Waiting: The True Confessions of a Waitress

Waiting The True Confessions of a Waitress A veteran waitress dishes up a spicy and robust account of life as it really exists behind kitchen doors Part memoir part social commentary part guide to how to behave when dining out Debra Ginsber

  • Title: Waiting: The True Confessions of a Waitress
  • Author: Debra Ginsberg
  • ISBN: 9780060932817
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback
  • A veteran waitress dishes up a spicy and robust account of life as it really exists behind kitchen doors.Part memoir, part social commentary, part guide to how to behave when dining out, Debra Ginsberg s book takes readers on her twentyyear journey as a waitress at a soap operatic Italian restaurant, an exclusive five star dining club, the dingiest of diners, and WhiA veteran waitress dishes up a spicy and robust account of life as it really exists behind kitchen doors.Part memoir, part social commentary, part guide to how to behave when dining out, Debra Ginsberg s book takes readers on her twentyyear journey as a waitress at a soap operatic Italian restaurant, an exclusive five star dining club, the dingiest of diners, and While chronicling her evolution as a writer, Ginsberg takes a behind the scenes look at restaurant life revealing that yes, when pushed, a server will spit in food, and, no, that s not really decaf you re getting and how most people in this business are in a constant state of waiting to do something else.

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    1. Debra Ginsberg

      Debra M Ginsberg is a London born, American author She is the author of three memoirs as well as two novels Her first memoir Waiting The True Confessions of a Waitress was published by HarperCollins Publishers in 2000, followed by Raising Blaze A Mother and Son s Long, Strange Journey Into Autism, which chronicled her longtime struggle to get her son the education he was entitled to.Find Debra on Facebook Twitter DebraMGinsbergFollow Debra on Twitter Facebook DebraGinsbergWriter

    270 thoughts on “Waiting: The True Confessions of a Waitress”

    1. Simply, utterly, brilliant.Anyone who's worked in any kind of customer service industry will read this book and nod your head along with it. Anyone who's been a customer will read it and come away with an appreciation for what people in the customer service industry do.Ginsberg is not only an excellent writer with clever, dry wit, but she's got some genuinely funny stories to tell. She paints the pictures of her colleagues and places of employment vividly, until you feel utterly immersed in her [...]

    2. This wasn't nearly as fun as I had hoped. While funny at times to anyone who has waited tables, this memoir read more as a justification of an aging Reedie as to why, despite her quasi-Ivy League Liberal Arts education, she as yet to do anything worthwhile with her life. Rather than amusing antedotes, we are treated to sophmoronic attempts to intellectualize a profession in which on is paid to set a plate on a table. She fails to bring any commonality of the human experiece her memoir and, in fa [...]

    3. WAITING is more than the chronicle some other reviewers make it out to be; more than a mere narrative of twenty years spent waiting tables. It's a coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of the restaurant business, from the perspective of the floor, of the people who come into direct contact with restaurant patrons. In keeping with the backdrop, it does contain anecdotes about the business, insights into the personalities who bring food to the table, and even tips on how to be a better cust [...]

    4. This book came at a point in my life when I wanted to justify what I did for a living. I never really enjoyed waiting tables and don't I think the author does either but she made vaild points about the business. It is grueling work, practically running all day on your feet, the organizational skills required, the psychology of every customer (and their personality profile), and how ultimately no one is ever just a waitress or a cook, or a manager owner, everyone gets into the business for some r [...]

    5. While getting her BA in English, Debra Ginsberg supported herself as a waitress. She gives a glimpse into the the viewpoint of the server and what goes on in the kitchen. Sometimes funny, sometimes horrifying, it is definitely a memoir to be read for most all of us have been on the serving side and/or the dining side of the restaurant business. Ginsberg, while supporting her son as a single mom as a waitress in everything from diners to the upscale side of the dining experience, went on to becom [...]

    6. My true philistinism is revealed when I am forced to admit that I enjoyed this book far more than the high-culture book of the same name, by Ha Jin. This book was a lively and entertaining read - Ha Jin's "Waiting" seemed to me to be a fairly dull book, about relatively pedestrian characters, which owed much of its success to the perceived 'exoticism' (and trendiness, at the time of its publication) of its setting. A book which was anointed as being important and worthy of attention, but which I [...]

    7. Not everyone's life is interesting enough for a book, in my humble opinion.Maybe I was expecting more juicy stories about customers and restaurants, but it's really just about her life which is pretty ordinary.

    8. Memoir of a waitress incredibly boring.I thought I would laugh my way though this book, reading tales of crazy customers, instead it was a yawner that took me forever to read.

    9. Waiting is the memoir of a long-time waitress, part tell-all of the unseen side of restaurants (from simple up to fancy), part personal memoir. If you like getting perspectives of the unknown, hidden side of everyday professions, it's worth reading.The book starts off in Ginsberg's youth, telling of her early family situation and how she first got into waiting. As the story progresses, the author tells the parallel tales of a series of restaurants she worked at, and her growing through relations [...]

    10. Very quick, easy read. Less than a day in fact Having been in the food industry as both an employee and an owner for most of my life. And having been a server of some sort or another for 20 years, like the author of this book, I was interested to see what more I could learn.While I very much enjoyed the walk down my own memory lane through the stories contained in Ms. Ginsberg's memoir, I was not very impressed by the lack of a moral to the story. As a hero's journey this was an incomplete.Since [...]

    11. The author, a Reed grad who’s been waiting tables for 20 years (“and I’m still waiting,” she adds), describes the life of a waitress in general, the trials and tribulations of wait staff at various restaurants, and the public perception of waitresses. It’s also a memoir of her own life, which is of course less interesting.Ginsberg has a good eye for the amusing story, and she relates her customers’ foibles as wryly as she exposes what can happen behind the scenes of every dining esta [...]

    12. I really wanted to like this book. I wanted to read about inside info. and details about waitressing. I was hoping to get a behind the scenes understanding of waitressing life. The book is sort of autobiographical as it relates to the author's work life in the food service industry. The problem is simply that it's just not that interesting. I didn’t feel like I really learned anything new or helpful as it relates to my personal experiences in restaurants. I kept expecting to learn some excitin [...]

    13. Debra Ginsberg’s “Waiting- True Confessions of a Waitress” is a memoir about the life she made for herself out of waiting tables for over 20 years. As a teenager, serving tables was simply a way to gain independence from her parents, then as she got older, merely a way to put herself through college, and finally, as a way to make ends meet as a single mother.Debra Ginsberg inspired me and taught me that instead of cowering from the ugly, nasty and unfortunate, to face it, embrace it and wr [...]

    14. This book has been on my shelf forever. I'm glad I finally got around to it. This was a fun reada memoir by a waitress "lifer" (a woman who has been waitressing well past her college years). Ginsberg is a skilled writer and her stories are alternately amusing and frightening. Anyone who spent time as a server will relate to the lecherous customers, the soap opera romances and the unpredictable hierarchy of the restaurant staff. Ginsberg was a single mother and her stories of survival are both up [...]

    15. Anyone who has waited tables knows how your life can be enveloped by the restaurant. Long days and nights spent turning tables, coworkers who become like family, the soap operas that play around you with a live cast, the late night drinks and parties and the tips that make or break you. Ginsberg's book is a little more autobiographical than I cared for, though. I would suggest this to anyone waiting for the first time - most of the scenarios you're likely to run in to are in here. And Ginsberg i [...]

    16. I have never waited tables, but am quite the foodie, so love eating in restaurants and always wondered what goes on behind the scenes! This book is part expose, part memoir of a woman who has worked in tons of different restaurants over 20 years. Really liked it, and loved her tips on how NOT to be an a-hole as a restaurant patron and get spit free food!

    17. Picked up this book expecting to give it 3 stars - another interesting (but not earth shattering) book about life in a restaurant. Unfortunately, it failed to meet expectations. It started off well enough. Indeed the first 100 pages basically read themselves! It did require the usual suspension of moral judgement that other restaurant books require. Actions and lives in this environment are judged by how interesting (or not) they are. A good story is a good story - especially if it involves huma [...]

    18. It's tough to have an objective POV on the food/service industry having worked it myself for many years. I mostly worked in a kitchen, but I recognize a lot of her experiences with both customers and fellow staff. Her experiences in Bracia, though, were, uhm, not what I personally experienced. I worked at a 'family' restaurant. Haha. Ginsberg is a really talented writer. I might've enjoyed this book more if I didn't let my personal experiences kind of cloud me. A lot of them weren't positive for [...]

    19. Since I spent a collective of 14 years as a waitress, I found this fairly accurate and enjoyable. I STILL have waitressing nightmares in which I can't find the kitchen, or all the items on my food orders are 86ed. I meld these dreams in with a nice nursing nightmare where I am waiting tables while simultaneously doing a med pass. ( Here's your gin and tonic sir. Now I just need to take your blood pressure before you take your Cardizem)

    20. The book wasnt as much fun as i thought it would be, nor was it gripping!Maybe i wasnt able to relate to the story as i have never witnessed that profession. To me, there seemed to be no logical story that made me want to come back to the book, i flipped through a couple of pages towards the end & didnt miss much of the story.

    21. At times the writing gets a little choppy, but overall a humorous, true-to-life look into the restaurant industry and what it takes to be a server. Was an enjoyable read.

    22. This wasn't as titillating as I wanted it to be. I was expecting a front-of-house Kitchen Confidential, but it fell way flat.

    23. This is a great book for anyone who has worked in the restaurant industry. You can easily relate to her and as well remember your own stories with the topic that she brings up. Good book.

    24. Review written in September 2010This book is, as you might've guessed it, a memoir of Ginsberg's time as a waitress (a span of 20 years). She takes us through the ups and downs of living as a waitress, and offers something of a social commentary on how the public views waiters and waitresses (waitrons?). While the memoir doesn't reveal anything that a decent, feeling human being couldn't have guessed already, Ginsberg's voice is one that I've come to enjoy and admire. Her stories, ranging from t [...]

    25. How arrived: ereader downloadWhy I picked it up: waitressing backgroundExpectations: middlingStars: twoI have recently begun a job as a waitress and so have picked up a few books in the hopes that they will give me some commiseration and possibly pointers.I have to say, this book was BLEAK. It started out ok���Ginsberg began her story as a child in a family who owned their own restaurant. She talks about the rush of having a new table every fifteen minutes, another chance to please, succee [...]

    26. Originally posted on The Canon! canireadeverythingAs a worker bee in the food/hospitality industry, I love to read memoirs about the business. When I was researching my review on a previous food book, I found so many good reviews online for Debra Ginsberg's Waiting that I couldn't stand it: I had to read it. Unfortunately, I fell victim to the GoodReads recommendation; I did not like Ginsberg's Waiting. The writing was flawless, but occasionally leaning towards boring as Ginsberg wavers away f [...]

    27. This sounded like it had potential to be very interesting when I found it at a library book sale. Maybe 1/8 of the way in, I'm beginning to lose steam. Hopefully she's got better insight going forward and not just well documented instances of server-customer interaction.Update: 03/23/2009Ok this book is picking up as the author explores her first experience in a fine dining restaurant and its subtleties both in terms of service and staff politics. I think I chose this book because I like hearing [...]

    28. So far, this is a really good book! This is one of those that I picked up off my bookshelf and thought, why not? It's like her memoirs, and a lot of stories and the truth about waitressing and whatnot. Each chapter seems to be like a different time in her life, and just general knowledge thrown in there. She talks about how waiters/waitresses can tell what kind of customers people will be just by their appearance and where they're from. She noted that New Yorkers are good tippers (Stored that aw [...]

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