The Golden Keel

The Golden Keel Mussolini s missing treasure worth three million pounds lies hidden in Italy Peter Halloran a migrant to South Africa after the end of World War II has established himself in a successful and profita

  • Title: The Golden Keel
  • Author: Desmond Bagley
  • ISBN: 9781842320112
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mussolini s missing treasure worth three million pounds lies hidden in Italy.Peter Halloran, a migrant to South Africa after the end of World War II has established himself in a successful and profitable designer and builder of yachts and small watercraft Life is good business is good, and he has a beautiful wife and daughter One day, in the local yacht club bar, hMussolini s missing treasure worth three million pounds lies hidden in Italy.Peter Halloran, a migrant to South Africa after the end of World War II has established himself in a successful and profitable designer and builder of yachts and small watercraft Life is good business is good, and he has a beautiful wife and daughter One day, in the local yacht club bar, he meets Walter, an alcoholic ex soldier, who tells him an improbable tale of a hidden treasure When Walter was a prisoner of war in Fascist Italy, he managed to escape with a small band of Allied prisoners, including an Afrikaner named Coertze and some Italian partisans, and waged a guerilla campaign for several months in the hills of Liguria against the Nazi Germans Towards the end of the war, their band ambushed a truck convoy, which contained a massive treasure in gold bars, jewels and even the State Crown of Ethiopia Rather than turn the treasure over to the authorities, they hid the trucks in an abandoned mine and sealed the entrance Now that the war is over, the treasure is for the claiming, provided that they can think of some way to smuggle it past Italian customs.Halloran thinks little of the tale until several years later, when life has turned sour, he finds that he needs a change in life A chance re encounter with Walker leads to a meeting with Coertze, and with the three men agreeing to a partnership to recover the treasure Walker and Coertze know where it is, and Halloran has the perfect solution to getting it out of the country But questions start to worry Halloran such as why only Walker and Coertze survived out of the much larger group of guerillas, and why Walker is so terrified of Coertze The mystery deepens as the men travel to Tangiers, and from thence to ports around the Mediterranean and find their steps dogged by unsavory characters It is soon clear that they are not the only ones after the treasure

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      315 Desmond Bagley
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    1. Desmond Bagley

      Desmond Bagley was a British journalist and novelist principally known for a series of best selling thrillers Along with fellow British writers such as Hammond Innes and Alistair MacLean, Bagley established the basic conventions of the genre a tough, resourceful, but essentially ordinary hero pitted against villains determined to sow destruction and chaos in order to advance their agenda.Bagley was born at Kendal, Cumbria then Westmorland , England, the son of John and Hannah Bagley His family moved to the resort town of Blackpool in the summer of 1935, when Bagley was twelve Leaving school not long after the relocation, Bagley worked as a printer s assistant and factory worker, and during World War II he worked in the aircraft industry Bagley suffered from a speech impediment stuttering all of his life, which initially exempted him from military conscription.He left England in 1947 for Africa and worked his way overland, crossing the Sahara Desert and briefly settling in Kampala, Uganda, where he contracted malaria By 1951, he had settled in South Africa, working in the gold mining industry and asbestos industry in Durban, Natal, before becoming a freelance writer for local newspapers and magazines.His first published short story appeared in the English magazine Argosy in 1957, and his first novel, The Golden Keel in 1962 In the interval, he was a film critic for Rand Daily Mail in Johannesburg from 1958 1962 Also during this period, he met local bookstore owner Joan Margaret Brown and they were married in 1960.The success of The Golden Keel led Bagley to turn full time to novel writing by the mid 1960s He published a total of sixteen thrillers, all craftsmanlike and nearly all best sellers Typical of British thriller writers of the era, he rarely used recurring characters whose adventures unfolded over multiple books Max Stafford, the security consultant featured in Flyaway and Windfall, is a notable exception Also typically, his work has received little attention from filmmakers, yielding only a few, unremarkable adaptations Exceptions were The Freedom Trap 1971 , released in 1973 as The Mackintosh Man by Warner Brothers, starring Paul Newman and Dominique Sanda and Running Blind which was adapted for television by the BBC in 1979.Bagley and his wife left South Africa for Italy in 1960, and then England in 1965 They settled in Totnes, Devon from 1965 1976, then lived in Guernsey in the Channel Islands from 1976 1983.Bagley also published short stories When not traveling to research the exotic backgrounds for his novels, Bagley spent his time sailing and motor boating He loved classical music and films, military history, and played war games.Desmond Bagley died of complications resulting from a stroke at a hospital in Southampton He was fifty nine His last two novels Night of Error and Juggernaut were published posthumously after completion by his wife His works have been translated into over 20 languages.

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    1. Desmond Bagley! I love this guy's writing! I've always been a fan of Alistair Maclean. He's basically the old master of adventure-spy stories: Guns of Navarone, Black Shrike, Fear is the Key. Amazing, fun stuff. Anyway, I discovered Bagley much later in life. He's never had the name power of Maclean, but I consider him a slightly better writer. His stories are squarely in the same genre, but they have a more character-driven, psychological component to them.The Golden Keel was the first Bagley s [...]

    2. Rip roaring adventure story. Still holds up very well. In fact, it's better than most thrillers getting cranked out today as if they were cloned.

    3. Book 10 of 2017 is The Golden Keel by Desmond Bagley.People often ask me how I find books from vast arrays of genres. The answer is that I go off recommendations from my friends. That is why GoodReads my primary reading discovery source.In the case of this book, I picked it up because Desmond Bagley was one of my Mum's favourite authors when I was a child. In fact, both my parents enjoyed The Golden Keel. That made this book extra meaningful to me.Books that people recommend are a glimpse in to [...]

    4. What a thriller !! I remember reading this book in one go. I started this book around late morning and completed it by the evening, in one sitting. I didn't even realize that I had skipped lunch and by the time I finished this book, I was ravenous! Hungry like a caveman! :) I just did not notice the time pass by.The plot and the language used in this book and simple, clear and succinct. Right from the first page itself, the reader is sucked into the story and before you know it, you will be eage [...]

    5. As I recall, The Golden Keel was a best seller when it was first published in the 1960s. It is not hard to see why. The various elements which are used to build up tension and lead to the climax are all carefully prepared and introduced so nothing feels like an afterthought. Walker's loose tongue and indiscreet conduct when drunk - which creates several complications, is well prepared for right from the beginning, as are the other complications of the plot.The critics of the time saw the twists [...]

    6. I read this in just a couple of days at the end of a great week walking in the Lake District. This is quite a good thriller, told in a fairly terse, factual way very much in the style of Frederick Forsyth (although the cover cites Alistair MacLean). A fairly typical example of the genre, with somewhat two-dimensional characters and a rather predictable plot development about two-thirds of the way through. I liked the setup, but found the story becomes increasingly far-fetched, especially when tw [...]

    7. REVIEW FROM :ReviewA chest containing Mussolini's gold and jewels almost becomes a coffin for those engaged in retrieving it from the mine shaft where some Foreign Legion members buried it at the end of the war. It's a reckless attempt that sets out to retrieve the loot - suspected by everyone, they also suspect each other. When they finally recover the ingots, their problem is how to smuggle the wealth away by boat. This story of fool's gold provides some 14 carat excitements. (Kirkus Reviews) [...]

    8. First book I ever read by this author and I am surely impressed. Bagley tells a very absorbing story of a man (Halloran) who learns of 4 tons of gold stolen by Germany hidden in Italy with a lot of money and gems. He collaborates with two of the original group of people who hid the treasure and devises a way to get it out of Italy by making a keel for his ship out of the gold. Needless to say there are other parties also interested in obtaining the cache and the suspense builds. Similar to a boo [...]

    9. I din't think I would like this book, I only picked it up because it was one of the few books in English in the hostel book bin, but it was actually really good and I read the whole thing in one day. Partly because I didn't have anything else to do, but also because it was so exciting I had trouble putting it down.The group of adventurers that first set out to get the treasure are all very different and it's interesting to see how they get along. My favourite character was probably Coertze, just [...]

    10. "Η χρυσή καρένα", εκδόσεις ΒΙΠΕΡ.Ο προσωπικός θησαυρός του Μουσολίνι είναι θαμμένος για χρόνια, αλλά υπάρχουν άτομα που ξέρουν που βρίσκεται και τον αναζητούν, τον βρίσκουν και τελικά Μου φάνηκε λίγο κατώτερο από όλα τα υπόλοιπα βιβλία του Ντέσμοντ Μπάγκλεϊ, από αυτά που έχ [...]

    11. Gripping back pocket adventure and smuggling yarn. The usual everyman and company try to recover Mussolini's missing treasure after the war. Total mariner's riff off Traven's "Treasure of Sierra Madre" as the gold fever affects all involved. Bagley even manages to throw in the lottery ticket. Nobody does adventure tales like the great paperpack writers of the fifties and sixties.

    12. If you are looking for great adventure, good characters, look no further than this. Desmond Bagley writes with a simplicity that allows the reader to get involved easily. Unlike some authors who pad their stories out useless information, Desmond Bagley doesn't. A terrific read!

    13. A great story and one which was eminently believeable. I read this first when I was a kid and re-read it last month. It has really stood the test of time. A perfect book for someone who likes their action and adventure.

    14. You have found a treasure containing 3 million pounds of gold. The problem is how to take it across the ocean without somebody noticing?You make the keel of your boat with that gold, of course! A good thriller by Desmond Bagley. One of his best.

    15. A ship with a keel made of Gold! Smuggling gold out of the country is the purpose. An excellent thriller by Desmond Bagley.

    16. As always with Desmond Bagley, a nice thrilling adventure, where male are dominant and woman are strong and beautiful. A classic rough, though post war story complete with gems & guns.

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