Dominion When pre med student Eve Hayden searches for a translator for an ancient French illuminated manuscript she found in her dead mother s research files she gets than she bargained for Michel de Cernay

  • Title: Dominion
  • Author: S.E. Lund
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When pre med student Eve Hayden searches for a translator for an ancient French illuminated manuscript she found in her dead mother s research files, she gets than she bargained for Michel de Cernay, a former priest and eight hundred year old vampire and his identical twin brother Julien, a former knight The manuscript details their death and rebirth as vampires inWhen pre med student Eve Hayden searches for a translator for an ancient French illuminated manuscript she found in her dead mother s research files, she gets than she bargained for Michel de Cernay, a former priest and eight hundred year old vampire and his identical twin brother Julien, a former knight The manuscript details their death and rebirth as vampires in 1224 during the Cathar Crusade at the hands of an ancient vampire.Michel wants to prevent Eve from reading the manuscript or becoming a vampire hunter like her dead mother before her He hopes Eve will instead pursue her studies in music Unable to compel her to forget him and all about vampires, Michel asks Eve to become his Adept, working cases with him protecting the Treaty of Clairveaux that keeps vampires in the closet and peace between the two species He also wants her to become his sexual submissive and despite her initial reluctance, Eve is drawn to the idea of submitting to this beautiful vampire.She also meets his brother Julien, a brash and mercurial opposite to Michel s calm determination The temperamental opposite of Michel, Julien tries to complicate the budding romance between Eve and Michel in the hopes of winning Eve for himself The brothers play a dangerous game of power with an ancient enemy in an effort to prevent Dominion when vampires rule over humans.Gifted with paranormal skills, planning to follow in her mother s footsteps as a vampire hunter, Eve is torn between loyalty to her mother s cause and her desire for these twins.Erotic, suspenseful and fast paced, the Dominion series will keep you turning pages as Eve searches for the truth about her mother s death, her birth and her desires.

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    About "S.E. Lund"

    1. S.E. Lund

      S E Elizabeth Lund is a writer who lives in a small Western Canadian city with her two teen sons, a foster daughter, 6 parrots, 2 Dumbo rats and a very tempted Devon Rex cat named Spock She read Dracula when she was ten, and has been warped ever since She reads many genres and writes in a few, including paranormal romantic suspense, high fantasy, and YA SF F Her books are available on Kindle, which can be read on any PC, Mac or Smartphone with the Kindle App, available in the App store and at.

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    1. I think I am in the minority on my opinion of Dominion. I read this book because it was a group read in one of my groups, and I’ve seen a lot of the members speaking highly about it. I don’t get it. I can’t understand what they like about this book. The story started off okay. There was some snappy dialogue and a bit of sexual tension so I thought I might like it. Then the author started adding things that I thought was weird, the BDSM for one thing. It just didn’t fit for me. The hero [...]

    2. Wow - you have no idea how wonderful it is to read a book that has a plot - a purpose, and is going to get there.This was a wonderful book and before I can say more I have just downloaded the next 2 books as I have to see where this is going.This book has a very complex, well developed plot so far - its multifaceted -I see Eve's journey ( finding out about her past, her Mother, her purpose, sexual awareness, and coming to grips with the unbelievable). The twin vampire brothers (their pain, guilt [...]

    3. In the interest of being completely honest I should admit that this book is a do not finish for me. I made it to the 80% mark and then stopped. There are just too many things I don’t care for about the story. I feel bad because I wanted to like this one. The author is really friendly and a lot of my friends have been raving about it, but it wasn’t for me. I should also say in all fairness, I am deducting a star just for writing style. It’s a personal preference of mine that I don’t like [...]

    4. 4.90 Stars!I CAN NOT WAIT to start Book 2 in this trilogy! It was that good. I could not put this down.Eve finds a manuscript in her deceased Mother's things. She makes an appointment to have it translated with a professor who turns out to be someoneor rather something other than who he claimed to be. He is a vampire, one of two bothers born in the 11th century. When trying to wipe her memory doesn't work, Michel knows that this girl is something special and he follows her. Eve is immediately dr [...]

    5. Hmmm Liked it ButOur main girl Eve is a bit whiny. And our main guy Michel - 800y/o going on 3. Ok, they're not that bad all the time - though Michel really gives off the impression of a kid who's been asked to share the toy his just after he's unwrapped it on his birthday. Then Eve wants to be this bad ass vampire hunter/researcher But then she won't believe that anything other than vampires and humans exist - even tho she's seen some evidence of it. Oh, and now I'm thinking about it There is t [...]

    6. The review is for Dominion, Ascension and Retribution as this series is soo good I could not stop for a break! This was a great roller coaster - woo-hoo! Wanna do that again! This is the one of the better paranormal,dark urban fantasy,steamy,romance,suspense thrillers that I have read - fans of the X-files and the Makers Song Series by Adrian Phoenix will enjoy these books. There were soo many twists, turns and switch backs that I had whiplash by the cliffhanger end!!!facebook/EroticaBookClubfac [...]

    7. ★★★★1/2I read this book as part of a group read, otherwise, it probably wouldn't have caught my eye. I say this, not because it is not eye catching worthy (even without having read the book, the cover itself rather draws you in it makes you want to find out what's inside) but because the book has been released for several months & I've never noticed it before. I am saddened by this because I've discovered that I've really been missing out. This book was a mixture of mystery, discover [...]

    8. Really enjoyed this book, Sexy Vampire twin brothers whats not to love !!! Michel seems to have so much more to him for us to find out an ancient priest with a huge lust for Eve the female character who repents his sins (love it) and Julien his twin brother is so different i cannot choose who i like most yet. Could not believe how this book ended.Looking forward to finding out what happens next in Ascension.:)

    9. What's not to love about this book? Hot, very hot Vampires, love, lust, mysteryIt's such a great read!! Though I am partial to Michel, how Eve chooses is beyond meI love Julien too!

    10. Rating: B- Heat: HotIn the literary world, particularly in the genre of Paranormal Romance, it isn’t easy to stand out. A romance novel starring a hot vampire as the hero? Been there, read that. A heroine who is seemingly the underdog, unable to keep up with the much older vampire lover? Sounds pretty familiar. Thankfully, that is about all that Dominion has in common with other PNRs.Dominion opens with Eve Hayden on a mission to get a manuscript, found in her late mother’s possessions, tra [...]

    11. Great premise! Execution could use some fine tuning as there is so much going on in the this the first book of the Dominion Series.Description:A paranormally-gifted female vampire hunter is seduced by beautiful eight-hundred year old identical twin vampire brothers.Note: This description is for the series. The story elements, including the love triangle, take place over the course of five books. These are not stand-alone novels. Each book is an instalment in the series, which will be five books. [...]

    12. Wow! It's been a long time since I've read a book that is so flat and devoid of any true emotion but unfortunately, "Dominion" fits that bill. Initially I thought this would be a read I could really embrace; however,what I found was page after page of descriptions and unexciting background materials with virtually no action. Thing really didn't start to progress or get exciting nor did we really meet the villain until I was about 65% into the story; then, things fizzled out just as quickly.Eve h [...]

    13. Not having any idea what the premise of this book was when I started it, I have to admit I was reluctant to read about another vampire huntress. But in reading the first few chapters, I was caught intrigued at how the characters and layers of history would develop into a heart-warming story of love. Eve, the main character and huntress, is on a mission to eradicate the vampire race, but quickly finds herself falling for an 800-year-old vampire, Michel, twin to Julien, whom both I pictured in my [...]

    14. What an amazing start to a series! I agree with some of the other reviewers. While I love paranormal romance some of it has been overdone. Not this one. The characters were very believable and easily likable/lovable. The story of the vampire origin was fresh. The story moved at a fast pace with lots of action-danger and mystery. The love/sex scenes were HOT! I am a new fan and can not wait to see where this new author goes with this series!

    15. Not for me. Not connecting with the characters or the storyline.Eve accepts all changes so readily, without complaint. Also, I find that the fact she can sense emotions/people/events from objects ridiculous. How did she survive up to now with this gift? Made it to the 50% point.

    16. Synopsis:A paranormally-gifted female vampire hunter is seduced by beautiful eight-hundred year old identical twin vampire brothers.Note: This description is for the series. The story elements, including the love triangle, take place over the course of five books. These are not stand-alone novels. Each book is an instalment in the series, which will be five books.When pre-med student Eve Hayden searches for a translator for an ancient French illuminated manuscript she found in her dead mother’ [...]

    17. 5 Still-Fanning-Myself-Stars! ☆☆☆☆☆Best Vampire Book! Be prepared to read with your jaw dropped and goosebumps peppering your skin. One second i feared for Eve's life, the next i wanted her to jump into the fire and f#%k both vampires senseless. Its insane. This was better than 'True Blood', hotter than 'Fifty Shades', and so captivating. I was hooked from the first chapter. This story has everything i love, from action and romance to hot sex and laughs. Michael and Julien are brothers [...]

    18. Dominated! In this fast paced origin story, pre-med student Eve Hayden is torn between pursuing a career in the arts and the joining the family business of vampire hunting. Receipt of a manuscript that had been given to her deceased mother puts Eve on the path to meet Michel de Cernay, puritan & debauched priest who resents his life as a vampire and his twin brother Julien a libertine and former knight who is enjoying the changes vampire-hood have brought into his life. After refusing to ret [...]

    19. S.E. Lund’s Dominion is a vampire story set apart from the crowd of vampire stories by both a unique concept and by the quality of Lund’s writing.Eve Hayden is a pre-med student and a vampire hunter. She is in possession of a manuscript left to her by her mother. It’s in French, so she seeks out a translator. Eve wants revenge against the vampire who murdered her mother.Enter the vampire Michel de Cernay. His journey to vampire-hood is detailed in the journal manuscript, along with his twi [...]

    20. While this book was filled with hot sex scenes, it was all over the place. First, I don't understand how she can be caught in between the twins when she only spends a total of maybe half an hour with one and sleeping with the other. How am I supposed to buy that she has feelings for Julien when she only talked to him twice! Then there's Michel. He's yelling that he loves her after maybe a week. Seriously? And last, Eve herself. She makes no sense. It was hard to connect with her because one minu [...]

    21. I picked up this book free on and then devoured it within a matter of days. What a steal. Now I feel guilty because this steamy paranormal romance is worth considerably more, considering how much I enjoyed it. For one thing, I loved the historical touches: the manuscript, and the glimpses into Michel and Julien's past. The writing is top notch, the story flows well, and it has a real sense of immediacy to it, putting you right there with the characters. The BDSM theme is actually fairly light h [...]

    22. My Rating: ★★½My Thoughts:Sadly, I just didn't connect with this story at all although it has received high praise. I'm sure it is just me but the story just felt disjointed. A priest with a penchant for BDSM although he has lived a celibate lifestyle for over a century. A brother who he loves but has a tenuous relationship with and doesn't trust. An ancient who has ulterior motives and could or could not be a killer. At the center of it all, a young woman who has awakened her hidden vampir [...]

    23. This book had some endearing qualities, but other times it was all over the place. The main character's initial goal was to find out who killed her mother and venge her death, or so it seemed. She supposedly had this hatred for vampires, but then it took her all of 5 seconds to "submit" to one. This part shouldn't have been rushed and frankly the main character should have been a much stronger charcter. There just seem to be a lack of character development. In additon, she was supposedly in so m [...]

    24. This book is truly a work of art. The author captures the characters excellent. You can actually see them as you read the story.It is about a young woman named Eve who has some old documents that she wants to have translated in hopes that it will help lead her to who killed her mother. So she placed an add on the internet and the next she is meeting a professor by the name of Micheal. Then the story really gets interesting - she learns that she has powers - she meets Micheal's twin brother Julie [...]

    25. I loved it!Eve is looking into her mother's death and finds an ancient manuscript belonging to her mother which she needs translating as she's sure it has something to do with her mother's research. She makes an online query for a translator and goes to meet a Professor, but instead ends up meeting Michel, a beautiful eight-hundred year old vampire who has his own reasons for wanting the manuscript.Eve, unaware at the beginning that she is paranormally gifted, is plunged into the world of vampir [...]

    26. I hate cliffhangers. I thought I might be in trouble with this book when in the first chapter there was a run on sentence that I had to read 4 times to understand. (still not sure I got it right).The plot line is good but there are so many undercurrents. I really want to know what's up with Eve's background. Since she's got a little bit of "down time" now (four days and counting), maybe she should pick up her mom's boxes and study them. Maybe there's some history in the boxes. Instead, she plays [...]

    27. I'm changing my stars rating because I don't want someone else to fall in the same trap as me. Honestly, I really liked this bookTwo hot vampires fighting to win the girl and save the world, what's not to likee rest of the series apparently. :-( I finished this book quickly and couldn't wait to continue the story in the next 3 books only to be sorely disappointed. By the fourth book I was forcing myself to finish, just to end it, but the 4th book isn't the last book. X-( Anyways, I'm done with t [...]

    28. Really enjoyed this book. Lots of intrigue and an interesting plot. Felt a bit off balance a few times with the shift in plot. The author does a good job keeping the reader guessing as to the integrity and true feeling of the twins towards each other. Also Eve seems a bit indecisive at times about her feeling for the twins but I guess I'll have to read the next book and see where it all goes. Looking forward to book two for sure.

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