A Spirituality Of Fund Raising

A Spirituality Of Fund Raising A succinct and powerful witness that fundraising is a form of ministry and can be a deeply spiritual experience

  • Title: A Spirituality Of Fund Raising
  • Author: Henri J.M. Nouwen
  • ISBN: 9780835898232
  • Page: 265
  • Format: None
  • A succinct and powerful witness that fundraising is a form of ministry and can be a deeply spiritual experience.

    Spirituality Spirituality Spirituality extends beyond an expression of religion or practice of religion There is a pursuit for a spiritual dimension that not only inspires, but creates harmony with the universe That relationship between ourselves and something greater compels us to seek answers about the infinite. What Is Spirituality Taking Charge of Your Health Spirituality versus emotional health This is because there is a connection between the two emotional and spiritual wellbeing influence one another and overlap, as do all aspects of wellbeing Spirituality is about seeking a meaningful connection with something bigger than yourself, which can result in positive emotions, such as peace, awe, contentment, gratitude, and acceptance. Spirituality Psychology Today For others, spirituality is a non religious experience that varies from person to person some people get in touch with their spiritual side through private prayer, yoga, meditation, quiet reflection, a belief in the supernatural, or even long walks. What is Spirituality A Guide To Spiritual Disciplines Spirituality and religion are different things, and spiritual but not religious is a way too This doesn t imply, however, that you reject tradition This doesn t imply, however, that you reject tradition. Spirituality definition of spirituality by The Free spirituality property or income owned by a church church property, spiritualty belongings, property, holding something owned any tangible or intangible possession that is owned by someone that hat is my property he is a man of property temporality, temporalty the worldly possessions of a church. A Spirituality of Advent Homiletic Pastoral Review Spending some extra time in spiritual reading, especially as regards Our Lady What happened to Mary months and months ago was known only to her She is the humble Tabernacle who housed our Lord until Christmas, when she let the rest of the world in on her cosmic secret God has become a babe

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      Henri Jozef Machiel Nouwen Nouen , 1932 1996 was a Dutch born Catholic priest and writer who authored 40 books on the spiritual life.Nouwen s books are widely read today by Protestants and Catholics alike The Wounded Healer, In the Name of Jesus, Clowning in Rome, The Life of the Beloved, and The Way of the Heart are just a few of the widely recognized titles After nearly two decades of teaching at the Menninger Foundation Clinic in Topeka, Kansas, and at the University of Notre Dame, Yale University and Harvard University, he went to share his life with mentally handicapped people at the L Arche community of Daybreak in Toronto, Canada After a long period of declining energy, which he chronicled in his final book, Sabbatical Journey, he died in September 1996 from a sudden heart attack.His spirituality was influenced by many, notably by his friendship with Jean Vanier At the invitation of Vanier he visited L Arche in France, the first of over 130 communities around the world where people with developmental disabilities live and share life together with those who care for them In 1986 Nouwen accepted the position of pastor for a L Arche community called Daybreak in Canada, near Toronto Nouwen wrote about his relationship with Adam, a core member at L Arche Daybreak with profound developmental disabilities, in a book titled Adam God s Beloved Father Nouwen was a good friend of the late Joseph Cardinal Bernardin.The results of a Christian Century magazine survey conducted in 2003 indicate that Nouwen s work was a first choice of authors for Catholic and mainline Protestant clergy.One of his most famous works is Inner Voice of Love, his diary from December 1987 to June 1988 during one of his most serious bouts with clinical depression.There is a Father Henri J M Nouwen Catholic Elementary School in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

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    1. This was a sermon Nouwen gave a number of years ago and was edited into a book. It is a thin volume but thick on truth and a different view of fundraising and money. His main point is to encourage Christian leaders to see that our fear of talking about and asking for money stems from our dependance on it rather than God. We are fearful. He also highlights the idea that all mnistry is relational and that fundraising is ministry. Asking for money and giving can draw us into deeper relationships wi [...]

    2. I'm co-chairing an upcoming fundraiser for a cause I believe in. This book reinforced how important it is to believe in your cause, rely on already strong relationships in your life to build other believers, and how to help your friends and family become believers in your cause as well.Ultimately, fundraising is spiritual journey to be enjoyed and shared with people you care about.

    3. A short little book adapted from a sermon or address that Nouwrn gave. As someone who's been raising money as part of ministry for two years now this was an immensely helpful little read. Nouwen asks his reader to think about their own relationship to money and to other people and to consider how fundraising can actually be a ministry to the people that we're asking because we're inviting them to participate in the work of God's kingdom. It's all very beautiful and encouraging, one of the best t [...]

    4. Fantastic short read for anyone who fundraises in ministry. Nouwen was a brilliant spiritual writer whose work has consistently moved and challenged me, so I was delighted to see this offering. I am going to encourage everyone in my campus ministry organization to read it.

    5. Quick and sweet overview of the theology behind fund-raising and stewardship. I especially enjoy Nouwen's analysis of relationality and community as being at the core of our work in fundraising--the goal is not money, but relationship, building community, creating the Kingdom.

    6. Quick read to refresh ministry workers about the purpose and ministry of partnership development. Not full of practical how-to's, but contains probing questions that bring the reader back to the ultimate goal of inviting God's people to join in on God's work in the world.

    7. Wonderful little book that every Christian whose job requires raising funds should read. For such a small book there is very profound content. Pastors, church finance teams, & Christian nonprofit directors will especially benefit.

    8. A good and quite short book to read slowly and reflectively. Worth a look for anyone involved in raising money, and maybe also for those who give it too.

    9. Challenging and InspiringAs always Henri both inspires one to see ministry through a new lens by first understanding oneself at a deeper level.

    10. An expanded sermon/teaching session turned into a book. While Nouwen is always rich and this gave me a lot to think about, it left me wishing that he had taken the time to write more on the subject. Three cheers for having the bravery to write on this important topic and I'm grateful that he has left this treasure for those who come behind him.

    11. This is an excellent, short book on the heart of fundraising. If you're looking for encouragement to enter what feels to be a daunting tasks, Nouwen has some great, consoling wisdom to offer. My greatest take away:People give to something they believe in. It's a mission, not a task, that people want to participate in. This reality will drive us, the ones requesting, to the drawing board to ask, "How much do I believe in what I'm raising resources for?" Impactful Quotes:“Fundraising is proclaim [...]

    12. This book definitely strikes a different tone about fundraising. It challenges people to see fundraising as an act of relationship rather than an act of necessity. It persuades people to view fundraising as an opportunity to announce the mission of your particular organization, and invite people to work with you to achieve it's purpose.What I found lacking was depth. The thoughts were actually just compilations of what Nouwen said in various speaches to development officers of non-profits and ch [...]

    13. A good book, albeit short. It challenges some deep-set beliefs revolving around fundraising (both giving and asking). The main point is that fundraising for Kingdom goals/missions is a form of ministry and that when we are fundraising for Kingdom centered endeavors, we should not be afraid to ask for people to partner with us. This book talks about conversion. The conversion that we as fundraisers need to go through to be able to ask for support without hesitation and the conversion the giver ne [...]

    14. Quick recap of a biblically-minded approach to fundraising, that's been a timeless reminder for missions workers. I personally am a bigger fan of the God Ask, which probes your heart questions/doubts when it comes to fundraising, and lays out solid, practical action plans and mock dialogues. The Spirituality of Fundraising essentially sums up all those points for a good refresher on why asking others to partner financially is about reinvesting God's money, not their's, and addresses other miscon [...]

    15. This book was recommended to me by my sending organization as a way to help prepare me in support raising for missionary service. It's very short and is not a book of practical fundraising tips but rather a sermonette on how to view fundraising from a theological perspective. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is doing fundraising as it will help give you a different perspective on what is often seen as drudgery work. Nouwen's goal is to empower the fundraiser to see their task as the [...]

    16. The book is very short and to the point, which is good. It's useful for someone heading into a ministry that necessitates raising financial support. But other than that, it's probably not worth reading.Then again, it's so short, there's really no harm in reading it. After all, even if you conclude that it was absolutely useless, it's not long enough to really waste a significant amount of your time.

    17. A very helpful little book for anyone who has to raise money for ministry. With discussion on seeing the work of Fundraising as ministry an invitation to be a part of God's greater work in the world, as well as how to carry the sacred trust of being given money for the sake of the Kindgom this little book should be required reading for everyone in support based ministry.See my profile for my star rating system.

    18. This is a wonderful little Christian primer reminding me that fundraising is all about confidence in the mission and vision of the organization and about the relationship I seek with God in the process of asking peeps for money. I like the quote, "I will take your money only if it's good for your spiritual journey and your spiritual health." I recommend it to anyone who needs a boost from God's perspective before a big ask in a Christian context.

    19. I’m glad I read this. It is a collection of excerpts of Henri Nouwen’s writings, focusing particularly on fundraising. It is a useful little collection. It is not particularly deep, but there are some insights that are useful. I’ll use some of this as I think about our stewardship campaign this year.

    20. A short but sweet book that in an hour or two detailed read helped me understand fundraising for ministry as an actual spiritual discipline rather than a necessary chore before we get to the real work. Anyone working in ministry of any kind (and especially those who raise financial support either for themselves or for their organizations) will benefit from this.

    21. Simply Superb!Read this book and you will never look at giving, asking, receiving nor ministry the same. As only Nouwen can do, he positions the reader to clearly seeing divine blessing in fundraising as fundamental to kingdom building.This book is for all who are related in any way with a non-profit.

    22. A Ministry Fundraising Must ReadDoes the idea of fundraising make you uneasy? This little book is what you need. Not only will it reshape your vision of the ask, but it will invite you to rediscover the beauty in the work you're trying to do.

    23. A quick but profound read on how fundraising is a spiritual practice. Fundraising is about so much more than money; it's an invitation to worship God and go deeper in one's spiritual life. A must-read for anyone who has to raise funds; it's one I have a feeling I'll re-read at least annually.

    24. Short, simple book on a topic not often written about: fundraising and spirituality. Dr. Nouwen asks the question, 'What is the Scriptural basis for fundraising' not from the philathropist's side, but from the fundraiser.

    25. It's a typical Henri Nouwen book in the sense that it is chock full of insights. I love how he communicates. This book is a must for anyone who is in ministry of any type but especially one that requires soliciting funds.

    26. Second time through this little gem. Read in preparation for stewardship season at church and it gives me a lot to think about. Great framing language for how we relate to fundraising and caring for our own financial resources.

    27. Very brief (like 20-30 minute read) but insightful look at the work of fundraising. If you are tasked with raising funds, especially if you are beginning at it, or are burned out on it, this is a great encouraging word. This is one that I will return to again and again.

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