Surrender Welcome to the final Dining Club Pass this last challenge and a world of pleasure is yours to keepGrace has completed her introduction to the highly exclusive Dining Club and enthralled her demanding

  • Title: Surrender
  • Author: Marina Anderson
  • ISBN: 9781455578214
  • Page: 430
  • Format: ebook
  • Welcome to the final Dining Club Pass this last challenge, and a world of pleasure is yours to keepGrace has completed her introduction to the highly exclusive Dining Club and enthralled her demanding lover, David But now she wants to know the secrets behind Table Five the very last table.Available only to elite members, making it to Table Five would change Grace sWelcome to the final Dining Club Pass this last challenge, and a world of pleasure is yours to keepGrace has completed her introduction to the highly exclusive Dining Club and enthralled her demanding lover, David But now she wants to know the secrets behind Table Five the very last table.Available only to elite members, making it to Table Five would change Grace s life entirely Facing a decision that could ruin everything, or ensure David never bores of her, Grace will have to prove her worth to the men that will decide her fate A furious, agile Amber makes for a formidable opponent, but Grace s sexual power is now at its peak, and she is ready for one last challenge

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    About "Marina Anderson"

    1. Marina Anderson

      Marina Anderson is the pseudonym of British author Margaret Bingley, whose novels have been published all over the world Margaret uses this pseudonym for her series of erotica novels She also publishes erotica for women under the pseudonym Fredrica Alleyn.

    549 thoughts on “Surrender”

    1. The only reason I read the whole series was because I wanted to see it through. Plus, the installments were short. Every time I started the new one, I was hoping for a twist, some sort of development. Nothing happened. The whole series is just another Story of O wannabe - if you fuck every guy I send your way, we can be together. The writing was decent, the story telling skills, not so much. By the third installment it became predictable and boring.

    2. ARC Provided by NetGallery.Okay so I decided to continue reading this series, in all - eight parts, with the hope that this would be tied up. But it seems that there will be a few more installments to come.So Grace has finished her trials and is going to challenge Amber for the head table. This way she can ensure that she keeps David and rids herself of Amber. But Grace's plans are flawed since she will become the placeholder of the coveted spot and if someone challenges her in the future she wi [...]

    3. ARC provided by publisher through NetGalley for an honest review.2.5 Anticlimactic starsGrace winsUnfortunately after all that, and I kind of anticipated it since the author was drawing it out so much with the last two books, it ended on a very anticlimactic note. There's also sort of a cliffhanger. I mean after all that then the authors going to end it that way?I also don't like that a woman, submissive or not would put herself through all of that just to get someone to love her. It should be t [...]

    4. Received from Net Galley in return for an honest review.4/5.Part 8 of 8.I really enjoyed this last one. It ended the series off nicely. I would have preferred all of these 8 to be in one book to review it properly

    5. Grace finally learns that David loves her. I on the other hand am not so sure, I find him selfish. Calculating throughout. Choosing a woman set on his sexual preferences, is that not cold and calculating or cleverly done to see if the relationship would last a distance? or, is it all based on sex.Grace finally finds out what the top table NUMBER 5 at THE DINING CLUB is all about, does she want it? will she get it?This is why I have given this a 4 star rating, we just don't know! so I feel that b [...]

    6. I was asked to review this for Netgalley.When book 8 comes into play, you are seeing Grace go up against Amber for the title of Hostess of The Dining Club. Grace has all the background she needs to beat Amber at this game as she is needed to become a slave. Amber on the other hand has all the sexual power from being challenged three times and can she do it a fourth. All will be revealed when you Surrender yourself.What is Amber and Lucien up to? Will Grace and David live happily ever after? Will [...]

    7. I have to say I'm disappointed in the ending to which I'd rather she'd told David to go to hell. I guess I'm with Amber and we don't all get what we want. Seems sad that Grace took all that and made it to the end only to find out David orchestrated it with Amber who he'd been sleeping with the whole time. What a mixed signal.right?

    8. Title: SurrenderAuthor: Marina AndersonPublisher/Year: Grand Central Publishing. 10/8/13Length: 35 PagesSeries: The Dining Club #8OverviewIf you pass the challenges we set, a world of pleasure awaits you.He is everything she never wanted: brooding, secretive, rich - and far-removed from her care-free artistic lifestyle. Yet David has a power over Grace that she cannot resist, a power that comes from his darker, passionate side.And now he is ready to truly reveal himself. Inviting Grace to a week [...]

    9. TABLE 5!!!SURRENDER (Part 8)She passes!!! Holy cow, Grace uses every ounce of courage and will to pass David's final trial. Is the glory of the win all it was supposed to be? Can passing all of the tests placed before her bring her what she wants most in life? Can David really love her? Can he really allow her into his life completely? We don't get all the answers we've been waiting for.It has been very frustrating to be left unfulfilled. Yes she passed, yes she has done all he's asked, but has [...]

    10. Title: Surrender - The Dining Club Book 8Author: Mariana AndersonPublisher: Forever (Grand Central Publishing)Published: 10-8-2013ISBN- 13:9781455578214E-Book ASIN: B00DQAFCKOPages: 37Genre: Erotic RomanceTags: BDSMThe last book in the The Dining Club series, Surrender, Book 8 is the most active of the series. From the fist page to the last you will not put it down. Following the completion of the fourth trial David admits he loves her and tells her what table five is all about. Now she must dec [...]

    11. I got this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewthis is the last short story in the series. I honestly which it could continue and i can tell what will happen next I am left with such suspense! Grace passed and her and David are finally in love. David admitted to her that Amber is part of his life and that their is a part of him that will grow tired of her and that he has needs. He was honest with everything that he has done. Including telling her that he is the owner of the c [...]

    12. The Dining Club is more than the name implies. It is a place to discover how far you are willing to challenge your sensuality and discover/expand your sexual horizon. This is erotica at its best.Our story follows Grace as she discovers David, the man she has fallen in love with, cannot commit to his love for her, unless she is able to discover and participate in the kind of lovemaking that makes him complete. The Dining Club provides a series of tests which will expose Grace to BDSM. If she is a [...]

    13. This chapter follows Grace's successful completion of the 4th trial in part 7. She should be feeling triumphant & secure in her relationship with David. Then he reveals the identity of the club's owner & tells her about "table five". That table has always belonged to Amber as the hostess of the club. She designs the trials with David's approval & tastes in mind. Grace can now challenge Amber to become the hostess but that would mean giving up her life in theatre for the unknown becau [...]

    14. **** EROTICA BOOK CLUB REVIEW ****Surrender (The Dining Club #8)by Marina AndersonNow onto book 8 in the series I would recommend reading them in order and this review may contain spoilers.Grace has worked her way through all the trials that has been set for her she has now completed table 4 and now she can have the option to challenge Amber for table 5. Amber is not happy! Well don Grace for making it to this stage but I am not sure if David is happy about it! This has a cliffhanger ending that [...]

    15. **** EROTICA BOOK CLUB REVIEW ****Surrender (The Dining Club #8)by Marina AndersonNow onto book 8 in the series I would recommend reading them in order and this review may contain spoilers.Grace has worked her way through all the trials that has been set for her she has now completed table 4 and now she can have the option to challenge Amber for table 5. Amber is not happy! Well don Grace for making it to this stage but I am not sure if David is happy about it! This has a cliffhanger ending that [...]

    16. Grace has successfully completed the four trials and she should have achieved everything she wanted to keep her relationship with David. But, there's the option of the fifth table and she's decided to go for, seeing an opportunity to sever David's ties to Amber. I was actually enjoying this last installment until I reached the final page. Grace was extraordinary here, showing grit, confidence and competitiveness as she decided to take on Amber. I still don't get what she sees in David and why a [...]

    17. Whew, the final Part in this series. Grace is adamant about challenging Amber at table five with the win meaning that Amber is out of the Dining Club and more importantly out of David’s life for good. Amber while not pleased about what the challenge means, is determined to succeed anyway. David loves Grace but is resolved in his belief that he will never be satisfied with one woman and for all time. Grace is determined to prove him wrong. I liked the final part. I liked seeing the strength of [...]

    18. Grace started her challenge against Amber wavering in her resolve. She accepted that Amber's experience in this was vast, but she still had that drive to keep the woman away from David. Like the smart, professional woman she was, Grace went into this putting all her 'acting' knowledge into play, surprising David, Amber and herself.The trial was not something I had expected and the way Marina Anderson brought it to the page kept me engaged throughout. The trial showed how much Grace had learned a [...]

    19. The series comes to an end with Grace's and David's relationship coming full circle. Grace decides that she must take the ultimate challenge, Amber and Table 5, if she expects the relationship with David to be successful. The Dining Club is a good erotic series but I wish the parts were longer or combined into less installments. Overall the writing was entertaining. Unfortunately the novellas basically focused on the characters' current state of mind, not their pasts which would possibly shed li [...]

    20. Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for these copies.Read parts 6-8 as one bookReview also published here:jj13oklikes/post/653488ill not completely sold on this story. David finally admitted he loved Grace, even though he couldn't say it in a broader sense than right now. Grace pulled out all the stops and found her true calling - running The Dining Club biggest problem with this series, other than it being too short, is the end you can't tell us Amber & Lucien are up to no good then just [...]

    21. Finally Grace has made it to the elusive table number 5. Knowing that if she ever wants a relationship with David she has to challenge Amber or forever lose him. Amber has been challenged before but never has she had an opponent who wanted so desperately to win. This was actually a good conclusion to the series but I have to wonder will things work between David and Grace? He really seems as though relationships aren't his thing. Is Grace giving up her career for him only to have him continue to [...]

    22. ARC received from NetgalleyThe battle is about to take part! Which woman is more suited to it? Who will succeed? The true question is who does David want to win? Will he side with Amber who can give him the variety he needs without love or with Grace who he loves but is scared to admit! And will Grace be able to face her fears and win the love of the man and take her place in The Dining Club.A good series that I think most people would enjoy <3

    23. You get to a point when you wonder what the author was thinking. I truly wonder that with this series. At this point. We know Grace is going to challenge Amber for the hostess job at the Dinning Club. She wants David and this is her way to have him completely. Of course Amber is going to fail the final test. I did like how Grace accepted the position and was ready to make it a better experience for everyone and expand further with the ideas for a new club/hotel.

    24. WOW! I really loved the Club Sandwich! I am really shocked that Grace actually gave up her career and her livelyhood for David. That takes courage that many do not have. This was a fantastic conclusion to the series. However, I am not thinking that Marina Anderson is done with these characters. There is so much more to explore. Marina Anderson has a facinating mind and I can't wait to see what else she has in store for us!

    25. It's weird. I almost hated this book more than the rest, but I also loved it the most too. I hated Grace's decision. What a stupid idiot throwing away a great future for someone like David. Yuk. But I loved seeing Grace vs. Amber in the last trial for table 5. Now that was awesome. And it was freaking hot. I hate how it ended, Grace is stupid, but that sexual test made this last installment worth reading.

    26. Received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Are you kidding me? All that build up and it's brushed off so quickly? Anderson clearly didn't think through the ending of this - what was that hint about Andrew? How about that Amber scene? Also, actually saying that the women should lie there like they'd "been drugged" is absolutely disgusting. If this is what Anderson thinks people want to read, she's sorely mistaken.

    27. Book provided by the publisher.Another well written hot little installment. I still can't say I like Davids attitude, and Grace's decision seemed a bit rash but it ended well. I'm assuming from the ending their will be more so we'll have to wait and see how it develops. I'd like to see longer installments if there are though20 or so pages at a time is hardly enough

    28. In book 8, Grace has decided to attend table 5 (the last table) in order to throw of her competition. It is an extreme challenge and she is the underdog and feels that everyone is against her. She will show everyone with determination that anything in life is possible just so she can be with the one she loves. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing access to this book.

    29. I was rooting for Grace to win this challenge but I felt like it was anti-climatic. All this waiting and mystery and it was just over. I was also a bit annoyed at the end because really she left it open for more books. I just wanted it to end with them being a happy couple but no we have to have some interference. All I have to say is that I was not a happy camper.*ARC provided by publisher

    30. In the end, it is not what I expect it to be. For me, I think there's no excitement? Sexual, yes but it feels constant (if that's the right word). This series seems like there's no, ya know, obstacles?There's a bit of an edge into it, however, its intesity does not compare to Fifty Shades or Bared to You.

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