Falcon's Fire

Falcon s Fire Thorne Falconer swore he d do anything to overcome his humble beginnings even arrange a marriage for his wealthy lord Martine of Rouen the promised bride has strong aspirations of her own but agre

  • Title: Falcon's Fire
  • Author: Patricia Ryan
  • ISBN: 9780451406354
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thorne Falconer swore he d do anything to overcome his humble beginnings, even arrange a marriage for his wealthy lord Martine of Rouen, the promised bride, has strong aspirations of her own, but agrees to wed to keep her family holdings intact But when these two meet, the pull of their passion may overcome the power of their will.

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    1. Patricia Ryan

      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.Patricia Burford Ryan born August 9, 1954 in Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States is an American writer of romance novels as Patricia Ryan, mystery novels as P.B Ryan and erotica novels as Louisa Burton She is the twin sister of the romance writer Pamela Burford She won a Golden Heart award in 1994 in the category short contemporary series and a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award Her book Silken Threads also won a RITA, the top award of the Romance Writers of America, for Best Long Historical Romance of 2000.

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    1. This book is a five star for me. The plot and setting are so richly detailed and the characters are so incredibly vivid. Martine of Rouen (heroine), the illegitimate daughter of a Baron, would have never agreed to marry were it not to help her half-brother and sole protector, Rainulf, whom she adores. Rainulf rescued her from isolation and starvation as small child after Martine’s mother, their father’s mistress, committed suicide. Because of this, she feels she owes him. Martine vows that a [...]

    2. Not my kind of read.Hits to many of my pet peeves. I don't like my heros having sex with other women than the heroine. Even if he is thinking of the h not a good excuse IMHO.I don't enjoy being angry or upset when I read a romance. This one has done so.

    3. This was a three star for me until about 50%. After that just lost my attention; perhaps, because the writer seemed to have forgotten about some of her secondary characters. There was a lot about the child, Ailith and her mother, and then, poof--gone or forgotten. The sex scences seemed gratuitous, especially the one five days after the hero had been seriously wounded. The trial scene seemed right out of TV's Perry Mason. I dunno. Maybe it was just me being hyper-critical. It does have a HEA.

    4. Martine is the illegitimate daughter of an important guy in Anglo-Saxon England. She grows up loving her father, not understanding that her mother is his mistress, until her father's actual legit wife dies. Martine's mother makes a wedding dress and is certain that now that he's free, he'll marry her and everything will be great. But he marries some little fifteen-year-old and completely cuts off Martine and his mistress from his support. Martine's mother is so distraught that she commits suicid [...]

    5. Great book. Well written and well researched (I presume since my knowledge of the Middle Ages is woefully lacking and I had to trust the history in the book was accurate).The hero, Thorne, is fabulous. He's caring, honest, smart, strong, and seemingly invincible. The heroine, Martine, is a bit less fabulous but still likable enough and I can understand why Thorne is captivated by her. The novel spans six or seven months which allows for the build-up of lots of romantic/sexual tension between Tho [...]

    6. Well, this was a surprise! It was part of a "marriage of convenience" boxed set I bought, and I turned up my nose at it because I'm not that big on historicals. I read it thanks to No Book Buying 2015, because at least it was set in medieval times and it wasn't a same-y Regency romance. And it was awesome! Very different from what I expected. It was so full of twists and turns, and actual plot! At first I got mad that the marriage of convenience trope wasn't between the two love interests, but t [...]

    7. One of the best romance novels I have read in a long time. The characters were well defined and the language was terrific. Emotionally I was swept away with the many horrors that Martine was subjected to and Ioved the bits of humor that surrounded her plight at times. I did miss a reconnection with her brother but I guess Ms Ryan was saving something for a next novel.

    8. While parts of this were slow it was still a great story! I wish there had been an epilogue. I loved both main characters and loved how this progressed.

    9. LOVED IT! I was even more delighted when I realized that the author is the same as the Nell Sweeney mystery set, books I thoroughly enjoyed as well! The plot was contiguous and tight; it takes the reader on a roller coaster. The character development was spot-on and thorough. I loved every minute of it! I was a little frustrated at two relatively mature and intelligent people who can't communicate with one another at critical times, but since that is such a trait of humanity is forgiven. In the [...]

    10. This had some interesting historical elements, but not sure how accurate they are. The characters were ok. Plot was nothing special. It did have some preachy elements about how evil religion is, and at this time in history it was, so it's not too bad. I didn't enjoy this one, but it wasn't as bad as some romances I have read. It was the historical elements that I liked most.

    11. I don't do rape I have no desire to read it in any format, even if a woman tricks a man. When I realized I had only read 28% of the book, there still wasn't any romance, and I'd already been unhappy with some of the other actions of the characters, I'd figured it was time to call it quits.

    12. I really enjoyed this book. Medieval romance has always been a favorite of mine. Martine and Thorne are great together!

    13. WonderfulWhat an exciting story! I couldn't put it down! A new author to me, but definitely one I will be checking out in the future! Fantastic read!

    14. The heroine is particularly loathsome. I tend to form emotional attachments to the characters in novels, but I couldn't even muster up a smudge when she was on the brink of disaster.u

    15. Started out pretty good, but by the middle too much was tied up in a Big Misunderstanding (tm) and the end was rushed. Would not recommend,

    16. No truer aim than a falcons!This was a superb read from start to finish about finding true love and how one never knows till it's almost to late!!

    17. This is a definite four star read for me. I loved the story line and the characters are likeable and easy to identify with. I’m not all that familiar with the historical accuracy of the medieval time period so I have to always rely on the author’s knowledge and how he/she relays the historical facts. But it seemed like this author has done her homework and research.Martine of Rouen the heroine of the story, an illegitimate child of a Baron and her mother after cast aside from her lover commi [...]

    18. Me ha gustado más de lo que esperaba.Generalmente, las novelas ambientadas en el medievo me gustan, aunque suelen tener algo que me desagrada, no por ellas en sí mismas sino por las condiciones de vida que tenían las mujeres y otros grupos vulnerables; es un logro admirable que alguien pueda escribir una novela histórica, la cual efectivamente muestre las circunstancias de la época que narra, pero a mí siempre me causan ese reparo por las injusticias que se producían.En esta novela hay mu [...]

    19. Grade: 2.5 starsI so enjoyed Heaven's Fire (book 2 in this series) that I just had to read this one (book 1). However, I was seriously disappointed but I shouldn't have been surprised. I'm finding that I'm too much of a feminist to really enjoy reading some medieval romances with the way women are treated. I loved the hero, Rainulf from Heaven's Fire - he's a kind, honorable man. And Falcon's Fire is the story of his half sister, Martine, who had a difficult childhood. Rainulf rescues Martine an [...]

    20. Thorne and Martine are definitely a sweet couple. I have to admit, once I started reading this book, immediately from Thorne's entry into the story I couldn't help but cry out to myself, "But But He's perfect for her, why can't she marry him instead?!" I felt really silly partially in when I realized that's really where the story was going, but alas, I didn't bother reading the blurb before I dug into this fun historical gem.The story is solid and the characters are well developed. I feel that t [...]

    21. In a true Patricia Ryan fashion, the book delivered its share of thrills and chills. As it is True for every Age, Era and Timeline ~ this book has made real the Horrors of that period ~ the constant conflict of Ignorance, Superstition and Religion. Witchcraft was their answer to things they can not explain or understand. Martine was in possession of knowledge and skills most men at that time do not have: she was literate, she was smart, and she was an empathic healer. She was also a living insul [...]

    22. Falcon's Fire was the first Patricia Ryan book that I had read, but after reading this one, I immediately downloaded everything I could find that was written by her.Falcon's Fire was the story of a landless knight who sought to gain his own land by setting up a marriage of his friend's sister to a wealthy land owner.Naturally, Thorne and Martine fell in love, but there were many difficulties making it downright impossible for them to wed. The telling of the tale was just wonderful. You felt like [...]

    23. Not my favorite book due to the time period. I rarely read historical romances because I don't like the violence found in previous eras. This book was no exception. I don't like the suspense factor. I was too busy wondering who was going to die rather than how the romance would play out. Some of the negative themes included in this book are rape, assault, murder, hanging, witch burning. These things do not go hand-in-hand with romance. On the plus side, I did enjoy the romantic part. It was nice [...]

    24. Patricia Ryan is really good with historical detail in her medieval romances. Martine, the heroine in this book, is a herbalist and knows some healing arts. This proves a problem for her by the end of the book, when she is accused of being a heretic because of mixing potions and has to stand trial at an ecclesiastical court. Thorne, the hero, is a falconer and great fighter. He has been to the Crusades and wants only to have land of his own.What a time that was to live in! Women were pretty much [...]

    25. A romance set in medieval times~ Sir Thorne, in order to earn a parcel of his own land, works his friend, Father Rainulf to arrange a wedding between a nobleson's son and Rainulf's sister, Martine. Martine, after witnessing her mother's death over a jilted love, vows to never love a man. Although Martine does marry Edmond, she and Thorne hold a special bond together. When Edmond's brother keeps interfering in their cold marriage, and Edmond ends up abusing Martine, Thorne gives her protection. W [...]

    26. This was very good. I do get tired of the woman trapping herself voluntarily in a bad marriage. What made this more difficult were the chances the heroine had to not even get betrothed to her psychotic husband. I know I am applying my freedoms of today to a woman who did not have such freedoms but it annoyed me that she had several clear chances to escape the betrothal and eventual marriage but she did not.This put the heroine into the position where she had to completely rely upon the hero to s [...]

    27. Read as part of a Marriage of Convenience Boxset.I was moderately enjoying this despite the author's constant, amateurish POV shifting until [TW: SEXUAL ASSAULT] (view spoiler)[a secondary character randomly rapes the hero and the narrative's only response is to basically go: "Lo, pity her this pathetic trickery, for her life is shit and he shall never want her!" (hide spoiler)]Soooo, I went from moderate enjoyment to feeling sick to my stomach and really upset. WOO!The ever-present danger of re [...]

    28. I really liked this story, and was just going through it again in my mind. Those times were so different and were not valued or treated well at all. Loved Thorne and hated him all at the same time, I don't know if I would have had the same attitude as Martine did. Especially after that seen on the staircase.I liked how it ended but would have loved an epilogue, I am glad that this is only the first book and that the story continues. Want to find out what happens to Martine's brother.Very well wr [...]

    29. I had to put this away a few times and read something else. It had a few triggers for me resulting in nightmares and loss of sleep. It should come with appropriate warnings. It has non consensual sex (some have called it a rape) and graphic spousal abuse. I gave it three stars because it was a good depiction of the era and solidly written, had I had the appropriate warnings I would not have read this one.

    30. Lots of detail, which I love! Romance, old timey medicine, castle life, (view spoiler)[ and witch trials. (hide spoiler)] I'm hoping that the next book fills in some details about the main couples future. The bad guys were way bad. I think most bad characters are more believable if they have some good in them as most people are a little of good and bad. Perhaps if there had been a back story to explain the badies pure evil nature.

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