Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America

Stamped from the Beginning The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America Some Americans cling desperately to the myth that we are living in a post racial society that the election of the first Black president spelled the doom of racism In fact racist thought is alive and

  • Title: Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America
  • Author: Ibram X. Kendi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Some Americans cling desperately to the myth that we are living in a post racial society, that the election of the first Black president spelled the doom of racism In fact, racist thought is alive and well in America sophisticated and insidious than ever And as award winning historian Ibram X Kendi argues in Stamped from the Beginning, if we have any hope ofSome Americans cling desperately to the myth that we are living in a post racial society, that the election of the first Black president spelled the doom of racism In fact, racist thought is alive and well in America sophisticated and insidious than ever And as award winning historian Ibram X Kendi argues in Stamped from the Beginning, if we have any hope of grappling with this stark reality, we must first understand how racist ideas were developed, disseminated, and enshrined in American society.In this deeply researched and fast moving narrative, Kendi chronicles the entire story of anti Black racist ideas and their staggering power over the course of American history Stamped from the Beginning uses the life stories of five major American intellectuals to offer a window into the contentious debates between assimilationists and segregationists and between racists and antiracists From Puritan minister Cotton Mather to Thomas Jefferson, from fiery abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison to brilliant scholar W.E.B Du Bois to legendary anti prison activist Angela Davis, Kendi shows how and why some of our leading proslavery and pro civil rights thinkers have challenged or helped cement racist ideas in America.Contrary to popular conceptions, racist ideas did not arise from ignorance or hatred Instead, they were devised and honed by some of the most brilliant minds of each era These intellectuals used their brilliance to justify and rationalize deeply entrenched discriminatory policies and the nation s racial disparities in everything from wealth to health And while racist ideas are easily produced and easily consumed, they can also be discredited In shedding much needed light on the murky history of racist ideas, Stamped from the Beginning offers us the tools we need to expose them and in the process, gives us reason to hope.WINNER OF THE 2016 NATIONAL BOOK AWARD FOR NONFICTIONTHE MOST AMBITIOUS BOOK OF 2016 The Washington PostA BOSTON GLOBE BEST BOOK OF 2016A WASHINGTON POST NOTABLE BOOK OF 2016A KIRKUS BEST HISTORY BOOK OF 2016A KIRKUS BEST BOOK OF 2016 TO EXPLAIN CURRENT POLITICSA KIRKUS BEST HEARTRENDING NONFICTION BOOK of 2016THE WASHINGTON POST 2016 SUMMER READING LIST ENGROSSING AND RELENTLESS The Washington Post THIS DEFINITIVE HISTORY OF RACIST IDEAS SHOULD BE REQUIRED READING The Root NOVELISTIC FLAIR The Stranger AMBITIOUS, MAGISTERIAL Starred Kirkus Review MUST FOR SERIOUS READERS Library Journal HEAVILY RESEARCHED YET READABLE Booklist WORTH THE TIME OF ANYONE WHO WANTS TO UNDERSTAND RACISM The Seattle Times EVER RELEVANT CONTEXT FOR THE WHITE SUPREMACIST MOMENT The Dallas Morning News A COMPELLING, THOROUGHLY ENLIGTENING, UNSETTLING, AND NECESSARY READ Vox GRACEFUL, ENGAGING PROSE Tampa Bay Times

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      Ibram X. Kendi Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America book, this is one of the most wanted Ibram X. Kendi author readers around the world.

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    1. The insights and understanding shared with us in this dazzling work of erudition and scholarship entirely make up for its enormous length. One wonders how it can be that such a book has not been written to date, the need for such a work obvious from the moment Kendi begins to trace the evolution of America’s history of racist ideas, from the pre-revolutionary settlers and the sermons of Cotton Mather right through Thomas Jefferson, William Lloyd Garrison, W.E.B. DuBois, and Angela Davis. By th [...]

    2. What’s this – 5 stars yet still marked as “to read”? Please explain yourself!I was talking today with a friend of mine who just joined and he raised the question of books which are too difficult to review. These are usually non-fiction books which are so crammed with ideas that to review them properly you would need 5 closely typed pages, and it must be admitted, most GR users will be dozing off by the end of page one, even your dearest GR friends. (I did suggest that he include a gif o [...]

    3. The author posits that there are really 3 sides to the debate of racial disparities existing and persisting. The three sides are segregationists, assimilationists and antiracists. His definition of racism,i.e the adoption of racist ideas is a simple one, and as such you will see some famous people that will surprise you to be labeled as racist at points in their career. W.E.B. DuBois is certainly a name most readers would never associate with being a "racist" during his long illustrious career. [...]

    4. *2016 National Book Award for Non-Fiction*Ibrahm Kendi's work is evident of a great deal of scholarly research. I felt that I had to commit myself to giving it at least the same treatment. Scientist that I am, I found myself leafing through his references, pulling out more morsels of truth. It wasn't enough to pour over the pages of this well written tome. Twenty two pages of outline notes later, I feel as if I still could revisit this work as there is still more intellectual meat to be consumed [...]

    5. Every American should read this book. A true tour de force, an absolute scorched-earth history and reassessment of racism in the United States. I read a lot of American history and I read a lot, talk about a lot, try to learn a lot about the role of racism in American history and the present, and I was absolutely floored by what this book showed me that I did not know and had not considered. Moreover I was impressed with the author's interweaving of issues such as sexism and heterosexism. Very e [...]

    6. This book goes wide (not deep) on a very important topic, and should be required reading for everyone. That phrase gets thrown around a lot when talking about "important books", but I'm seriously for serious here. Kendi has written THE comprehensive book about the history of racism in America, tracing it all the way from its roots in the 16th century through modern day, and he covers it from top to bottom, hitting on every major point you can probably think of along the way. It's an invaluable r [...]

    7. "Stamped from the Beginning" is an ambitious and (necessarily) lengthy history of racist ideas towards black Amercians. Despite its length (over 500 pages), it is a compelling read, brimming over with surprising facts, laser-sharp analysis, and a clear argument.Kendi argues that racist policies are promoted through racist ideas by powerful men who wish to maintain control of their wealth. Discrimination is not caused by ignorance and hate. Racial discrimination leads to racist ideas, which lead [...]

    8. Fooled by racist ideas, I did not fully realize that the only thing wrong with Black people is that we think something is wrong with Black people. I did not fully realize that the only thing extraordinary about White people is that they think something is extraordinary about White peopleIf ever a book deserved the National Book Award

    9. The popular and glorious version of history saying that abolitionists and civil rights activists have steadily educated and persuaded away American racist ideas and policies sounds great. But it has never been the complete story, or even the main story. Politicians passed the civil and voting rights measures in the 1860s and the 1960s primarily out of political and economic self-interest—not an educational or moral awakening. And these laws did not spell the doom of racist policies. The racist [...]

    10. I read this because I am teaching The Fire Next Time. It's one of those books that I find hard to review. I think everyone in America should read it, and if I had a magic wand or the power of the Force, I would make everyone read it. But writing that sounds flippant despite it being true.What Kendi (with the aid of his wife he thanks quite a bit) does is trace the development of Racist ideas in America. He does this in part by challenging the standard definations of some words and terms. This is [...]

    11. Ibram Kendi's Stamped From the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America is a monumental book. It covers over 300 years of racist beliefs about Black people from 1635 to the present day. Kendi tells this history in a smart way by dividing it up into five parts. Each part has a central figure who has expressed through their lifetimes racist, assimilationist and antiracist views (Cotton Mather, Thomas Jefferson, William Lloyd Garrison, W.E.B. DuBois, and Angela Davis). The five [...]

    12. A review in The Guardian: Even abolitionists don’t emerge unscathed from a fearless, brilliant history of racist thinking spanning 500 years

    13. Ibram X. Kendi’s Stamped from the Beginning (2016) is a landmark work that serves the vital purpose of exposing the depth and extent of racist ideas throughout the course of America’s existence. In carrying out this riveting study, Kendi defines the three contentious belief systems relative to the ongoing history of racist ideas. The segregationists believe Blacks possess a biological inferiority. The antiracists understand that Blacks are equal and the same as any group of people. And the a [...]

    14. This book, you all. Please read it. Settle in with it and be challenged. Prepare for the long game with this one - almost 600 pages and not one of them unnecessary in laying out the history of racism in America. I am going to say that this book is hands down the hardest book that I have read. It actually took me 4 separate times of borrowing it from the library to finish it -- partly because there is SO MUCH INFORMATION, most of which was new to me. Even when it was not new, the context and the [...]

    15. This book is phenomenal. It was certainly a challenge for me to read - not only because I am not very familiar with the history covered in the first 3/5 of this book - but because this book unflinchingly covers five-plus centuries of ugly and insidious racist ideas. Racism is not new, but it is not enjoyable seeing how entrenched it is in every aspect of our society, and seeing how racism is replicated in different historical settings. The book reminded me of Audre Lorde's quote: "There are no n [...]

    16. "[] das Einzige was mit schwarzen Menschen nicht stimmt, [ ] ist unser Glaube, dass etwas mit ihnen nicht stimmt." (S.19)Ein tolles Buch, dass die komplette Geschichte des Rassismus in Amerika behandelt, bis zur Wahl von Obama 2008. Auch wenn der Anfang ein bisschen schleppend ist, und man sich als Leser erst mit den verschiedenen rassistischen Theorien vertraut machen muss, wird es doch im Laufe des Buches klarer und man kann Entwicklungen besser nachvollziehen. Was dieses Buch vor allem zeigt, [...]

    17. Everybody should read this book. It is at once heartbreaking, penetrating, and head-bangingly frustrating to read about the persistence of racist ideas in America, from the settlement of Jamestown in 1609 to the backlash against the Black Lives Matter hashtag this morning. Racism is dyed into the warp and weft of our national fabric; we can't pretend it's not there, that we're "post-racial," or that "good people" don't contribute to it. This books says: look. And it is a look we all need to take [...]

    18. History of ideas. Namely, the ideas surrounding race and racism in colonial America to the present. These ideas developed around economic needs of exploitation. Racist ideas developed as a handmaiden to political economy and have served as a justification for convenient economic relations for wealthy slaveowners, factory bosses, politicians and interest groups. There is always a debate on which drives history ideas or material conditions. In the case of racist ideas take second fiddle to economi [...]

    19. So I'm going to refrain from rating this one because I don't know whether to give it 4 or 5 stars. It's obviously brilliant and deserving of the National Book Award. It's also a pretty heavy book and wasn't easy to get through. It was very history-heavy and I was expecting more analysis, but overall it's a powerful book.

    20. This is an essential piece of scholarship. “Stamped from the Beginning” is firstly, as advertised, an extensive excavation of the origins and evolution of [anti-Black] racist ideas in America. But it is also something else: a framework for understanding racist ideas through the murky fog of the present and future. Kendi’s thesis is that there are three primary historical camps in American understandings of / responses to racism: segregationists, assimilationists, and anti-racists. Kendi sh [...]

    21. This is perhaps the most powerful and well-built book I've come across on the subject of xenophobia/racism. Not only is Ibram X. Kendi well versed on the subject, but he presents it in a very unbiased and honest manner. Tracing the history back to the first enslavement of Africans by the Portuguese in the 1400s, Kendi works through nearly 600 years with significant care and detail. He separates the historical figures from the legends and analyzes each by the same criteria: segregationist, assimi [...]

    22. Stamped from the Beginning could just as accurately have been titled with the word Rigged substituted for Stamped. A line from the author's epilogue offers a succinct summary on page 503: The history of racist ideas tells us what strategies antiracists should stop using. SftB chronicles not just the development of racist ideas, but the ongoing failure of the three oldest and most popular strategies Americans have used to root out these ideas: self-sacrifice, uplift suasion, and educational persu [...]

    23. Full review coming, but here's the SparkNotes version: Holy crap is this book good. It deserved the National Book Award. I'm white, and at times I found myself mad at the book, where Kendi conflates everything Afro-Centric with anti-racist despite the fact that some Afro-Centrists can be decidedly anti-Euro. And I think that we all need to create MLK's world together. Black, white, brown: Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, etc. Kendi denigrates portions of my vision, calling it "integra [...]

    24. This book examines the root causes of racism and how racism was and is propagated in the United States. It does this by highlighting five prominent Americans and exploring the context of racism in the times of those historical figures. Something that I was surprised by is that some of the historical figures that we often consider to be heroes in the fight against racism were not perfect. The author points out the complexities of their thoughts and how their thoughts were shaped by the historical [...]

    25. Though it ends somewhat abruptly, Stamped From The Beginning is an incredibly well written and well framed explanation of how racism has shaped and formed nearly every aspect of modern society. I definitely rec reading it.

    26. A masterly first two-thirds gives way to a relatively limp final stretch. Kendi, so skilled at picking apart the intellectual contradictions of historical figures, is on slippier ground when assessing his own heroes. Still, this book is an essential argument for the indelibility of racism in American thought and a primer for anti racist thinking. One more quibble: Kendi is too harsh on the NAACP, dismissing them as self-regarding Black elites who preferred making fancy arguments in fancy courtro [...]

    27. Whew, that was quite a book. “A Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America”, a history of ideas and necessarily a history of people as they lived for or fought against those ideas. Kendi's title comes from a speech given to Congress in 1860 by Jefferson Davis where he justifies slavery because that is the way it has always been. But he may also be a nod to the idea that racist ideas were stamped from the beginning of our country.It is divided into 5 sections using iconic Americans as a ro [...]

    28. From the curse theory to Black Lives Matter, the author takes you on a gut-wrenching, eye-opening, sad, but true, saga of America's original sinRacism. By categorizing the types of thoughts around racism with three distinct categories, you are able to follow along (what must have been an enormous amount of research) in 511 pages. Maybe the 511 number means something? If it doesn't, this book will always mean something to me. I am a Mexican-American male. I am an anti-racist. Black Lives matter t [...]

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