Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat—Not a Sour Puss

Think Like a Cat How to Raise a Well Adjusted Cat Not a Sour Puss Pam Johnson Bennett feline behaviorist shows you that by understanding your cat s motivations needs and communication you can modify and prevent behavior problems avoid common mistakes made by bot

  • Title: Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat—Not a Sour Puss
  • Author: Pam Johnson-Bennett
  • ISBN: 9780965013017
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pam Johnson Bennett, feline behaviorist, shows you that by understanding your cat s motivations, needs and communication you can modify and prevent behavior problems, avoid common mistakes made by both novice and experienced owners, and ultimately continue to enrich and enjoy a relationship in which you are unconditionally loved, endlessly forgiven for your mistakes, nePam Johnson Bennett, feline behaviorist, shows you that by understanding your cat s motivations, needs and communication you can modify and prevent behavior problems, avoid common mistakes made by both novice and experienced owners, and ultimately continue to enrich and enjoy a relationship in which you are unconditionally loved, endlessly forgiven for your mistakes, never judged, and constantly entertained How can you have a great relationship with your cat If your impression of cat ownership involves filling up a food bowl and putting a litter box in the extra bathroom, then both you and your cat will soon be very unhappy Some people might get a cat because they think that a cat will be less trouble than a dog Let s face it, comparing cats and dogs is like, well, like comparing apples and oranges They are different, and they have different needs A dog is a pack animal that needs a leader By nature a dog expects to get rubbed and wrestled with Dogs like to horse around A cat does not A cat is a solitary predator and needs its space But what both cats and dogs do need is your love and attention Just because a cat is, by nature, independent doesn t mean that he or she doesn t need your praise or physical affection There are a lot of myths about cats like the one above that lead to their mistreatment By learning about what makes a cat a cat, you will be better able to give your feline the space, care, and love that he or she needs And this sentiment couldn t be truer when it comes to training your cat Hitting or yelling at your cat when he scratches his claws on your nice new couch just doesn t make sense Your cat is only being a cat He needs to scratch his nails so they can stay healthy and strong Also, scratching helps a cat relieve stress and relax Imagine being yelled at and hit for sprawling out on the couch with a magazine and a glass of nice red wine after a long day s work You must align your training expectations with your cat s needs if you want to have a happy, well trained cat Johnson Bennett advises you to get on her level emotionally, physically, and mentally in order to map out an effective training plan She outlines three basic methods for training positive reinforcement rewarding kitty for good behavior , remote control spraying kitty with a water gun when she jumps on the kitchen counter , and redirection getting kitty to scratch on a scratching post instead of your expensive couch By using these training methods in the first place, you will get a head start in establishing good behavior, and in the process you and your cat will become closer.If you want to learn about your cat and what you can do to strengthen and enjoy your relationship with each other, then Think Like a Cat should really be on your reading list From years of experience as a vet technician and as an adoring cat owner, Johnson Bennett knows her stuff And she covers it all in this book from grooming, training, health, and nutrition to emergency care, games, and toys So get ready to hear a lot purring around the house Jen Forman

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    • Best Read [Pam Johnson-Bennett] ☆ Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat—Not a Sour Puss || [Psychology Book] PDF Â
      430 Pam Johnson-Bennett
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Pam Johnson-Bennett] ☆ Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat—Not a Sour Puss || [Psychology Book] PDF Â
      Posted by:Pam Johnson-Bennett
      Published :2018-011-27T05:48:41+00:00

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    1. Pam Johnson-Bennett

      Pam Johnson Bennett is the host of the TV series Psycho Kitty which airs on the Discovery UK channel She is the best selling author of 7 books on cats and is considered a pioneer in the field of cat behavior consulting Her ground breaking book, Think Like a Cat, is considered the cat bible among owners, experts, and shelter personnel worldwide She is a Certified Cat Behavior Consultant and a clinical member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants as well as being the Founder and former long time Chair of the IAABC Cat Division She has been the behavior expert for Friskies for over a decade and also served on the Advisory Boards of the American Humane Association and Tree House Humane Society She is a frequent expert columnist for WebVet She was formerly the behavior columnist for Cats Magazine, Cat Channel, Yahoo, ivillage, Catster and the Daily Cat In addition to career in cat behavior consulting, she has also co authored a book about motherhood About her non cat book, she says My 8th book is a total departure from cat behavior and delves into the scary, messy, embarrassing and alien world of being a mother of two kids Cookies for Dinner is where I and my co author fess up about how your breasts basically become the fast food take out window at lunchtime and how, at some point, it s a rite of passage for mothers to end up at the supermarket check out line while still in our pajamas Oh, and then there s the time I was locked out of my house while wearing less than flattering swimwear but I digress.

    917 thoughts on “Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat—Not a Sour Puss”

    1. The following guest review is by Maslow. It is his opinion only and is not necessarily that of the regular reviewer.First of all, I am glad to see a human better themselves by thinking like a cat. If more people did this, you might stop stagnating and evolve into a higher life form.Think Like a Cat should be essential reading for anyone chosen worthy of sharing living space with a feline. However, Ms, Johnson-Bennett makes a common error in thinking people are cat owners. No one owns a cat. It u [...]

    2. I'm skimming through this - I got the first edition on Interlibrary Loan & liked it so much that I bought it. :-)I consider myself a kitty whisperer, but I'm learning some fun new things in this book. The tips about how to play with your cat (and how often: 1-2x per day, for 10-15 minutes each) are useful. Finally learned what the whiskers on the forepaws are for: "to sense any movement of prey trapped under the cat's front paws."The book gives good tips on how to desensitize cats to the sca [...]

    3. An almost overwhelming resource. I thought I knew cats pretty well, but this book showed me that I'm a terrible person who doesn't brush her cat's teeth and doesn't spend enough time engaging in interactive play. And the last 40 or so pages terrifyingly catalogues every disease that could possibly befall your cat. That aside, "thinking like a cat" has actually helped me figure out why Taco does some of the weird/annoying things he does. The book also introduced me to the concept of clicker train [...]

    4. This book was very informative and helpful, but at times I wondered if the author erred on the side of the over-cautious. She makes many good points, but even my vet is a little more laid back with her pet care policies. Still, this book answered a lot of questions for me.

    5. Decent information, some of it very useful.Some of it very obvious.Much of it overcautious.If I didn't already have a cat, this kind of book might put me off getting one - by making me believe it's extremely hard work to tend to its needs. Yes, it's important to let people know there is more to taking care of a cat than feeding and cleaning the litterbox. But it amuses me that a book on cats by a cat lover can make them seem less likeable than they are.

    6. This book is useful even if you already know cats. The information on reading body language is very helpful. I've also started clicker training my cats and it's going pretty well.However, I felt myself getting anxiety reading the early chapters about bringing home a kitten. If you did everything the author recommends, you'd be getting ready for months and never want to leave the house for fear of your kitten committing suicide.

    7. This book is amazing and incredible for any cat lover. Weither you owned cats, are thinking about entering into being enslaved by felines, it is a must read. Filled with important info on cats, you will also find general cat care, first aid and caring for the kitten or senior citizen. Easy to read, let your behavior questions be answerd.

    8. An excellent resource and a damn good read. It makes me aware of just how lucky I was with my older cat and all the things I need to think aboutmfor my new kitten. You can find a lotmof this information on the Internet, but it won't be collected all together and presented in an easy to read style.

    9. I think everyone who has a cat should read this! Lots of info; the behavioral chapters are particularly helpful.

    10. This book was great for learning the rationale behind some basic behaviors in my cat. I recommend it for anyone who wants to understand why their cat acts the way it does.

    11. Think like a cat is basically a master class in pet ownership. Covering everything from the best scratching post, to coping with the death of a cat, Think Like a Cat covers pretty much everything you need to know. This makes it a very comprehensive and useful resource (want to know what it means when your cat is swishing her tail a certain way? That's in here too!), but the phrase "your mileage may vary" certainly applies here. The idea of clicker training may seem like a little much, and the co [...]

    12. A really great guide to bringing your new cat home and living happily with it. Johnson-Bennett covers everything from getting down on your knees to see things from kitten height to encouraging daily play sessions to helping solve problems such as spraying and clawing furniture. I didn't make it through this whole guide before it had to go back, but will get it again when cat ownership is closer to my future.

    13. I found this book to be extremely helpful when I was grieving for my senior cat who passed away, and preparing to welcome new kittens into my life. Really great tips for setting up a home for little ones, and understanding how to manage a multi-cat household.

    14. Wished I could give a copy of this book to all the cat owners I know - until I reached the last chapter. The book as a whole is fantastic and it's title doesn't do it justice. This book is about more than thinking like a cat. It walks you through your cats entire life from kittenhood to the day to loose your furry friend.I have never seen such a comprehensive book that was also such an easy book to read. She covers EVERYTHING: choosing a cat, traveling with a cat, playing with your cat, training [...]

    15. A really-VERY REALLY-thorough book about living with a cat. So thorough that it bordered on tedious. Regrettably, the tedium is necessary if a person wants to actually have a cat or cats and is sincere about the cats' quality of life. I had read this author's subsequent book dedicated to introducing new cats into a household and found it disappointing. Despite that, I took the chance on this book because it was available from my library just to see what it had to offer. And despite my less than [...]

    16. This is a book.For a full review, please go to: mlleelizabethoklikes/GoodReads's policies no longer comply with my review policy. Therefore my reviews will be posted at BookLikes going forward. Thank you for following my reviews here. I hope to continue discussing books with you on BookLikes.

    17. I didn't particularly enjoy my time with this volume. The book has some extraordinarily useful information, but the style reminds me very much of my cat; it's a bit scattered, repetitive, and with a touch of condescension. Perhaps this is an intentional reinforcement of the book's title theme, and therefore not a bad thing. It felt as though the target audience was comprised of a few million clones of my eight year old daughter (who is currently devouring all cat related media she can get her ha [...]

    18. This probably isn't a book you're going to read for enjoyment, but if you're reading it for informational purposes, it's great. There's a lot of great information and just enough humor and personal anecdotes to make it entertaining. If you're thinking of getting a cat, read this book. If you own a cat, read this book. If you have more than cat, read this book and then read her follow-up, Cat vs. Cat. I'm a personal life-long cat owner who works in a veterinary clinic and I learned a lot about ho [...]

    19. I sure hope the updated and revised edition is much better than this one. There are a lot of outdated references here. However, the practical information about caring for a cat is still applicable. This is a thorough review of cat ownership, which would be especially helpful to a new cat owner or someone with special circumstances (such as introducing a cat to a new pet, place, or person). There are many helpful thoughts given regarding training and overcoming behavioral problems. I will check t [...]

    20. Incredibly useful book about cat behavior and psychology. Read it before getting my cats and regret nothing. Following the advice inside helped me avoid many problems and deal with the ones that came up.

    21. Very comprehensive info on experience and knowledge of raising cats, somewhat repetitive and most of the info available on internet

    22. Extremely helpful and highly recommended for current or soon-to-be cat owners! Even though I had a cat for 21 years, this helped explain so many behavioral issues and prepared me to adopt my kitten.

    23. Very thorough book on pretty much everything you need to know about cats. I wish I had read this book even before buying my kitten!

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