Lover's Bite

Lover s Bite Before she joined Reaper in hunting Gregor s gang of rogue bloodsuckers privileged princess Topaz was gunning for just one vamp Jack Heart The gorgeous con man had charmed his way into her bed her h

  • Title: Lover's Bite
  • Author: Maggie Shayne
  • ISBN: 9780778325185
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Before she joined Reaper in hunting Gregor s gang of rogue bloodsuckers, privileged princess Topaz was gunning for just one vamp Jack Heart The gorgeous con man had charmed his way into her bed, her heart and her bank account, taking her for half a million dollars and vanishing without a word.Now she and Jack maddeningly attractive as ever are supposedly on the same sBefore she joined Reaper in hunting Gregor s gang of rogue bloodsuckers, privileged princess Topaz was gunning for just one vamp Jack Heart The gorgeous con man had charmed his way into her bed, her heart and her bank account, taking her for half a million dollars and vanishing without a word.Now she and Jack maddeningly attractive as ever are supposedly on the same side As Reaper s ragtag outfit scatters, Topaz sets out to solve a mystery that s plagued her all her lives, mortal and immortal what really happened to her movie star mother, who died when Topaz was just a baby With four men claiming to be her father, why has she always been alone And what stake does Jack have in discovering the truth about her past Topaz is sure he s up to something but her suspicions are at war with her desires.

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      I live in the teeny, tiny town of Taylor, NY, Alliteration Alert though my mailing address is Cincinnatus, my telephone exchange is Truxton and I pay taxes and vote in Cuyler All of these are at least in the same rural county in the southern hills of New York State Cortland County There are cattle than people here The nearest big cities are Syracuse and Binghamton and they are an hour away, in different directions, and not really all that big by most standards, though they both seem humongous to me I look out my window to see rolling, green, thickly forested hills, wildflower laden meadows and wide open blue, blue skies My road is barely paved The nearest neighboring place is a 700 acre dairy farm.My house is a big, century old farmhouse I moved in here after my divorce in 2006 Just a little over a year later, the house, which I had named, SERENITY, burned It was 99% gutted, and I lost my two dogs, Sally, an 11 year old great Dane, and Wrinkles, my 14 year old, blind bulldog This was the culmination of my Dark Night of the soul, which had seemed to hit me all at once in 2006 2007 My mother died that year, after a 14 month battle with pancreatic cancer She was only 60 The youngest of my five daughters had left home that same year, and while that s not a tragedy at all, it felt like one to me Then came the divorce And finally there was the fire it seemed my darkest night wasn t quite finished with me after all I had lost almost everything before that point, and as I poked through the wet ashes and soot the next day, I realized that I had now been stripped all the way to the bone.No better time to start over And no, I didn t come to that realization that day there were a few days of wallowing in pity first, particularly the day after the fire, when I hit a deer and smashed up my car, which I was practically living in That s when I started to laugh Just sat on the side of the road as the deer bounded, uninjured and carefree, out of sight, and laughed It was just too ridiculous at that point, to do anything else And from there, I picked myself up, and brushed myself off, and said, okay, there s only one way to go from here Forward And that s what I did There I was at the age of harrurmphemmph, living in my one, mostly undamaged remaining room, with a dorm sized mini fridge, a futon, a TV, my cat nine lives and a laptop And not much else Though thank goodness the room that survived the fire, was a room that had its own attached bathroom Since then I have rebuilt my beloved home, which really has become my haven, my Serenity I share it now with my fianc , Lance, and we have accumulated quite the little family together Little being a relative term We have a pair of English Mastiffs, Dozer and Daisy, who weigh 203 pounds and 208 pounds respectively, and a little pudgy English Bulldog named Niblet, who is bigger than both of them, inside her mind We also have the aforementioned cat, Glorificus Glory for short, who adores her canine pups and keeps them firmly in line And we ve acquired a pair of stray cats as well, a mother and son, Luna Lulu for short and Butters aka Buddy Lulu showed up pregnant during a lunar eclipse, had a litter, and vanished again We found homes for all the kittens except one Butters We got him fixed and kept him A few months later, Lulu returned, again expecting This litter was born on the Monster Moon Again, all the kittens were spayed and neutered and placed in homes, and this time we got Lulu to the vet in time to spay her before the cycle could repeat Glory is not amused.She has a story of her own, my old Glory cat, having been with me before the Dark Times descended, she went through it all with me, moved with me, survived the fire, and remains with me still She s tolerating the newcomers Barely.My partner is an artist, a mechanic, a welder and an inventor, and the rumors are true, he is much younger than I

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    1. I love to sink my teeth into a paranormal romance. I am a sucker for the dark, dangerous, sexy characters, and the life (undead or not) that they live. I believe as a fellow paranormal romance junkie, we demand a well written world of vampires and shape-shifters. Weave in some well placed magic and we are instantly intrigued. Between the well written characters and intriguing storyline, Lover’s Bite by Maggie Shayne delivers on all accounts.First, I would like to point out that this is the sec [...]

    2. How do you feel if someone that suppose to love you, abandon you? Hurt and unloved.Hero: Jack HeartHeroine: Topaz Love Scene Level: To me: Leave it to your imagination.I have given myself a genre challenge to read genre that I don't read and paranormal is a genre that I don't read, but I have for this genre challenge. I've picked this book to be my first challenge book. This book is number 14 in the series. In this story, both the hero and heroine are tortured. They share two things in common. T [...]

    3. 3.5 to 4 stars. There were parts of this I liked and parts I didn't. The beginning was quite a bit slow but it did start to pick up about a quarter of the way into the book. It was a bit predictable in parts but still enjoyable. The ending was a bit abrupt. Even though, we will see more of this couple in the next book I would still have liked an epilogue. (view spoiler)[I would also have liked to see more of her relationship with her mother and can only hope I will see more of it in the next boo [...]

    4. The gang is back Reaper, Topaz, Jack, Roxy, Seth, Vixen and IIyana. They are still on the hunt for Gregor and his crew of vampires. Mean while there is also tension on the home front between Topaz and Jack. Before Jack joined up with Reaper, he was part of Gregor’s gang. He didn’t care about anyone or anything. When Topaz first met Jack she fell hard for him, which is just how Jack liked it. He had Topaz just where he wanted her eating out of the palm of his hand and than he took off with he [...]

    5. Topaz and Jack have a bad history together. He pretty much screwed her over (which you hear more about in the previous book) and now he can't understand why he feels guilty about it. Is he just having a crisis of conscience or has he lost his edge? Topaz is a firm believer of "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" and just isn't interested in anything Jack has to say. But he is a persistent vampire.He joins Topaz on her quest to find out what really happened to her mother. Why is [...]

    6. Best Wings book Ever!Oh lordy, did I ever enjoy this one! Out of all of them, IMO, this one’s tops.In the last book, you get the sense that Topaz is the spoiled, rich girl. This one may begin that way, but you quickly find out that it’s far from the truth. Topaz isn’t some spoiled brat, a rich girl that everyone else gets the sense of, but rather a sad, lonely, confused woman who feels cheated and unlovable. There’s a depth to her anguish that has the reader sympathizing with her complet [...]

    7. Topaz - her mother was a famous actress (marilyn monroeish?), with multiple lovers - she died when Topaz was an infant, leaving her millions and the courts awarded her to a businessman more interested in the money than Topaz - she grew up feeling unloved and a previous book, she fell in love with Jack - a con-man vampire who took her for 6 million dollars and then they were working together with Reaper (a CIA hit-man vampire, who got out of their clutches) to find an evil vampire Gregor (another [...]

    8. The first 12 were really great. I loved the story lines and then 13 came about and I gave it a go. It seems like these last 3 that are dealing with another group of people are written in a completely different format and it's hard when at the end there doesnt' seem to be a real closure to the relationships. It would be better if they all had their own stories instead of throwing in a chapter or two here and there dealing with the intimacies of other couples and not really giving a conculsion to [...]

    9. Book 14 in the Wings in the Night seriesThis is the continuing story of “the gang,” following “Demon’s Kiss.” This is the story of Topaz and Jack. I was not the interested in these two characters, so I thought that I would not enjoy it that much. But, I was wrong. It was a fun fast read! Topaz and Jack try to find out who her father is… however, that’s not all (but I won’t spoil the story for you, you’ll just have to read it!). Towards the end of the book we have a short visit [...]

    10. Story full of twists and turns. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. (One minor point I don't get, Maggie Shayne keeps using the CIA as her villains. The CIA is in charge of international covert intelligence whereas the FBI is in charge of internal US issues. So why isn't she using the FBI as her villains?)The book starts out about Topaz and Jack but the rest of the gang returns to join in. The continuation of the story line is that the CIA is still trying to get Reaper back.

    11. This was read during my vampire phase. I basically read anything I could get my hands on with a vampire in it. Ms. Shayne is a hit or miss for me. This one was interesting because it was more than just a lover's jilted angst between Topaz and the good for nothing conman, Jack. There is a mystery and this keeps my attention as we find out the truth behind Topaz's mother's death and who's her daddy.

    12. I didn't realize this was part of a series, I really want to read the ones before because I was definitely out of it for the first 50 pages during some of the references. I liked Topaz and Gregor, it was completely predictable and this is really a 3 1/2, but I didn't want to put it down and I was completely entertained so I think it is a success!

    13. This is a book about two vampires. Jack is a con man/vampire who steals money from Topaz. Topaz is trying to find out who murdered her mother years ago. I found the romance in the book lacking. It read more like a murder mystery. Jack was playing the "fence" too much for me. I did not really find there was chemistry between the two main characters.

    14. I really enjoyed the first book in this series and as I read this one I often wondered if it was written by the same person! Maggie did tie up a few loose strings from the previous book, but it was missing something. That something I can't quite figure out. Here's hoping the third book finishes the job and doesn't disapoint.

    15. Action packed and fast paced.But the vampires were not used to their full extent. I mean why to have vampires if they don't let the vampires do what they generally do? Ans since when do vampires have problems with CIA. This story is more like spy vs CIA, than vampires.

    16. I love a good paranormal, but Maggie Shayne's paranormals just aren't that great. Not enough description to get a good mental picture of characters and such. Also, this had WAY too many cliches. Try to come up with something more unique next time Ms. Shayne.

    17. Part of a series and best read in order - at least read the prior one as they link together with characters and some story lines (Demon's Kiss).Good suspense story line keeps the pace going and there's a solid romance between two characters who were background in the previous book.

    18. It gets a bit repetitive and unbearably whiney. It's the same pain or struggle the entire book= I love jack, he hurt me horribly, and can I trust him?

    19. Just finished this book, and I gave it a 4 because, I have always been a sucker for the dark dangerous guy!

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