The Witch's Boy

The Witch s Boy A lightning bolt erupted from the cloud and aimed directly at Ned s heart He couldn t cry out He couldn t even move He could just feel the magic sink into his skin and spread itself over every inch of

  • Title: The Witch's Boy
  • Author: Kelly Barnhill
  • ISBN: 9781616203511
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A lightning bolt erupted from the cloud and aimed directly at Ned s heart He couldn t cry out He couldn t even move He could just feel the magic sink into his skin and spread itself over every inch of him, bubbling and slithering and cutting deep, until he didn t know where the magic stopped and he began When Ned and his identical twin brother Tam tumble from their ra A lightning bolt erupted from the cloud and aimed directly at Ned s heart He couldn t cry out He couldn t even move He could just feel the magic sink into his skin and spread itself over every inch of him, bubbling and slithering and cutting deep, until he didn t know where the magic stopped and he began When Ned and his identical twin brother Tam tumble from their raft into a raging, bewitched river, only Ned survives Villagers are convinced the wrong boy lived Sure enough, Ned grows up weak and slow, and stays as much as possible within the safe boundaries of his family s cottage and yard But when a Bandit King comes to steal the magic that Ned s mother, a witch, is meant to protect, it s Ned who safeguards the magic and summons the strength to protect his family and community.In the meantime, in another kingdom across the forest that borders Ned s village lives ine, the resourceful and pragmatic daughter of the Bandit King She is haunted by her mother s last words to her The wrong boy will save your life and you will save his But when ine and Ned s paths cross, can they trust each other long enough to make their way through the treacherous woods and stop the war about to boil over With a deft hand, acclaimed author Kelly Barnhill takes classic fairy tale elements speaking stones, a friendly wolf, and a spoiled young king and weaves them into a richly detailed narrative that explores good and evil, love and hate, magic, and the power of friendship.

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      I m a writer, a mom, a wife, a dog owner, a reader, a thinker, a hiker, a friend, a runner, a teacher, a listener, terrible gardener, a lover of nature Sometimes I m all of these things at once I m also a former bartender, former park ranger, former waitress, former church janitor, former kosher meat slicer, former wild eyed activist, former wildland firefighter, former coffee jerk, former phone book delivery girl and a former dull eyed office slave Sometimes I am still these things Sometimes all at once.

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    1. چرا باید اول و آخرش گریه م میگرفت؟ :))خب داستان قشنگی داشت. یه بار خوندنش خوبهترجمه هم که خوب و روون بود. انگار که همین نسخه اصلیه و ترجمه نشده اصلا :دی دوست داشتم ^-^«حتی پلیدی ها هم قادر به انجام کاری خوب و شجاعانه هستند‌.»«مرگی وجود ندارد. فقط چیز بعدی وجود دارد. کوه برای رود راه [...]

    2. Delightful, beautiful, heartfelt. A fairy-tale like story full of meaning and messages worth remembering. A story of love and sacrifice, redemption and forgiveness, unlikely friendships and new beginnings. Absolutely loved this book!

    3. The Witch's Boy is an excellent fantasy novel, a very dark yet incredible story full of magic, friendship, mystery and surprises.

    4. The Witch's Boy by Kelly Barnhill. Published September 16, 2014 by Algonquin Young Readers. 5 Stars. I got this ebook from the library. Engaging from the very start. Brilliantly written about a couple of teens (one a twin) and their soulful and magical relationships with the earth, the forest, the stones, their dreams of the sea, and even death. An involved plot that is deeply simple at its core—how do the intentions and choices people make about love affect the future—theirs and everyone el [...]

    5. 2.018965 starsI wanted to like this. I really did. It started off so well with so many elements that I love in a story but then it just sort of fizzled out and I felt very ‘meh’ for the last two thirds.And sometimes the things that were wicked become the things that save us, and the things that were good doom us to misery and pain.The Witch’s Boy had potential to be a really good fairy tale-esque story. In the beginning, twin boys, Ned and Tam, create a raft to float out to sea. The raft d [...]

    6. So wonderful!!!This books is a perfect example of how amazing children's books can be!It was simply magical, imaginative, vivid in its worldbuilding, with well developed character, a lovely plot, and clever social commentary!I hate that I'm not very good at expressing myself when it comes to books I really like, but take it from me, this is a book everyone should read!

    7. What a lovely, enchanting storyFull review to comeArc provided by Algonquin Books through NetgalleyHow much I loved thee let me count the waysI loved it all, so much, that I don't even know how to properly write this reviewFair warningOde To a Book: (Just not lyrical or written in metrical form although if you want to, be free to sing it! Basically this is just my way to give voice to the fangirl in me!I loved your storytelling abilities. I loved your multidimensional approach to this engrossing [...]

    8. This was my first exposure to Kelly Barnhill and when I started reading this book I did not realize that the next book on my to-read pile is her Newbery winner, The Girl Who Drank the Moon. I am looking forward to reading more of her next, as I really enjoyed The Witch's Boy!I appreciated that the magic in the book seemed different from other fantasy novels involving magic. I liked that it had its own personality and that I didn't always know whether or not to trust it. I also thought the plot a [...]

    9. I had high hopes for this book which it didn't quite meet. It's not that this book was bad. On the contrary, if I saw a child reading it I certainly wouldn't slap it out of their hands. I just can't really say it moved me the way I like books to do (even children's novels). The concept is great. There are witches and bandit kings and wolves. Both the beginning and end of the story are strong, but the middle began to drag for me. The author made a couple of plot choices that I didn't quite see th [...]

    10. قویا اعتقاد دارم که یکسری از کتابها را در یک سن و سال خاص باید خواند . هر چند مطمئنا افراد کمی با من هم عقیده هستند. کتاب را دوست نداشتم. چون گمانم سن 37 سالگی، وقت خوبی برای لذت بردن از کتاب پسر زن جادوگر مبود. امتیازنمی دهم. چون این حق را برای خودم قائل نیستم که برای کتاب کودک و نو [...]

    11. First of all before I start talking about this book, I just want to say: That cover, you guys! I really love that cover and if anything, it was that cover that first drew me to give Kelly Barnhill's The Witch's Boy a closer look. I loved the play with the big shadows and those tiny little figures, and the sense that they were at the edge of the world. It is very fitting to the setting of the book and the villagers’ belief that there is nothing beyond the forest-clad mountains. But mostly it j [...]

    12. Ned and his twin brother build a raft, but it is not seaworthy, and Tam dies. Ned survives only through Tam's soul and his mother's magic. But the villagers are convinced the wrong boy lived, especially because the experience left Ned without words. Meanwhile, practical Áine lives in the forest with her bandit father, who is being overtaken by a strange forceE WITCH'S BOY is a lovely book. Ned and Áine are both hugely likeable in different ways. Ned has had to struggle with himself his whole l [...]

    13. Gorgeous, spare writing that brings to life an unusual and wonderful story. I couldn't put this one down, and it made me sad and joyful at the same time.

    14. I really couldn't get into this. None of the characters felt real, but more like made-up fairytale tropes. It was beautifully written but sloooooooow.

    15. I can't recall the last time I enjoyed a book for children as much as I did this one. What made me love this book more than anything else was the original elements the author used to describe magic. Rather than just doing the usual "boy has powers" type of thing, Kelly Barnhill went a completely different direction. The magic in this book is a living, breathing thing and it permeates every page with creativity. This is a book that I would be happy to share with my children, knowing that it will [...]

    16. This is the sort of fairytale I like. Real and hard and not always pleasant. This is the sort of fairytale I cut my teeth on as a child.This is the story of Ned, the twin who lived, and his brother Tam who, despite dying in a drowning accident, is inexorably stitched to his surviving brother. This is the story of Aine, the daughter of The Bandit King who longs for the sea she was forced to give up when her mother fell ill. This is the story of Sister Witch, Ned and Tam's mother, who controls the [...]

    17. A simply told beautiful story about loss, war, and magic contained. Also friendship and what it means to save someone. It's told in the manner of a fairy tale but the characters become very real and very complicated. The writing leaves the reader to fill in the blanks and I believe it's a book for those whose imaginations run rampant. I found it very good, the ending made my eyes misty and I'll probably go back for another helping.

    18. A dreamy fairy tale, dark but not too much, a bit rambling. It reminded me of Kate DiCamillo’s style, if you liked her The Tale of Despereaux you might like this novel too. 2 1/2 stars rounded up

    19. When I saw this gorgeous cover I knew I had to read the book. Then I read the summary and fell in love. And then it was on NetGalley. And I had to request it. So happy that the publisher approved me. <3 Took me some weeks to start reading it, but today I finally did. And it was so worth it. I adored it a lot.I'm not sure how to begin talking about this book. First I want to mention that the writing is beautiful. I really loved it. It made the story come alive for me. Then there are the charac [...]

    20. Ned is the "wrong boy"; he lived when his twin brother Tam did not. His mother, Sister Witch, could not bear to lose both her boys at the same time so she sewed Tam's soul into Ned thus saving his life, but causing him difficulties. Ned is never able to speak without stuttering or read any words after the accident. The townspeople believe the wrong boy was saved and treat him badly. His father can barely look at him. Sister Witch is the keeper of magic in their village. The magic has been passed [...]

    21. I LOVED IT is the kind of story I am always searching for, the kind woven with magic, both in the words and in the tale, and I am sure am going to re-read it and enjoy it again one day.funny thing that I picked this novel cos of its cover and small summry, not realizing that I read for the same author before, I read another book by her, and as much as I loved this once I hated the other novel, though am thinking to re-read it again maybe I was the one at fault back in the time,but this one WOOOO [...]

    22. I really enjoyed this book. Once I picked it up and got into it, I couldn't put it down. The characters were realistic and if it was in their character to do something dumb, they did it because it was in their character, not because it was necessary to move the plot along. That's one of my biggest pet-peeves and the book missed that peeve by a mile.The world was simple and well thought-out. It was interesting and it was explained very well. There was one area where I felt there was a bit too muc [...]

    23. What can I say about this story? The more I say the less it shall be! Such a fascinating example of great storytelling. I have utmost respect for Kelly Barnhill. A simple story can turn out to be great if you can tell it nicely. And this was no simple story. It had depth, it had love, hate, grief, betrayal, triumph, friendship, mystery and much more. Such poetic lines, such depth in words, such graceful choice of explanation. I am awed, and I am sold. The more I read, the more I felt. The more I [...]

    24. Received from: Algonquin BooksReceived Via: NetGalley "After surviving a accident that killed his twin bother Ned is referred to as the wrong boy by the towns people believing the wrong boy lived. Meanwhile in another kingdom Áine's mother dies making her father revert back to being the Bandit King . When their paths cross they must trust each other enough to make it through the woods to stop a war"Ok this is a quick review since I don't have much to say, anyway this book was not for me. The ch [...]

    25. Kelly Barnhill is a talented writer who does wonderful things with words. Sadly she is an author I come just short of being able to love. I've read her two previous MG novels and find myself having the same problem with this one that I did with those. It is dark, depressing, and long. I'm not saying it's not a good book. I'm not saying kids won't love it. I'm saying that I don't for completely personal reasons. For some reason this one is too hard for me to finish. It is making me not want to re [...]

    26. A wonderful and magical story full of adventure. Read and enjoy! :) And wow to people who give books 1 star just because you don't like the style of it or couldn't finish it. Just say your piece and don't rate it unless it really is horrible which this book definitely is not. 1 star and a vague reason just poorly reflects on the reader and not the book.

    27. Won a free copy through FirstReads! Bonus: it was my second giveaway win in as many days.*DNF AT 233 PAGES*It's not that I disliked it, per se, but I've come to realize that books I need to force myself to pick up and keep reading due to a total lack of caring are not worth it.

    28. A fairytale of power and self-control, wisdom and recklessness, friendship and the fragility and gift of life, this story reads well aloud and has much to discuss and share. Good family and classroom read.

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