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Stop Kiss Ben Brantley of the New York Times summed up the critical reaction to Diana Son s play Stop Kiss when he stated that it generated the warmest advance word of mouth of any downtown production this seas

  • Title: Stop Kiss
  • Author: Diana Son
  • ISBN: 9780879517373
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ben Brantley of the New York Times summed up the critical reaction to Diana Son s play Stop Kiss when he stated that it generated the warmest advance word of mouth of any downtown production this season and heralded it as a Barefoot in the Park for a new generation Son s story is deceptively simple two young women in New York meet, talk about their boyfriends, feel a gBen Brantley of the New York Times summed up the critical reaction to Diana Son s play Stop Kiss when he stated that it generated the warmest advance word of mouth of any downtown production this season and heralded it as a Barefoot in the Park for a new generation Son s story is deceptively simple two young women in New York meet, talk about their boyfriends, feel a growing, unspoken attraction for each other, and finally kiss And that one innocent kiss sets off a savage gay bashing But even as Stop Kiss confronts the reality of physical violence, Son s imaginative, moving, and surprising comedy brings audiences and her principal characters to unexpected places.Callie is holding down a job as a radio traffic reporter when she meets Sara, a midwesterner who, against her parents wishes, has moved to the city to teach third grade students in the Bronx Both have boyfriends, but as they get to know each other, their shared experiences and sense of humor create a strong bond The tragic consequences of their kiss the center of this powerful drama serve as both an indictment of hatred and a moving study of the perils inherent in living life fully.

    Stop Kiss Stop Kiss is a play written by the American playwright Diana Son, and produced Off Broadway in at The Public Theater in New York City It was directed by Jo Bonney, with set design by Narelle Sissons, costumes by Kaye Voyce, lighting design by James Vermeulen, Stop Kiss by Diana Son Stop Kiss is one of those plays that I had heard endlessly about while my friends were trapped in their fierce rehearsal processes, and I finally decided to sit down, read the play, and watch my friends production of said play and I was mildly impressed. Stop Kiss The harsh realities of romance The Diana Son s Stop Kiss plays like an absorbing public service announcement The tale of the furtive lesbian romance that unfolds in the months before and after the commission of a brutal Stop Kiss, a CurtainUp review The kiss of the title comes as a cataclysmic leap of self awareness, trust and caring Because it could happen as easily between a man and a woman, Stop Kiss transcends the specifics of a gay romance and embraces the broader theme of love and commitment and personal identity. Stop Kiss Acting Edition Acting Edition for stop kiss diana son play stop scene plays class women director moving script today changes effective means relationships sara text theater told Showing of Stop Kiss Flashcards Quizlet The play stops at the kiss because the central idea isn t about the hate crime the central idea is falling in love It means stop swerving stop trying to forgo making a decision just stop and kiss It is also about how someone tries to stop the kiss pg it talks about swerving Stop Kiss YouTube Jul , Callie Pax, from Diana Son s Stop Kiss Stop Kiss Seattle Weekly A KISS CAN BE either the most innocent or the most intimate of moments between two people, a moment filled with ambiguity or complete certainty It s this central dichotomy of an everyday but Stop Kiss Dramatists Play Service, Inc. THE STORY A poignant and funny play about the ways, both sudden and slow, that lives can change irrevocably, says Variety.After Callie meets Sara, the two unexpectedly fall in love Their first kiss provokes a violent attack that transforms their lives in a way they could never anticipate. Stop Kiss Variety The Public Theater has a small treasure in Diana Son s Stop Kiss, a poignant, funny play about the ways both sudden and slow that lives can change irrevocably.

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    1. Man, this was so sad. I guess it's about two straight girls who realize once they become friends that they're really more of lesbians and they fall in love. And then once they finally kiss each other, some a**hole in New York beats one of them into a coma. As I was reading I was wondering if lesbians still get beat up, because I couldn't think of reading any news story recently. This play was written in 1999, so hopefully 17 years later it isn't happening as much.Though, they did choose to have [...]

    2. Tight, suspenseful, heartbreaking. Back and forth in time with a climax that focuses not on the awful crime that takes place late one night in NY, but on the burgeoning relationship between two people. Neat, efficient, sweet, uplifting ending.

    3. A sweet, sad, and hopeful love story. The relevance of the story is evident, but a few moments and references haven't aged too well since the script's publication in 2000. I'm also not a fan of the back and forth timeline in this show, it's mostly unsuccessful in adding dramatic tension to the story. That said, this is a nice show with a lot of heart and a contains many great scenes for 2 women.

    4. this was so good! i'm still trying to get the gist of reading more plays and this is by far the best one i've read (for now).

    5. Huh. Interesting.Stop Kiss is one of those plays that I had heard endlessly about while my friends were trapped in their fierce rehearsal processes, and I finally decided to sit down, read the play, and watch my friends' production of said play and I was mildly impressed.Stop Kiss follows two stories around the same two girls as they first meet and grow affectionate towards each other and after a violent moment in their lives shakes up their foundations and changes the way everyone looks at them [...]

    6. This play can be very confusing at first. It is written to where the second half of the story line is interwoven into the first half. Basically, the first scene is two girls meeting, and the next scene is one of them explaining to a detective how the other was beaten. But then in the third scene it's as if the second scene never happened. The rest of the play continues on like this, and because it is written this way I was forced to re-read at least half of it multiple times. As the story line u [...]

    7. Well, this was readable. Diana Son's a screenwriter, and it shows--it kind of felt like Reality Bites but heavier. However, this is dated, now almost 20 years later. I found the lesbian plotline quite thin and entirely too cliche (view spoiler)[two girls are dissatisfied with their boyfriends so obviously they're attracted to each other // they get brutally beaten when they finally get to have their first kiss (hide spoiler)]. And the whole St. Louis thing was poorly researched and/or given to S [...]

    8. I'm cheating, since I haven't read a word of the play. But, I did just watch the preview performance at the City Lights Theater in San Jose. If this play has such power to move the audience, even when the production still has rough edges and there's a live band playing LOUDLY outside on the street -- yes, it was the Left Coast Live music festival, and it was Friday night -- then it must be a very good play.The plot is critical to this very well-plotted play, so I won't give it away. What's ironi [...]

    9. I thought this was incredibly tender with moments of humor. In a short time the author made you care about the characters. Admitly it was hard to tell from just reading it (as opposed to performed), but the pacing felt right. It's also interesting to consider it in the context of the year it premiered (1998, the same year Matthew Shepard was killed). I also considered it in the context of an epidemic of trans* women of color murdered in D.C. in recent years). Finally, reading a play that came in [...]

    10. I selected this from a list of "modern tragedies" to read for class and finished it in less than an hour. It was solidly good, not incredible. The love story is sweet; the dialogue is very New York and sometimes quite funny. Maybe I'd feel differently if I saw this play instead of read it, but I thought it was pretty light and optimistic, despite the act of violence that is central to the plot. Hardly a "tragedy," but a worthy read.

    11. After reading this, all I could think of were the possibilities of it when performed live, which hopefully I'll get the chance to see some point. Relatable, interesting characters struggling through their own lives and finding solace, friendship and love in one another which is ripped apart by a brutal attack. Characters feel fleshed out and have their own needs and wants, even the ones we hardly see. A play the American cannon absolutely needed.

    12. I have to put on a scene from this play for class and had to read it in an entire sitting. I was a little confused by the format of that play and how it went from one time frame to another, but once it did that a few times I finally figured out what was going on. It's a sweet short play that deals with an unexpect moment happening in the main characters life when she is thrown this person she has never met who changed her life for the better.

    13. A funny drama about love and what we're willing to risk to be with the one person we never expected to come along in the first place. Son expertly cuts the past with the present, as we watch a relationship develop between two women, only for that development to be overshadowed by coming violence and rage. Is there room in modern life for love and understanding? A valid question from a exciting dramatist.

    14. This could have been devastating, along the lines of LARAMIE PROJECT, but Son infuses the happenings with burgeoning hope and humanity for two women in the midst of finding themselves -- literally -- but also finding themselves in the midst of random acts of violence. The city offers opportunity, experience, dangerd Son's message of not wasting time, given that, is welcomed.

    15. wow. i wish i could see this play live. very emotional but witty too. the scene format reminded me of The Last Five Years in which the two main characters start at opposite ends of the storyline and meet in the middle, except in this play, only the scenes start at different ends of the storyline-- the characters interact throughout it.

    16. Good plot, great writing, and effective use of order of events. Except for the character's tendency to cut into each other's sentences, a pretty solid play. The chopped up sentences get on my nerves after a while.

    17. this is a play that might take you less two hours to read. it is queer, touching, funny, natural, and BEAUTIFUL. it is a coming out play about two women in ny. (and an awful hate crime)<-- in parenthesis cuz i don't want to deter you.

    18. Interesting commentary on relationships and lesbians/bisexuality and isolation. Also there's the gay bashing aspect, but that all depends on how you take the attack and the purpose of it. It was gripping and interesting and I enjoyed it.

    19. this 5 second read was amazing! if you are looking for a book that takes you to those initial feelings you develop for someone you eventually fall in love with - this is the book. beware though, it is pretty sad as well.

    20. When a play is written well, it never seizes to amaze me how much can be conveyed with just the dialogue. This was one of those plays, very heartfelt, very moving, very easy to imagine as a production. Recommended.

    21. This play moved me. Corny as that may be, it's true. I am not even sure why I am so drawn to this work. Some parts of the play still confuse me and I don't know how one would begin to stage it. I loved it. Hopefully someday I will be able to see it.

    22. I LOVE this play. It's nonlinear, and the juxtaposition of pre-event and post-event scenes are AMAZING. Callie and Sara have a lot in them to show audiences about stepping out of your comfort zone and taking care of yourself and others. It's a beautiful short play.

    23. A great portrait of tentative love, and the fragility of it. The way the story unfolds makes the relationship very natural, very compelling, and I felt completely invested. The dialogue is very natural, and a delight to read.

    24. A really great piece of writing. I'm kind of sad I haven't seen it performed before. Amazing story and work of theatre. It speaks volumes about the human character and about relationships. Please read!

    25. Definitely more of a 4.5! It's a play made of flash-forwards so if you aren't used to that style of playwriting or writing in general, you may find some scenes confusing. Overall I thought it did a great job at blending soft contemporary with harsh, brutal reality. Please read it!!

    26. The two women in this play feel very real, and their spearheaded feels real and their reactions to a new understanding of their sexuality. The scenes that are meant to be be touching are and the scenes that are meant to be tense and awkward also do the job impeccably.

    27. STOP KISS is moving. riveting. The play tells what happen both before and after to women share an honest kiss. How a violent act of homophobia turns their life upside down. Stop kiss is an honest look at the danger many queer couples have to maneuver through in their daily life.

    28. This was such an adorable and sad play. My second assigned play to read for Acting class, very nice choice Director T:)

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