no justice. I think this book seems unbiased (to the extent that one can be unbiased about horrendous atrocities) and well researched. It was written only about a year after [...]

    24. How WWII's most heinous war criminal was never brought to justice beggars belief. Nevertheless this authoritative and well-researched work helped me to understand how. In doing so, it also taught me much about the fascinating history of West Germany in the post-war years - also of those Latin American countries that played host to Nazi war criminals during the same period. However, the prime reason I read this book was to try to gain insight into the mind of a man capable of the most extraordina [...]

    25. This book was quite good. It took me awhile to get throught this one. The novel drags on after awhile about how the authorities were trying to capture him. And of course, they were unsuccessful. I definitely thought this book would have gone into more detail of his life in Germany and in S. America then on the focus of him being wanted by authorities all over the world for his crimes. While the horrific things this man did can never be accepted, he was a brilliant man in the long run.

    26. Awesome book! I would have given it a 5 but I feel like there wasn't enough time spent on his time in Auschwitz. It's only one chapter in the entire book! The bulk of the book is about what takes place with him after he leaves the camp. It was still a really great book but I thought it might have more info from people who knew him at Auschwitz and the stories they'd have about him. Still, it's a great read!

    27. A great read and a fascinating insight in one of the most evil men that ever lived. From birth to the shocking events in a WW2 concentration camp and finally the hunt for justice.This book is one that everyone has to read, if only to make sure it never happens again.

    28. The sickest man in the world, read about the Angel of Death how he gave his favorite twins candy then turned around & experimented on those poor kids, painful, unnecessary absurd operations from a sick horror real life mind. Read it.

    29. Another book where I can't say that I like it because the man is a monster but I wanted to read it to find out how he was tracked down in South America. I haven't got that far yet but what I have read so far is sickening and I am skipping through some of the Auschwitz information because of that.

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