Act of God

Act of God Few know that the face on the famous death mask of Tutankhamen is not his at all This book reveals an historical mystery which overturns Ancient Egyptian chronology and also provides evidence that th

  • Title: Act of God
  • Author: Graham Phillips
  • ISBN: 9780330352062
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback
  • Few know that the face on the famous death mask of Tutankhamen is not his at all This book reveals an historical mystery which overturns Ancient Egyptian chronology, and also provides evidence that the Parting of the Red Sea and Plagues of Egypt in the Bible are accounts of actual events.

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    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ✓ Act of God : by Graham Phillips ✓
      294 Graham Phillips
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      Posted by:Graham Phillips
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    1. Graham Phillips

      Graham Phillips is a British author Phillips has a background working as a reporter for BBC radio and as a magazine editor Graham Phillips

    934 thoughts on “Act of God”

    1. Conspiracy theory of sorts. The investigation of the development of monotheism and the cross fertilizations of Judaism and the worship of the Aten during a short two decades in Middle Egypt. It was argued cogently and I found the whole uncovering of the mystery of the long hidden tomb quite fascinating. Moses, Atlantis and Tutankhamun all rolled up into one flavoursome literary pannini. As I was reading it, it all seemed to hang together so beautifully but out in the cold light of 21st Century s [...]

    2. Pag 17 La tomba 55 era per intrappolare un faraone con una maledizione.Pag 20 1799 si trova a Rosetta la stele. Stesso scritto in geroglifico e in greco antico. Da Alessandro Magno in poi si può parlare di Documenti storici.Pag 21 Calendario Egizio civile di 365 gg senza il giorno ogni 4 anni, mentre il calendario religioso legato a solstizi ed equinozi.Pag 21 Ciclo sotico inizi di luglio Sirio compare se l'anno civile inizia anche lui a luglio.Pag 26 RA divinità principale ma osiri dio dei ci [...]

    3. I was tossing up whether to give this 2 or 3 stars, but I'm in a generous mood :) The book is not badly written, but it takes a long time to go anywhere. Phillips puts his particular spin on Egyptian history and then goes in search of evidence to support it, rather than drawing his conclusions from all the evidence.Not all of his suppositions are all that far-fetched, and many of them have support from other Egyptologists. But he seems to trying to make a point of great new revelations, but it's [...]

    4. Another excellent book that asks the right questions about a major biblical story that does not make sense. The Exodus is full of supernatural and magical events that attempts to portray Moses as a superhuman with God. Graham Phillips looks at these stories and asks what natural events might have been behind them. What he reveals is a story as equally amazing but one that is now believable.

    5. I do not mind a good conspiracy or alternative view of history book. I like that someone has taken the time to challenge the conventional views. It is not a bad thing to challenge but the problem for Phillips is that he lacks a lot of hard evidence to make his hypothesis stick. Phillips has used the 'mysterious tomb 55' found in the Valley of Kings as starting point to unlock a series of mysteries. Being why an Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, who later took the name Akhenaten decided to worship a [...]

    6. the excavations of a mysterious tomb Early this century holds the key to one of the greatest disasters to strike humankind (strangely-sealed) this was a tomb constructed to keep some one -or something inw in paper back this book acclaimed that the evidence links to a chain of extraordinaryevents, and also the finding of the cursed Pharaohs tomb new evidence from the polar ice-capswhich overturns ancient volcano's 3000, times more powerful than the Nagasaki bomband that the parting of the red sea [...]

    7. It was an interesting theory put together, but the writing was just atrocious. I don't mind non-fiction style, as long as it's fluent. This wasn't. I don't mind scientific writing, I would actually prefer it, but this kind of in between style with much too much annoying repetition just doesn't do it for me. It took me a loong time to read this, I put it down for months at times. Eventually I struggled through chapter by chapter just to see what conclusions he makes, but it wasn't really worth it [...]

    8. Fascinating research which sheds immense light on ancient Egyptian history and its impact on the origins of the Jewish exodus.

    9. Amazing, was slightly heavy to read but once you got into it, it blew my mind. Highly recommend for anyone over the age of 13. Loved it.

    10. I am partial. I love reading these books. Phillips uses a great blend of history, genealogy, archeology in his works that make the uncovering of his truths fascinating.

    11. EXCELLENT work by Graham Phillips revealing mysteries one by one.e greatest of them all is the life and revolution of Akhenaten.The way Graham presented this book is laudable.

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