Good? Bad? Who knows?

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  • Title: Good? Bad? Who knows?
  • Author: Ajahn Brahm
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  • Page: 430
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    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly The Good, the Bad and the Ugly was marketed as the third and final installment in the Dollars Trilogy, following A Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars More The film was a financial success, grossing over million at the box office, and is credited with catapulting Eastwood into stardom. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Blondie The Good is a professional gunslinger who is out trying to earn a few dollars Angel Eyes The Bad is a hit man who always commits to a task and sees it through, as long as he is paid to do so And Tuco The Ugly is a wanted outlaw trying to take care of his own hide. Good Luck Bad Luck naute Good Luck Bad Luck There is a Chinese story of a farmer who used an old horse to till his fields One day, the horse escaped into the hills and when the farmer s neighbors sympathized with the old man over his bad luck, the farmer replied, Bad luck Who Knows What s Good or Bad David Allan Medium The Taoist have another way symbolize Who Knows What s Good or Bad and it s in that old hippie chestnut, the yin and yang symbol We see black and white, right and wrong, good and bad, but it Good and Bad Changing minds Social construction The standards of good or bad are usually socially constructed That is, we create them with reference to others and what they have said Good and bad hence act as tools of social conformance, providing means by which those who deviate Good Bad or Bad Bad YouTube Good Bad or Bad Bad is a movie review show where we watch the most godawful movies we can find and laugh about them Then we decide if they are Good Bad or What is Good and What is Bad HuffPost Jul , People aren t born good or bad Maybe they re born with tendencies either way, but it s the way you live your life that matters Cassandra Clare Tragedies change the course of our life They The All Bad NFL Combine Team players who overcame bad days agoMeet the All Bad Combine Team players who had good NFL careers anyway New, comments You can make a career for yourself even if you don t do anything impressive in Indianapolis. Good and evil Pyrrhonism holds that good and evil do not exist by nature, meaning that good and evil do not exist within the things themselves All judgments of good and evil are relative to the one doing the judging Spinoza Benedict de Spinoza states By good, I understand that which we certainly know is useful to us . Good and bad is the same a Taoist parable CNN Sep , Can a , year old story help us deal with the most difficult moments of our lives today, even a disaster like Hurricane Katrina

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    1. Ajahn Brahm

      Ajahn Brahmavamso Mahathera lovingly known to most as Ajahn Brahm was born Peter Betts in London, United Kingdom in August 7, 1951 He came from a working class background, and won a scholarship to study Theoretical Physics at Cambridge University in the late 1960s After graduating from Cambridge he taught in high school for one year before travelling to Thailand to become a monk and train with the Venerable Ajahn Chah Bodhinyana Mahathera.Whilst still in his years as a junior monk, he was asked to undertake the compilation of an English language guide to the Buddhist monastic code the Vinaya which later became the basis for monastic discipline in many Theravadan monasteries in Western countries.

    910 thoughts on “Good? Bad? Who knows?”

    1. I feel stupid rating this book. One thing is such books should not be rated. These books are one of those enlightening books and this is pretty much the only books of these genre I read. Ajahn Brahm Thero is one of the best Theros out there for me and also Ajahn Brahm Thero's books are without doubt a fun read. Even to those who hates reading religious books these books are good. This book teaches us those simple things in life and ultimately how to enjoy life to the maximum. It helps us get thr [...]

    2. Good? Bad? Who Knows?was an enlightening and uplifting collection of short stories and anecdotes, each one containing a different life lesson.I did have some takeaways from this book; it was also a light read and easy to get through. But I just couldn't find the motivation to read it which is why it took me more than a month to finish. Overall, I'd say it does have some points in its favour, but ultimately not a book for me.

    3. Baca buku versi terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia, judulnya "Don't Worry, Be Hopey"Seperti buku2 Ajahn Brahm lainnya, buku ini banyak menginspirasi. Saat membaca buku ini, kita jadi sadar akan banyak hal, hal-hal baik yang terlewatkan karena kita terlalu sibuk dengan rutinitas atau ambisi. Ajahn Brahm membantu kita untuk mengenali kebaikan, kebajikan dan menjadi bijak.Walaupun isi buku ini memang seputar pengalamannya sebagai seorang bhiksu, dan oleh karenanya banyak menyebut mengenai ajaran budha, ta [...]

    4. A book worth reading to learn important LIFE Lessons.The real life stories and teaching parables are interesting.

    5. Another book by Ajahn Brahm packed with wisdom, humor, advice and stories. It is a very quick read. However it is full of Zen like content to ponder for a long time.

    6. This book includes classic Ajahn Brahm tales. You can laugh to some of them. You may have heard them several times before. But you will never get tired of hearing them again. Ajahn Brahm makes people laugh by narrating stories, but you will realize the hidden meaning once you started thinking about them. This book will help you to go through a rough day and laugh at your own self. No matter how life goes, be kind to yourself. Mindfulness is not enough, be "kindful" as Ajahn said.

    7. It's amazing and easy to read short stories that just make any day a better day. It's one of my first read in this Genre. It's not just for Buddhist, for anyone looking for a different perspective or happier thoughts.

    8. Isinya cukup sesuai dengan deskripsi back cover-nya, kecuali dalam satu hal. Apa itu?Dalam hal isi, buku ini memang berisi cerita-cerita pengalaman sang biksu yang sarat akan hikmah dan pesan, satu hal yang menurut saya missing: kok humoris? Entah karena sense of humor yang berbeda atau apa, namun cerita di dalamnya kebanyakan hanya membuat nyengir alih-alih tertawa terbahak-bahak?Overall, buku ini buku yang ringan dan cocok untuk dibaca di kala senggang. Saya sendiri mendapatkan buku ini dari u [...]

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