The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep While house sitting at a waterfront estate sweet straight laced Harley is stunned by the arrival of her employer s supposedly dead son an Alaskan bush pilot with a bad boy rep who s been wounded in

  • Title: The Black Sheep
  • Author: Patricia Ryan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • While house sitting at a waterfront estate, sweet, straight laced Harley is stunned by the arrival of her employer s supposedly dead son, an Alaskan bush pilot with a bad boy rep who s been wounded in an airplane crash Coming home after years of estrangement and a stint in prison to make amends with the old man is difficult for Tucker, but not half as difficult as keepiWhile house sitting at a waterfront estate, sweet, straight laced Harley is stunned by the arrival of her employer s supposedly dead son, an Alaskan bush pilot with a bad boy rep who s been wounded in an airplane crash Coming home after years of estrangement and a stint in prison to make amends with the old man is difficult for Tucker, but not half as difficult as keeping his distance from the super sexy but virginal Harley while they share the house, awaiting his father s return.Having given up on the idea that he ll ever fully heal from his ravaged leg, Tucker balks when Harley urges him to swim as physical therapy until she adds a unique incentive Catch me and you can have me Her certainty that he ll never be able to swim that fast evaporates when he embarks on a rigorous training regimen, determined to claim her as his prize But when she unearths the dark secret in his past, will she still be willing to pay up when the time comes Witty and passionate, originally published as Hale s Point was honored with Romance Writers of America s Golden Heart Award.

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    1. Patricia Ryan

      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.Patricia Burford Ryan born August 9, 1954 in Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States is an American writer of romance novels as Patricia Ryan, mystery novels as P.B Ryan and erotica novels as Louisa Burton She is the twin sister of the romance writer Pamela Burford She won a Golden Heart award in 1994 in the category short contemporary series and a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award Her book Silken Threads also won a RITA, the top award of the Romance Writers of America, for Best Long Historical Romance of 2000.

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    1. Enjoyable and good, except for the big misunderstanding.This is my second Patricia Ryan novel. I want more. I liked the characters’ issues, how they interacted, their relationship. It was a good story. It was on the short side. I would have liked more development at the end plus an epilogue. He’s 37. She’s 23.I did not like the way Harley (the heroine) acted which caused the big misunderstanding/separation. She learned something, was mad, did not tell him, so he’s stewing and not underst [...]

    2. I enjoyed this book. I liked the story The only complaint I have, and with many romance books, is that for some reason authors believe the man in the story must be at least a decade or more older than the female. It's been overdone, and is irritating to me.

    3. A good read about the prodigal son returning after 21 years to his wealthy father/home after running away at 16. H's wealthy father is away and H meets 23 year old house sitter. H injured after crashing his plane into the side of a mountain and after introspection during recuperation and physical therapy decides to see his home and father again after so many years. h is driven, practical, and obsessive about succeeding in life because of her poor background. 3 stars.

    4. Story was divine one, but 4 stars because for me it was to short and ending was beautiful, but somehow rushed. The relationship between the lead characters was adorable. All in all, it was a very good read. :D

    5. I really enjoyed this story! Harley and Tucker are great characters and we really get to know them. Tucker is back for some R & R and to maybe try and fix his relationship with his father. Harley is house sitting Tucker's father's house. Harley is a little rigid in her routines and plan for life but after the way she grew up it is understandable. I loved the way that Harley and Tucker end up building their relationship. Harley entices him into swimming in order to have her and it works. He s [...]

    6. For some reason - perhaps the cover - this book intrigued me enough to buy it, despite promising myself not to add to the 1010 books I have on my kindle. This proves either that I am a kindle tragic or that this book looked irrestible. I suspect a little of both, but I was not disappointed when I finished this story.Harley is an engaging heroine for whom life circumstances have set on a straight and narrow path. Tucker, wounded and disillusioned with life returns to make up with his father. Imag [...]

    7. Wow! Patricia Ryan has written a sensual and entertaining delight with Hale's Point. It's an amazing contemporary romance. I absolutely loved the characters! It was a little weird for me to have Tucker as the name of Harley's love interest because I have a 4 year old son named Tucker. Once I got over that, I was totally enamored with Hale's Point. I couldn't wait to turn the page; the story was very engrossing.I'm looking forward to checking out more of Patricia Ryan's work. She's obviously very [...]

    8. I liked it.This is a nice story of two people very different people who live in the same house for 6 weeks. She has been hired to house sit for the summer and he is the long lost son returning home unexpectedly after being injured in a plane accident. She is straight lace, he is a loose cannon. The expected conflicts develop as these two likable people learn to like and then love each other. There are two explicit sex interludes toward the end of the book which are well written and appropriate t [...]

    9. I'm a HUGE fan of Patricia Ryan's writing, and Hale's Point (originally published as Return of the Blacksheep) is one of my favorites. How can you miss with a handsome hero who needs to heal and a heroine who offers to help him in his recovery but just who is hurting the most? It's no wonder it won the coveted Golden Heart award, and what fun to revisit such wonderful characters as Tucker and Harley.Highly recommended!

    10. For a semi short few hour read, this was great. Sweet.A house-sitting student is awakened in the middle of the night by someone breaking in. It is the owners long lost pilot son, coming home after surviving a plane crash. His intention is to reconcile with his father, but his whole life has been spent running away So if he can stick it out during the summer, maybe he can get his life back.

    11. Cute. Only caveat: The age difference between the main characters also accentuated the power imbalance which made me an uncomfortable reader. (Maybe that's probably just me being picky?) She didn't seem to feel coerced at all, but that could well have been different for a less "secure" young female employee caught in the same situation. Since this was never acknowledged or discussed in the story, I remained uncomfortable with this factorP.S. If you have thought re this, feel free to comment

    12. I really liked this story, but I'm a bit confused because I couldn't find it on . P.B. Ryan is one of my favorite authors, especially her mysteries. This was my first romance by her and I love her writing and I know she has written quite a few, besides other genres. I downloaded this one from my library, so maybe its an older one. Anyway, I want to read more of her books.

    13. Not normally high on my favorite genre list , but I really enjoyed this simple romance story . I found the story captivating and the characters very likable ;-) Ms. Ryan nailed it with Hale's Point !

    14. The protagonists were not very likable for a large part of the first half of the book. Both were kind of judgemental and they were like chalk and cheese together. By the time they got together, I no longer really cared.

    15. Great readI would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good romance. Keeps your interest right from page one until the end

    16. Good love storyI love happy endings! I read a lot of suspense and to be able read of a meeting turning into a relationship into the real love! Always gives me the best feeling

    17. The SkinnyTucker Hale, the prodigal son, has returned home after 21 years after running off as a teen. After a plane crash and months of therapy, he still walks with a limp. Now he wants to reconcile with his father. He is surprised when he arrives at his father's home that it is dark and he is gone, but the house isn't empty. Harley Sayers, a 23-year-old college student, takes a bat to Tucker. She is housesitting for Mr. Hale for the summer while he is away on vacation.  Harley is flabbergaste [...]

    18. Well written but for me lacked the wow factor. While beautiful it left me feeling serene. I would like to feel like something momentous happened. Like I have just witnessed the tango. The steps to this dance felt like some of the passion was missing.

    19. 3.5 stars. I enjoyed this book for the most part. It kept me engaged and interested. It had a unique story and was well written. I really enjoyed the two characters, mostly because they weren't like any other generic male and female leads. Harley is uptight and rule and regimen bound. Which aren't the greatest characteristics to have, but the author managed to still make her likable to me. Tucker was more of a mainstream character, but also had unique personality traits that weren't always favor [...]

    20. I only have one complaint and that's the fact Harley should have given Tucker the benefit of the doubt at the end. I understand her past played a part in influencing her feelings but given their relationship I don't see how she could automatically think he was guilty. Anyway, Harley is estate sitting for a wealthy man who was spending his summer sailing. She's awakened when someone breaks in to the house. She's stunned to find its the owner's son, whom she thought was dead. As it turns out, afte [...]

    21. Tough one to review for me. I liked the storyline, it was a good premise and although done before, this one had it's own unique twists and turns.What bothered me were both MC's. I couldn't warm up to Tucker or Harley. For a first book in a series, it seemed the backstory was pretty much written as a given or the reader would have a clue as to the peripheral characters, the location, the money etc. Tucker, leaves home at 16 returns 21, not twenty once would have been enough to remind the reader, [...]

    22. I'll start out by saying that I'm a huge fan of P.B. Ryan's Nell Sweeney mysteries. In fact, I usually just read mysteries these days, having stopped reading romance stories a while ago due to the repetitiveness of the stories. But when I got the opportunity to read a free copy of one of Ms. Ryan's romance books, I couldn't resist. This was an easy and quick book to read. I was happy to see that there were only a couple of errors in the book (words left out or reversed) which is hard to find in [...]

    23. Good readThis was definitely a slow burn but worth it. Opposites attract and lots of sexual chemistry made it worth reading

    24. This story was a free book on my new Kindle. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Harley Sayer's is house sitting when she is woken from a deep sleep by broken glass from a window downstairs. When she finds a man at the piano at first she thinks what the heck did he break in for. She has a baseball bat in her hand and proceeds to tell him not to move and when he does she cold cocks him. When he grabs the bat and says it is his she is floored because it actually belongs to the owners de [...]

    25. I rather enjoyed the story. It had a sort of quiet sincerity and (for a better word) slowness that did draw me in. Nothing and everything happened during a few short summer weeks at Hale´s Point.Tucker ran away from a stifling home at sixteen making his way through life, living his dream a a pilot. He hasn´t talked to his father for 20 odd years but after a terrible crash and an close encounter with death, he finds himself at his childhood home again.After her mothers tragic death Harley has s [...]

    26. I read a newer edition of this book called "The Black Sheep". I really liked The Black Sheep. Harley and Tucker have some definite chemistry almost from the start and it is interesting how they decide to build a relationship before indulging in intimacy. This is largely due to Harley's deal with Tucker which turns out to be a wonderful motivator for Tucker to tackle a far more healthy lifestyle. I think they both influenced each other in positive ways and it was enjoyable to see their relationsh [...]

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