Men in Dark Times

Men in Dark Times Essays on Karl Jaspers Rosa Luxemburg Pope John XXIII Isak Dinesen Bertolt Brecht Randall Jarrell and others whose lives and work illuminated the early part of the century

  • Title: Men in Dark Times
  • Author: Hannah Arendt
  • ISBN: 9780156588904
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback
  • Essays on Karl Jaspers, Rosa Luxemburg, Pope John XXIII, Isak Dinesen, Bertolt Brecht, Randall Jarrell, and others whose lives and work illuminated the early part of the century.

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    About "Hannah Arendt"

    1. Hannah Arendt

      Hannah Arendt 1906 1975 was one of the most influential political philosophers of the twentieth century Born into a German Jewish family, she was forced to leave Germany in 1933 and lived in Paris for the next eight years, working for a number of Jewish refugee organisations In 1941 she immigrated to the United States and soon became part of a lively intellectual circle in New York She held a number of academic positions at various American universities until her death in 1975 She is best known for two works that had a major impact both within and outside the academic community The first, The Origins of Totalitarianism, published in 1951, was a study of the Nazi and Stalinist regimes that generated a wide ranging debate on the nature and historical antecedents of the totalitarian phenomenon The second, The Human Condition, published in 1958, was an original philosophical study that investigated the fundamental categories of the vita activa labor, work, action In addition to these two important works, Arendt published a number of influential essays on topics such as the nature of revolution, freedom, authority, tradition and the modern age At the time of her death in 1975, she had completed the first two volumes of her last major philosophical work, The Life of the Mind, which examined the three fundamental faculties of the vita contemplativa thinking, willing, judging.

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    1. We humanize what is going on in the world and in ourselves only by speaking of it, and in the course of speaking of it we learn to be human.This was a splendid book to tackle on a holiday. I had read the section on Walter Benjamin before and it was a treat t confront it again. The sections on Rosa Luxemburg and Bertolt Brecht were my favorites, though the piece on the poet Randall Jarrell was unexpectedly moving. Each of these portraits illuminate or fuel Arendt's notion of the public; the limit [...]

    2. کتاب حاضر، مجموعه ای از مدایح انتقادی آرنت از انسانهایی است که در عصر ظلمت، یعنی هنگامی که تحت فشار قدرت (که امری غیرسیاسی است)، «ارتباط» در «سپهر عمومی» به ابتذال کشیده شده، تلاش کرده اند به گونه ای زندگی کنند که اصول آنها (یعنی ارتباط سالم انسانی)، قوانین حاکم بر زندگی جمعی ا [...]

    3. É bom ter por perto alguém que trata do seu objeto de estudo com seriedade e respeito; não só ao objeto, mas ao mundo como um todo. Sempre agradável estar perto de Hannah Arendt.

    4. Esse livro é uma reunião de textos escritos por Arendt na década de 1960 sobre algumas personalidades significativas do século XX, nos quais a filósofa se aproxima de alguns dos temas mais importantes do seu pensamento, como a vida pública, a via revolucionária, e a amizade. Por serem textos de um período tardio, eles são capazes de condensar, pelo prisma das vidas de figuras como Rosa Luxemburgo e Isak Dinesen, as ideias fulgurantes da autora e as experiências decisivas de uma época. [...]

    5. I'm not one for abstract and theoretical philosophizing, which takes up a good portion of this book. (In fact I skipped the second half of the Broch essay for that reason.) But in the essays which Arendt roots in discussion of literature and authors' lives--Brecht, Dinesen, Randall Jarrell--the book is quite interesting.

    6. I look to Hannah Arendt for moral bearings, and this is one of her most accessible books, biographical essays of Rosa Luxemburg, Berthold Brecht, Walter Benjamin, Isak Dinesen, among others.

    7. EL EJE HISTÓRICOKarl Jaspers hizo el gran descubrimiento histórico que se convirtió en la piedra angular de su filosofía de la historia, su origen y su objetivo. La noción bíblica de que todos los hombres descienden de Adán y comparten el mismo origen y de que todos viajan hacia el mismo objetivo de la salvación y el juicio final está más allá de todo conocimiento y de toda prueba. La filosofía cristiana de la historia, desde Agustín hasta Hegel, vio en la aparición de Cristo el mo [...]

    8. Demorei tempo demais pra ler, o que costuma me fazer perder o ritmo, obviamente, e o interesse. Tirando isso, e analisando friamente, é um livro muito bom, mas não tão bom quanto eu imaginava, principalmente pelo fato da Hannah colocar juízo de valor demais no meio do texto.Eu gosto do tom de intimidade e pessoalidade que ela dá ao livro, mas algumas vezes me pareceu demais. As rasgações de seda constantes também me irritaram, mas ela é tão brilhante que não consigo me chatear por con [...]

    9. This collection of profiles, many of which originally appeared in "The New York Review of Books" or "The New Yorker," conveys an unrelenting enthusiasm that's quite contagious, whether the subject is a poet (Randall Jarrell), a pope (John XXIII) or one of many philosophers (Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Jaspers). Arendt's well-considered musings reignited my interest in Isak Dinesen and Bertolt Brecht and spawned a newfound curiosity about Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. If the pieces on Walter Benjamin and He [...]

    10. A series of essays about Arendt's friends. More insight into Arendt, what she admired in people, what she respected about people. Beginning with Rosa Luxembourg, Arendt's mother's favorite, she moves on to other "friends" in her life, Jaspers, Benjamin, Brecht. Good book will refer to it as I read more of Benjamin and Brecht.

    11. Essays on Karl Jaspers, Rosa Luxemburg, Isak Dinesen, Bertolt Brecht and others whose lives and work address action in dark times.

    12. Arendt is always a gem to read. Definitely the first essay is the best. The next couple are worthy too, it does decline after that but insightful always.

    13. انسان هایی که هر کدام به تنهایی در عصر ظلمت زندگی کردند اما با جان کندن نگذاشتند فکرشان توسط حزب، ایدئولوژی، جهان بینی یا سازمان مذهبی منحرف شود.

    14. It is difficult to write a good review of a collection of articles and essays which do not have a common theme, some of which, frankly, are pieces written for specific occasions which may well have otherwise not found Arendt's close attention. But the quality of the writing and the interest of the content of most of the essays in this book are generally so high that I feel I must draw this book to your attention.Hannah Arendt (1906-1975), originally trained as a philosopher by no less than Marti [...]

    15. this is a book about Arendt's favorite writers/poets/intellectuals such as Karl Jaspers, Rosa Luxemburg, Isak Dinesen, Hermann Broch, etc

    16. "Nessuna filosofia, nessuna analisi, nessun aforisma, per quanto profondo, può avere un’intensità e una pienezza di senso paragonabili a quelle di una storia ben raccontata." (p. 79)

    17. Comecei a ler este livro por indicação da minha orientadora. Dito isso, este livro não foi feito para ser um livro, mas é uma compilação de textos de Hanna Arendt, que abordam pessoas que viveram e se destacaram no período entre guerras e durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial, grande parte deles alemã ou judia, assim como Arendt. Uma das grandes pensadoras dos nossos tempos, Arendt tinha Rosa de Luxemburgo como uma figura mítica, uma vez que sua mãe era uma entusiasta da República de Weima [...]

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