The Years Between: Jessie & Will

The Years Between Jessie Will The five years between when Jessie and Will first get back together and when they have their daughter are unforgettable years that travel from one side of the country to the next and deal with the is

  • Title: The Years Between: Jessie & Will
  • Author: Leanne Davis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 103
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  • The five years between when Jessie and Will first get back together and when they have their daughter are unforgettable years that travel from one side of the country to the next, and deal with the issues that have for so long kept them separated Their journey to get together has been anything but easy, but now they finally have the time and freedom to build a full and coThe five years between when Jessie and Will first get back together and when they have their daughter are unforgettable years that travel from one side of the country to the next, and deal with the issues that have for so long kept them separated Their journey to get together has been anything but easy, but now they finally have the time and freedom to build a full and complete life together The way they started, the life they lead in between, and the life they end up with, is a journey that tests the love they have found, and defines the love they are destined to share forever.

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      Leanne Davis writes contemporary new adult romance and women s fiction Leanne s books have been listed on numerous bestseller lists, including the Movers Shakers list and in the Top 120 overall books along with 1 Bestselling New Adult 1 Top Rated Women s Psychological Fiction by The Other Sister.She lives in the rainy area of Western Washington, and spends as much time as she can getting away from the rain by traveling to destinations all across the state where she and her family do tons of camping Many of these locations become the settings for her books She earned her business degree from Western Washington University, and worked for several years in the construction management field before turning to writing.For on her books go to leannedavis.Leanne s Books The Sister SeriesThe Daughters SeriesThe Zenith TrilogyThe Seaclusion SeriesRiver s End SeriesDiversionsConnect with Leanne FB Author facebook pages LeanneTwitter leannewritesemail dvsleanne aolOr go to her website leannedavis sign up to get notification of her new releases

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    1. Oh. Happy. Tears!!!5 beautiful,perfect stars!I can't stand typing on my kindle so I will review Monday when I can use pc at work.I'm freakishly happy over the ending!!!

    2. 5 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️The Years Between starts whereThe Other Sister leaves off and showcases the budding, fledgling relationship and unwavering love between Will and Jessie. The Other Sister was a very emotional read for me but in the end, the journey I took with Will and Jessie was incredible and unforgettable. This book was just what I needed to complete the picture. For the majority ofThe Other Sister Will and Jessie are not a couple, and are not dealing with issues that most [...]

    3. I'm in awe of this author. I dont't know why it took me so long to read these books, but i'm so glad I finally discovered them! And what a gem they are. Will and Jessie's journey was not easy, nor pretty. And I say wasn't pretty, because their journey towards being together was BEAUTIFUL and real! There's no magic cure for what happened to Jessie and Will, bu they found the way to be at peace and not let their past define their future. I think that's the greatest lesson of this incredible story! [...]

    4.  First off this is not a novella. It's a complete story. It's wonderful! I love it. It's not a happy love story, but it's wonderful because it is so good. Like I said about the first one, it is nothing like I thought it was going to be. Her warnings tell you her books have EXPLICIT sex, and this, and that, but that isn't so. The story is harsh--Jessie is trying to find herself after being horribly mistreated and exploited by a parent. Will comes along and is her shining knight in armour, but he [...]

    5. Wow! It does not get better than this! I have just finished reading Will and Jessie's story and find myself bursting with emotion. I loved them both in The Other Sister and to read of their struggles in depth was wonderful. My heart ached for Will who appears so strong and yet when he showed the emotional side of him made me love him even more. Jessie is so strong and yet does not realise this and to see her and Will as they make their way through their marriage and try to become a "normal" coup [...]

    6. Otro día de colonia, otro día al rayo del sol. Estuvo ideal para leer esta novella en el celular y suspirar como boba. La autora sigue mejorando-la parte de la edición más que nada, pues el primer libro tenía partes desastrosas y repetitivas; y la pareja es mucho más querible en este corto (no tan corto, en realidad) que en el primer libro. Lo mejor de todo: ya no se gastan trecientos párrafos para denigrar a la protagonista, sino que su compañero se preocupa más en acompañarla e inten [...]

    7. 2.5 starsI didn't like this nearly as much as The Other Sister. This was the continuation of Jessie and Will's story. It didn't add anything new since I've read other books in the series, so I already knew where they ended up. The story dragged in some parts. They kept rehashing the same issues over and over. It was refreshing to see a story where love didn't cure mental illness. Jessie's problems didn't just fade away. She did get better, but there were times where she didn't deal with things w [...]

    8. Amazing! I am so, so happy that Leanne Davis wrote this book to fill in all the blanks of Will and Jessie's life after they become a real couple. Still to this day, after reading Other Sister - they are hands down my absolute favorite couple in a book. I read A LOT and Will and Jessie's story is everything you want to read about. They meet under horrible, unbelievably sad circumstances and fight together every demon possible - even when they don't want to fight them together. I have never read t [...]

    9. Ok so after reading the first book I had to read this book.I needed to know more of their story. I am so glad I did. This book really shows the after affects and that not everything is peachy. How can it be after her whole life being the way it was. I think what I under estimated was Will, and how everything had affected him.I mean we know Jessie is having a hell of a time. She gets help then thinks Will is dead or lost. So she kind of goes dark and reverts back in her head understandable. But I [...]

    10. I love this series but this book was just okay. It was broken down nicely but it just seemed to d r a g on and on. There was so much back and forth it was tiresome. Yes, they have been through a lot. I am not down playing that at all. I already read the others so it was weird backtracking but whatever with that.I wish the epilogue was more in the future.

    11. Oh Will and Jessie with all the emotions. All the tears. And luckily all the happy moments this time. Much more so then in the first one. I read the first book in this series earlier this year and had to wait a bit before I moved onto this book because Davis is so so good at drawing you in and taking you fully on the emotional ride that Jessie and Will are going on. Again there was a lot of serious "real" issues that were dealt with in this book but it's done so well and truly feels like simply [...]

    12. ***Listened to the Audiobook***So when I finished book 1 the only complaint I had was that I wanted more Will and Jesse and now I got it! This was a great follow up to their story even if it was a little high on the drama for me. But that being said, I think it had to be high drama to make it realistic because people don't just get over things, they have to battle forever to deal with some of the issues Jesse has. I loved that she didn't just get better and everything was peachy for them. I love [...]

    13. CuteI'm so glad that the author have us more on their relationship without the outside influences. They are learning how to be a couple and I really loved that. Jessie is growing and learning. I liked that she suddenly was perfect and having a great HEA. Life isn't like that and the author states true to form.

    14. Wow what a good story!The author continues the story of Will and Jessie. We see them come out the other side of their nightmare. Gritty reality, well written. Moving on to book three.

    15. This book is the continuation of Jessie and Will's story. Will was successful in retrieving Jessie from Mexican Prison that she was held and abused in. However, Will is suffering flashbacks of the mission, along with leaving Jessie to continue his term in the military. He tries so hard to not think of Jessie, and leaving her the way he did.The both of them are dealing with countless physical and mental issues.Jessie is dealing with her PTSD, and Cutting issues. Some days are better than others. [...]

    16. This book (series really) has really put a strain on my emotions. Don't get me wrong, I really loved reading about Will and Jessie's journey. It's just been very difficult to read. This book picks up right where "The Other Sister" leaves off. If you've read "The Other Sister" then you know everything that she's been through. Jessie certainly hasn't had an easy life and years later, she still struggles. Jessie's insecurities that stem from years of abuse are heartbreaking. She constantly needs re [...]

    17. Jessie and Will are working to have a normal life after dealing with many tragedies and sadness in their life. This book picks up where the first book left off. Will is found to be alive and coming to terms with loving Jessie and she too coming to terms with issues in her life that has put her life more in the media. In this follow up title Jessie and Will starts to count down the time he will be out of the army so they can have a normal life. Along the way Jessie is coming to terms with dealing [...]

    18. This book is a must read for fans of this series. It fills in all the blanks in the 5 years that Will and Jessie were separated. It takes us on Jessie's journey to healing. We learn how she finds solace in working with animals. Will is also coming to terms with his feelings for Jessie and he decides he needs to leave the army in order to start over with her.I felt it was a very realistic portrayal of two people dealing with their own issues and working towards building a future together after a [...]

    19. This is the second book in a series and is every bit as good as, or better than, the first. It's a beautiful and tender love story but is so much more about human frailties and what our psyches can do to mess up our lives. Jessie suffers from PTSD from multiple tragedies she experienced as a teen and young woman. Will helps her heal but he has probably got some of his own PTSD and/ or OCD going on. Throughout the book I was rooting for them to overcomed was enthralled by their love story. I'm go [...]

    20. This review is from: The Years Between-Jessie & Will (Sister Series, 1.5) (Kindle Edition)This is the second book in the sister series. I did enjoy this book, but felt at times it was repetitive. Jessie has been through severe emotional & physical trauma, which we of course knew from the first book. I like knowing what has happened between them and how they fully came together. I think though it could have been condensed and added to the first book. Good KU find!

    21. I fell in love with Will and Jessie and the fact we got to see them in their new lives together just makes me giddy! What a great couple to be able to overcome the worst circumstances and find love. The insight the author has of the personal struggles of a cutter leaves the reader to believe it comes from personal experience. A definite must read!

    22. Wow this was good. This is an understanding of Jessie and Will relationship after they got married for real and how Jessie took it one day at a time. Loved it. Can't wait to read the other series.

    23. Love Will and JessieI loved this book. It was so heart warming to read how they survived. How they made their relationship work even with all the troubled history they shared. I would love to give it a 5, but there were quite a few grammatical errors.

    24. The omniscient POV keeps the reader at arms length for the entire story and therefore the reader never gets a chance to feel the story. Did not like it.

    25. I actually liked this book better than the first book. This book was more believable in terms of Jessie's dealing with the trauma she experienced in the first book.

    26. Good bookAnother good book by Leanne Davis. Jessie and Will's story kept me reading Now on to "The Good Sister"

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