Hero of Lesser Causes

Hero of Lesser Causes World War II has just been won and everything seems possible to young Keely Connor She sees herself as a hero on a white charger able to conquer the world even though in reality her charger is Lola

  • Title: Hero of Lesser Causes
  • Author: Julie Johnston
  • ISBN: 9780887766497
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Paperback
  • World War II has just been won, and everything seems possible to young Keely Connor She sees herself as a hero on a white charger, able to conquer the world, even though in reality her charger is Lola, the placid horse that lives in the field behind her house One fateful summer day her brother Patrick is stricken with polio Here is an enemy Keely cannot conquer With alWorld War II has just been won, and everything seems possible to young Keely Connor She sees herself as a hero on a white charger, able to conquer the world, even though in reality her charger is Lola, the placid horse that lives in the field behind her house One fateful summer day her brother Patrick is stricken with polio Here is an enemy Keely cannot conquer With all the will in the world, she cannot pass on to Patrick her zest or her energy or her own good health Keely s battle to save Patrick has become one of the classics of Canadian children s literature and, in translations, around the world This beautifully redesigned edition will capture the hearts of a whole new generation of readers.

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    • Unlimited [Contemporary Book] ↠ Hero of Lesser Causes - by Julie Johnston ✓
      301 Julie Johnston
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    1. Julie Johnston

      Julie Johnston grew up in a small town in eastern Ontario, then went to the University of Toronto to study physio and occupational therapy After university she and her husband, whom she met while in Toronto, worked for over a year at the Ontario Hospital School for physically and mentally handicapped children in Smith Falls, then travelled for four months in Europe, moved to Kingston, then Toronto and, finally, settled in Peterborough where she raised four daughters Over the years, she published many short stories in several magazines, but not until an encouraging interview with a writer in residence at Trent University, did she begin work on a novel Hero of Lesser Causes was completed the first time in 1986 After many re writes and several publishing delays, it was published to great acclaim in 1992, winning the Governor General s Literary Award Children s Literature for English text that year Julie Johnston s second novel, Adam and Eve and Pinch Me, was also honoured with the Governor General s Literary Award, making her the first author to win the award for both her first and second books.Awards1992 Governor General s Literary Award Children s Literature for best English text for Hero of Lesser Causes.1993 National Chapter of Canada IODE Violet Downey Book Award for Hero of Lesser Causes.1994 Governor General s Literary Award Children s Literature for best English text for Adam and Eve and Pinch Me.1995 Ruth Schwartz Children s Book Award Young Adult Middle Reader Category for Adam and Eve and Pinch Me.1995 Young Adult Canadian Book Award Canadian Library Association for Adam and Eve and Pinch Me.

    421 thoughts on “Hero of Lesser Causes”

    1. I'm a sucker for anything witty and this book is none of an exception. Full of sentences to quote, indeed. Not those pretty words but those honest, effortless reflexes came out from a middle-schooler. I adore how the author developed her characters and the way the characters brought the story--so damn believable. I could say that I fell for her writing instead of her story. It's like, "I keep reading no matter what you write because I love the way you write and that's all that counts." Inspite o [...]

    2. This book is set in the late 1940s. Keely Connor dreams of riding the horse who lives in the field behind her house. Patrick, her brother, is stricken with polio, is paralyzed and loses the will to live.Keely tries her best to transfer her energy, health and zeal for life to her brother. A great young adult book about the hero in all of us.

    3. وقتی هشت سالم بود این کتابو داداشم بهم هدیه داد و صفحه‌ی اولش یه حکایت از گلستان در مورد این‌که هنرمند اگر از دولت بیفتد غم ندارد که هنر در نفس خود دولت است، هرجا که رود قدر ببیند و در صدر نشیند.

    4. دوباره دارم میخونمش!دوباره دارم لذت میبرم همدم خوبیه برام سر کلاس باکتری و اندیشه. خط به خطش منو یاد اون روزا میندازه .اینم میبرم واسشون!میخوام بشن قهرمان آرمان هاشون

    5. Buku ini menceritakan kedekatan dua saudara yang menyukai tantangan yang terkadang sangat sulit. Namun karena kesamaan tersebut keduanya sangat dekat walaupun terkadang mereka berbeda pendapat.Masalah muncul ketika Patrick, sang kakak, mengalami sakit polio, menjadikan dia sosok anak laki-laki yang lumpuh. Patrick menghabiskan waktunya di kamarnya dan menjadi pendiam serta selalu berpemikiran dia itu tidak berguna dan ingin mati saja.Namun, Patrick beruntung dikelilingi orang-orang yang menyayan [...]

    6. Keely, bagi saya buku ini menginspirasi. Memberikan teladan dan pelajaran bahwa kita harus selalu berusaha dan bertahan. Keely adalah buku tentang hubungan kakak adik (Patrick dan Keely), keluarga, persahabatan, dan dukungan dari seorang perawat.Patrick terkena polio dan Keely selalu ingin menjadikan Patrick seperti dirinya yang dulu sebelum penyakit itu menyerangnya. Kehadiran Alex dan Peggy (perawat Patrick) membuat Keely mencapai keinginannya.Buku ini juga menggambarkan bahwa dukungan keluarg [...]

    7. Suka sekali dan sangat menikmati penggambaran keadaan di novel ini. Nyata banget. Kayak nonton film.Di saat saya dikelilingi teman yang mempunyai teenlit percintaan, saya beli ini. Dan saya tidak menyesal. Hubungan kakak-adik itu lebih kuat dari sekadar sama gebetan. Terutama kepada saya, yang punya adik cowok berasa kembaran.Deskripsinya menyentuh, alurnya rapi, SETTINGNYA JUARA. Nggak nyangka banget saya juga, bisa nikmati latar jadul kayak gitu. Ini novel dengan waktu lampau yang saya suka se [...]

    8. I keep forgetting this book is only set in the 40's, not written then, because that's how completely the author submerges you. Noteworthy children's story, especially considering it features polio, which is not the easiest thing to work into a kid's book. Bonus: horses. It was mostly the horse on the cover that drew me in, to be honest, although I cannot seem to find a picture of the exact edition I read, which I believe was pure illustration rather than including any photographs.

    9. wow really good reminded me of a more modern reality based version of the secret gardeni wish there the ending was a bit more revealing of Patrick's fate but i guess thats teh realism of it all - he didnt become completely healed like collin in secret garden.ywho good book!

    10. This is a good book that I remember reading several times. I'm kind of pissed at the cover though, the version I have has a really horrible horrible cover that makes the book look little-kiddy and cheesy. But it's not.

    11. HERO OF LESSER CAUSES was a great book. Keely and her Brother Patrick are as close as Siamese cats. I learned more about polio and things about it. I loved how all characters were all different and had different personalities. I truly recommend reading this novel.

    12. pretty good-about a girl whos brother gets polio and is paralyzed and loses his will to live-and how she helps him

    13. Loved it. thank you Dorothy for your confusion. I had to interlibrary loan it because MCL only has one of her books. Love the way she puts a little magic in her realism.

    14. I think this is one of different teenlit. Story about bonding between brother and sister. The setting is 1946 (too old for teenlit, heh? :D)

    15. Delightful story: family coming to grips with the devistations of a disease the modern world is not familiar with anymore, and what it means to be a hero.

    16. تو نوجوانی خوندمش. اگه بخوام به چیزی که ازش یادم مونده ستاره بدم، 5 ستاره ای ه. ولی مشتاقم دوباره بخونمش. البته اگه بتونم پیداش کنم :)

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