Hickory Dickory Dock

Hickory Dickory Dock Keith Baker displays his trademark flair for color movement and rhythm in this vibrant adaptation of the familiar nursery rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock A companion to his acclaimed Big Fat Hen this tw

  • Title: Hickory Dickory Dock
  • Author: KeithBaker
  • ISBN: 9780152058180
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Keith Baker displays his trademark flair for color, movement, and rhythm in this vibrant adaptation of the familiar nursery rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock A companion to his acclaimed Big Fat Hen, this twist on an old favorite features some serious antics on the part of a busy little mouse As a huge grandfather clock strikes each hour from one o clock in the afternoon toKeith Baker displays his trademark flair for color, movement, and rhythm in this vibrant adaptation of the familiar nursery rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock A companion to his acclaimed Big Fat Hen, this twist on an old favorite features some serious antics on the part of a busy little mouse As a huge grandfather clock strikes each hour from one o clock in the afternoon to midnight, a different animal passes by, and the mouse has a funny interaction with each of them With counting, telling time, and a cozy bedtime ending to engage them, children will be chiming in for repeated readings.

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    1. I chose to read this book because I remember reading it when I was younger and enjoyed it then. I found that I still enjoy this book, for similar reasons. This story is about a grandfather clock sitting in a field (not specified) and each time the clock strikes a new time an animal interacts with it. This starts with a mouse running up it and ends with the clock striking midnight after the moon shines upon it and the mouse parachutes from the clock and goes home to sleep in its bed.I liked this [...]

    2. Hickory Dickory Dock is a picture book that follows the original children’s nursery rhyme. The book does a good job of helping children learn to tell time with the use of a grandfather clock and animals to help with the concept. Each time the clock changes time, a new animal appears and completes an action, and then disappears when the time changes again. The illustrations go perfectly with the text. On each page you have a huge clock in the center of a field, and the pages are filled with bri [...]

    3. Hickory Dickory Dock, by Keith Baker, opens up with a grandfather clock sitting in a field. As the day goes on, different animals come to see the clock, but then run off when it hits a certain time, "Hickory dickory dock, some hens pecked at the cock. The Clock struck sixey chased their chicks! Hickory dickory dock. This book helps students learn to tell time on an analog clock by looking at the pictures on each page, and seeing when the hour hand and minute hand are located on the clock face. T [...]

    4. Hickory Dickory Dock is a mother goose book that has a lot of fun rhymes in it. Each page has a clock that changes time and has a new rhyme with the time that it is. The book describes the exciting day of two mice and how much fun they have. 3 book topic ideas1.) This is a good book to work on children's rhymes. It is a good book to read and have students identify the amount of rhymes throughout the book. 2.) This is also a good book to have students work on vocabulary words that they need to wo [...]

    5. I really enjoy this book. Keith Baker's, "Hickory Dickory Dock"is a book to make telling time more fun, yet I feel as if the illustrations and the little mouse is more fun than the concept of telling the time. If one were to teach the concept of telling time on a clock face with this book I feel as if you'll really have to point out in the picture what the clock looks like to get your students to see that part of the illustration.

    6. This brightly illustrated picture book is a great tool for teaching children how to tell him in early grade school. Baker does a great job on putting a useful spin on a timeless nursery rime with his use of different animals and riming words, teaching a children a variety of different concepts in an effective way. This book would be one I recommend for children 1st through 3rd grade to learn about time and rhyming. It would be best used in a classroom setting or even at home.

    7. I do not like this book because they say the same thing every time.I also do not like this book because there was four words on every page.I do not recommend this book unless you like four words on every page or saying the same thing every time or clocks or animals.I recommend this book for ages 4-7.

    8. A fun book to read and one of my favorite classics! I still remember singing "Hickory Hickory Dock" at a young age. The story follows different animals at different times on the clock. Great for kids learning to tell time and learning about rhymes. The illustrations are cute but some of the pages can be very plain. Overall, definitely a book I would keep on my shelf in a future classroom.

    9. 1. No awards received.2. Appropriate grade levels: Pre-K-2nd grade3. Original 3-line summary: After a little mouse runs up the clock, an animal interacts with the clock at the strike of each hour. A wonderful spin on the classic story, "Hickory Dickory Dock" will have children counting along with each strike of the clock! Baker's illustrations are colorful and the movement of each animal will have the students engaged in the story. 4. Original 3-line review: Between the illustrations, animals ac [...]

    10. Title: Hickory Dickory DockAuthor: Keith BakerIllustrator: Keith BakerGenre: Nursery RhymeTheme(s): Rhyming, time, numbers, animalsOpening line/sentence: Hickory dickory dock,The mouse ran up the clockThe clock struck one…Brief Book Summary: Hickory Dickory Dock tells the story of a grandfather clock and animals interacting with the clock. Every hour a different animal comes to the clock, and interacts with it. A mouse watches all of this from perched atop the clock, and after the clock strike [...]

    11. Title: Hickory Dickory Dock Author: Keith BakerIllustrator: Keith BakerGenre: Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme Themes(s): Animals, counting, rhymes, telling timeOpening line/sentence: “Hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock.” Brief Book Summary: The nursery rhyme that we all grew up and adored is back with a newer adaptation. Join many animals interact with the grandfather clock and encounter other animals during the hours of 1 o'clock and midnight. This is a funny, rhyming book meant fo [...]

    12. Cute adaptation of the traditional story. My kids were amused by the different animals and their behaviors.

    13. Awards: N/AGrade Level: PreK - KSummary: This story is primarily about learning the different hours in the day. Throughout the book an assortment of animals interact with the clock, in one way or another, at each hour on the clock. The book ends at 12am, saying good night to the little mouse.Review: This book is great for young students to learn the hours of the day. It could also be used to enhance counting skills as well, especially with PreK learners. This book is a very nice, simple text tha [...]

    14. In Hickory Dickory Dock by Keith Baker, the rhythmic text expands on this Mother Goose nursery rhyme, featuring mouse with a variety of animals as the grandfather clock strikes one through twelve. Baker's mostly double-page spreads were done in Adobe Photoshop. While starring mouse, Baker focuses on varous animals, including a bird, snake, hare, bees, hens & chicks, pig, goat, porcupine, bear, and horse. Baker's flair for color and movement serves this story quite well. My favorite images ar [...]

    15. This is a great book and such a classic! I feel like everyone in their lives has at some point heard the story and can sing this along in their head. This is a fun story to read because it rhymes and is repetitive with the words "hickory dickory dock" and is also telling time! This story revolves around chasing animals around a clock and each time the clock strikes the next number on the clock. This book is super fun and helpful! Would absolutely recommend!

    16. Growing up, I remember learning time by singing the song "hickory dickory dock," but I do not remember ever reading a book that included the song lyrics. Keith Baker brings the song to life with his beautiful picture book, which depicts every hour of the day with animals that do what they would realistically do. The book begins with the mouse running up the clock and the clock striking one, from there we are introduced to a new animal every hour, until we get to 12 midnight when the moon shines [...]

    17. Hickory Dickory Dock by Keith Baker really brought back some memories of the story rhyme I would hear when I was a child. I feel as if that is why I love this book so much. It really brings the story rhyme to life! Every hour a new animal would be shown and I love that because children can anticipate the next animal and be so surprised when they find out what it is.The illustrations in this book were so well thought out. Even though the pages were filled with colorful and vibrant images, it was [...]

    18. Hickory Dickory Dock is a book that I would recommend for children grades K-4. This book took on the classic nursery rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock. The illustration in this book was really pretty and went along with the text. I liked the rhyme and the ending of the rhyme changed ever time. I was not very fond of the illustration entirely because a small child would not be intrigued or interested. Although the text was great and intriguing the illustration did not match. Overall the book was good.

    19. Keith Baker reinvents a classic nursery rhyme with his picture book Hickory Dickory Dock. He includes teaching how to tell time with the clock throughout the use of this rhyme and uses animals to help reinforce the concepts. Each time the clock strikes a different a time, a new animal appears and completes an action. The strengths of this book is that the time is classic and simple for students to understand and enjoy. The introduction of animals for each time the clock strikes is important too [...]

    20. Hickory Dickory Dock is a common nursery rhyme most people are acquainted with, however, this tale takes the story even further. The story tells of many animals passing by the clock and being chased away each time the chime signals the hour change. It is a sweet bedtime story, as the ending involves the mouse going to sleep. This book is also effective in explaining common actions of certain animals. For example, pigs roll in muck. This story is told in a song-like rhyming manner. You almost can [...]

    21. Hickory Dickory Dock by Keith Baker is a great concept book/ nursery rhyme for children. As the clock strikes at each hour, a different animal will walk by the mouse,and the mouse will experience certain things with each animal. The story engages readers by the author's use of rhyme and fun imagery. It is easy and fun to read along.When I was younger, this book was not read to me. To this day, it is not among my favorite nursery rhymes. However, I still appreciate the illustrations and the overa [...]

    22. This picture book was very simple and to the point. You could predict that everything on each page would rhyme. Telling time with this story was very easy to do. The clocks on each page clearly show us what time it is and the passage that goes with each clock runs nicely along. The farm animals on each page are added in cleverly and drawn very well. I believe a child learning how to tell time would enjoy this book. The pictures are very nice and colorful and have a decent amount of detail drawn [...]

    23. Hickory Dickory Dock by Keith Baker is an adaptation of a well known nursery rhyme. As the grandfather clock hits each hour from one o'clock to midnight a little mouse has funny encounters with a new animal each hour. This simply book would help children learn to tell time to hour concepts. The concept of telling time would e made a little easier because through the illustrations there is a visual that children can see. The illustrations are delightful, have great detail, and would make a great [...]

    24. I thought Hickory Dickory Dock written by Keith Baker was a good book. I thought it was a cool adaptation from the old nursery rhyme i used to hear as a child. I thought the illustrations were very colorful and fun for children and adults. I loved all the rhymes used in the book too, I liked the suspense that was added when it would say and the clock stroked and the action was on the next page making it exciting for kids to read and guess what it was.

    25. I picked this book for my "concept picture book type" because of it was such a fun twist on an old nursery rhyme. I enjoyed how it incorporated different animals, and actions that caused the clock to strike certain times, while counting as well. The illustrations were very fun and colorful, as well as animated which I believe brings the story to life! It also uses a plethora of larger words to help familiarize children with a wider variety of word choices.

    26. This book is a great introduction to rhyming words for young children. This would be a great book to incorporate into a lesson about beginning rhyming. The words are also very easy for children to understand, so they pay more attention to the words being rhymed that focusing on following the story line. The illustrations paint a picture of the words being rhymed, so it's easy for kids to connect.

    27. Hickory Dickory Dock written and illustrated by Keith Baker is a concept book for very young children to help teach them rhymes and time. The book is beautifully illustrated with bright colors. The book has many animals in it and does a good job with the nursery rhyme song/book. It does in order until it gets to 12 o'clock. I liked how the mouse was constant in every page and how well the rhymes matched with he concept.

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