Eyes Like Those

Eyes Like Those When it comes to love no one is in charge Isabel Chase is reeling She s just been offered her dream job as a staff writer on one of the hottest shows on television and quickly trades in the comfort o

  • Title: Eyes Like Those
  • Author: Melissa Brayden Melissa Sternenberg
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • When it comes to love, no one is in charge Isabel Chase is reeling She s just been offered her dream job as a staff writer on one of the hottest shows on television and quickly trades in the comfort of New England for sun, sand, and everything Hollywood While stoked for what could be her big break, the show s stunning executive producer has her head spinning and her feeWhen it comes to love, no one is in charge Isabel Chase is reeling She s just been offered her dream job as a staff writer on one of the hottest shows on television and quickly trades in the comfort of New England for sun, sand, and everything Hollywood While stoked for what could be her big break, the show s stunning executive producer has her head spinning and her feelings swirling Taylor Andrews is at the top of her career Everything she touches turns to gold and the studios know it Just when she s on track for total television domination, Isabel Chase arrives in her office and slowly turns her world upside down Isabel is intelligent, sarcastic, and dammit, downright beautiful Unfortunately, she s the one person that can take away all Taylor has worked for Will Isabel s success lead to Taylor s downfall Or perhaps Isabel is all she needs Length 9 hrs and 9 mins

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    1. Melissa Brayden Melissa Sternenberg

      Melissa Brayden is the multi award winning author of nine lesbian romance novels and is hard at work on She is a wine enthusiast, a fan of all donuts, and is probably staring off into space as you re reading this.

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    1. If you are a Brayden fan, get this, don't hesitate! If you haven't read Brayden before, well you might as well start now. When a new Brayden book comes out, I have to drop everything and read it. I can count the number of authors I do this with, on one hand. While I read a lot of pure romances, to be perfectly honest, it is not my favorite genre. I much prefer my romance to go with a mystery, or in space, or with dragons. But if every pure romance book was written with the same quality of a Bray [...]

    2. This book is the first of a lesbian romance series featuring a group of friends living in an apartment complex. Sounds familiar? I thought so too. :) The author's SoHo Loft series is so popular and so well-loved it's impossible not to think like this isn't just the West Coast version of it. That was how I felt going into the book. But you know what, it never felt like a rehash or a repeat at all, ever. While the basic premise is the same, the characters, the situations they're in, the dialogue, [...]

    3. 'Netgalley ARC provided by the Publisher in exchange for my unbiased review'4.5 stars!Bestselling author M.Brayden returns with her most ambitious book to date,a spellbinding novel of psychological romance,friendships,a love story,set in the glamorous, wealthy world of Hollywood:-- a fluffy imaginative and atmospheric tale of revenge and betrayal,behind the cameras scandals,presumed guilt and innocence,mean girl persona reminiscent of her past writings/series. Written with masterful precision an [...]

    4. I'VE FOUND IT. My FAVORITE Melissa Brayden book. Excuse me while I play my own victory music and I'm not saying that it's Cardi B but it's probably Cardi B.This story had exaaaaaacccctlllyyyyy what I've been looking for. Romance, intense chemistry, hot femme-y leads, a light mood, an interesting setting. Plus, the behind-the-scenes look into the TV world was the extra bit that set off my love meter. In fact, I may enjoy this group of friends more than the Savvy team--that's coming from a fellow [...]

    5. “Eyes Like Those” is one of my favorite Melissa Brayden books, and Melissa Sternenberg’s fantastic narration makes this a joy to listen to.The Seven Shores complex reminds me of Maggie Cummings’ Bay West Social book series, but Seven Shores has much less angst. Melissa has created a cast of very likable characters who have very fun interactions with great banter, much like her own Soho Loft series…and again, Seven Shores is more lighthearted, featuring much less angst.As a matter of fa [...]

    6. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review.A young woman, relatively speaking, of roughly 28-29 years of age dejectedly returns home from work. Ex-work. She’s been fired, yet again. Over fennel. She’s, obviously enough, quite sad. She explains her sadness to Fat Tony, who is her uncle and a gangster. He whacks everyone at the restaurant. The end.Wait, sorry, Fat Tony is Isabel’s grumpy cat. Not a mobster. So, instead of ‘killing’ everyone [...]

    7. I have a handful of favorite authors who I will read anything they write. What is glaringly apparent to me and my biased little heart is nothing, nothing, comes close to a Melissa Brayden book. (Well, there is one other writer, but we will leave her nameless for dramatic effect). How is she this good? Each book captivates me, her characters, their dialogue, it gets me every single time in the best possible way. I mean really, how is the dialogue so good? It just reads so well! I would give up co [...]

    8. Reading a romance novel done to perfection is as enjoyable as savouring a glass of red wine and nibbling on dark chocolate after a rough week at work. Or that first rich cup of coffee you’ve been jonesing for and didn’t even realize. Melissa Brayden is a master of the craft. She understands the formula which has been used effectively in mainstream romance trilogies and quartets for decades. It is a tried and true formula that works. It’s all about relationships and the feels you get when y [...]

    9. Didn't like it. And for sure I'm in the minority.The *entire* time I waited for the shoe to drop. And I'll give her credit it didn't happen till you've spent 80% of the book in hopes things are going to work out. But here's the kicker. It seems *everyone* out there loves it when people break up.I mean if you look at the reviews on the romance genre, everyone and I do mean everyone, craves angst drama and break ups, bad feels, and people feeling miserable. It's astonishing to me. And the fact tha [...]

    10. An easy 5 stars.Another winner by Brayden for me. Like Taylor Andrews in tge book everything she touches is golden.

    11. Disclaimer: I'm a fan of Melissa Brayden, she's at the top of my favourite lesfic authors (see lezreviewbooks.wordpress/). Whenever her books are published, I automatically put it at the top of my to-read list. So I might not be completely neutral in my review but who is it anyway? Ms. Brayden introduces with Eyes like those, a new book series called Seven shores. But this time instead of New York (as in the Soho loft series), the setting is California. The author trades an advertising agency fo [...]

    12. A good friend told me to read this as I was in a bit of a mediocre funk of lesbian fiction. OMG, she was so right. I cannot praise Breydon enough. This book was excellent .The two main characters Izzy and Taylor are really likable. Both had great chemistry and some of the dialogue had me in stitches. Izzy being really sarcastic, but she really only told the truth. Izzy's group of friends who she meets when she moves to L.A. are a great addition to the story line. They contribute to the script al [...]

    13. Does anyone still review Melissa Brayden books without saying something along the lines of "she did it again"? 'Cause she did it again. I was somewhat disappointed by the last book she published so the start of this new series has me pretty excited. This is going to be a weird review because I have a lot of feelings but the short version is I loved this book even though nothing about it surprised me a whole lot.This is typical Brayden, meaning if you've loved her books before, you'll probably li [...]

    14. I’m Classic Melissa Brayden! I think no matter what she wrote it will be a hit. The story, characters, the timing. She's the safest author I could recommend to anyone.New series from her and I'm hooked! Seven shores is kind of like the Soho series.Taylor and Izzy are like Brooklyn and Jessica. Talking about work versus love.If you're looking for something light, sweet and a page turner you have to get this one, you'll never go wrong totally worth every penny. It also involves a crazy ex.I'm st [...]

    15. Book Club Buddy D. and I were ready for a bit of Melissa Brayden. This new Seven Shores series is off to a promising start and no doubt will be as successful as the Soho Loft series. The author has found her strength and would be stupid not to stay on that path.The book is your typical light-hearted romance novel. Isabel Chase gets a dream job in Hollywood writing for a very successful show. She catches the eye of her boss, hot shot tv producer Taylor Andrews. And… we’re off. Brayden does no [...]

    16. I was expecting of Ice Queen Reputation here but a big NO. Im not dissappointed though I actually enjoy the story This book sent a message that Team Work is very important in everyday lifeThis kind of storyline between two smart and funny writers are amazing. The knowledge about writing and building a strong characters in a series or any books is interesting and intriguing that you want to know more.Iz's neighbors slash friends are so great I like the blend. My favorite is Hadley she was so cute [...]

    17. Melissa Brayden knocks it out of the park once again with this fantastic and beautifully written novel. Brayden is one of my all time favourite Lesbian fiction authors and Eyes Like Those has been on my must read list for quite some time so when it finally arrived on my kindle I was more than a little excited and dropped everything to dive right in.The novel begins with Isabel Chase getting a job, as a writer on a hit tv show in L.A. This is finally her big break and she doesn’t want to mess [...]

    18. Do Melissa Brayden's books really need a review? Her books are always good, but when they are part of a series of romances that revolve around a group of friends in an apartment complex - they enter into the 'great' territory. I"m not going too much into the details of the story. The story starts with Isabelle, an up-and-coming writer on a TV show who suffers from panic attacks. I love the little quips that Izzy made, which are a hallmark of Brayden's work. I wish her anxiety issues were a bit m [...]

    19. If you love Soho love series this is your book. Melissa Brayden is amazing with dialogues and with the characters' chemistry to fall in love.

    20. Eyes Like Those has a great balance of fun, funny, and sweet alongside the perfect amount of angst and serious issues. I also didn’t foresee the crisis point at all, which is REALLY nice and unusual for a romance. Melissa Brayden is going from strength to strength with each book and I couldn’t be more excited.Full review (The Lesbian Review): thelesbianreview/eyes-Full review (Curve Magazine): curvemag/Reviews/Eyes-

    21. So I am disagreeing with a lot of my friends here-this was just ok for me. I LOVE Brayden-some of my favorite books are by her-The Soho Loft series, Waiting in the wings. I've reread a couple of those books more than once. But The last couple of her books, while enjoyable, were not to the standard of her older workIMHO.I don't mind the "formula". Melissa Brayden seems to have such a vast imagination she has no problem making each book fresh. I loved the friends all living in Seven Shores and I [...]

    22. I’m a huge fan of romances and Melissa Brayden is one of the best authors in this department. With this book she starts a new series, the Seven Shores series, set in sunny California. And I love series. This author is fantastic in creating not only great characters for the main couple, she’s extremely good in creating whole groups of persons surrounding them. The series starts with Isabel Chase, who wants nothing more then to write for a film or television company. But she hasn’t get the c [...]

    23. The copy provided by NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books Inc. in exchange for an honest review.Every time a new book by Melissa Brayden comes out, it makes me think I'm so biased when it comes to her. But, I'd like to give myself a bit more credit, based on more than 15 years experience intense reading lesbian romance fiction. No book or author makes me biased unless it's damn stellar! What makes me wonder is how does she do it, every single time? Since her first book, Melissa's only way was up, an [...]

    24. Detailed score: 3.5 rounded upThis is the closest I've come to ever giving a Brayden book 3 stars.I don't know if I'm still in mourning for our friends in the SoHo Loft series buuuut I really didn't feel this new group.I also felt like Brayden fell into the tell not show trap that she usually avoids so deftly. I know this was probably because she was trying to establish so many new characters so quickly but at times it almost felt like the characters were holding up signs saying 'hi! I'm x and I [...]

    25. Great read. Like all of Melissa Brayden's books I get sucked into the story and the characters. I feel it's a great opener for a new series and I'm excited to read about the other singletons, I think Gia's could be spicy :)

    26. I have to admit I am very excited to have a new Brayden series to look forward to. As always Brayden has provided a fantastic read. I loved her Soho series, and listen to it on audiobook often. I have read everything written by Brayden and her novels always entertain and are worth the read. Her books are always well written and full of romance. This book is similar to the Soho series as it revolves around a group of friends, who hopefully will all find love. The biggest difference is the setting [...]

    27. This book is the first in a new series titled Seven Shores. It tells the story of Isabel Chase and Taylor Andrews. Isabel is the new staff writer on Taylor's TV show. You can almost feel chemistry between the two characters and after the first few chapters you want to be friends with them. Melissa Brayden is that good!The secondary characters are very likable as well. We're also introduced to Gia, Hadley and Autumn in a similar group dynamic as in the author's Soho series. I'm looking forward to [...]

    28. ARC received via NetGalley in return for an honest review. Melissa Brayden writes good books that are peppered with interesting characters, witty dialogue, and sweet romances. This book has all of those things, but for some reason, it just didn't hit the sweet spot for me. I don't know if it was just this book, or that I've never noticed it before, but all of her characters here sounded the same for the most part. There was also so much witty banter that I grew tired of it. I also noticed that s [...]

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