The Time Ships

The Time Ships There is a secret passage through timed it leads all the way to the end of Eternity But the journey has a terrible cost It alters not only the future but the present in which we live A century after t

  • Title: The Time Ships
  • Author: Stephen Baxter
  • ISBN: 9780061056482
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback
  • There is a secret passage through timed it leads all the way to the end of Eternity But the journey has a terrible cost It alters not only the future but the present in which we live.A century after the publication of H G Wells immortal The Time Machine, Stephen Baxter, today s most acclaimed new hard SF author, and the acknowledged Clarke, returns to the disThere is a secret passage through timed it leads all the way to the end of Eternity But the journey has a terrible cost It alters not only the future but the present in which we live.A century after the publication of H G Wells immortal The Time Machine, Stephen Baxter, today s most acclaimed new hard SF author, and the acknowledged Clarke, returns to the distant conflict between the Eloi and the Morlocks in a story that is at once an exciting expansion, and a radical departure based on the astonishing new understandings of quantum physics.

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    1. Stephen Baxter

      Stephen Baxter is a trained engineer with degrees from Cambridge mathematics and Southampton Universities doctorate in aeroengineering research Baxter is the winner of the British Science Fiction Award and the Locus Award, as well as being a nominee for an Arthur C Clarke Award, most recently for Manifold Time His novel Voyage won the Sidewise Award for Best Alternate History Novel of the Year he also won the John W Campbell Award and the Philip K Dick Award for his novel The Time Ships He is currently working on his next novel, a collaboration with Sir Arthur C Clarke Mr Baxter lives in Prestwood, England.

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    1. In 1995, a hundred years after H.G. Wells's novel "The Time Machine", the Wells' estate authorised an official sequel by Stephen Baxter. The Time Ships went on to win several prestigious SF awards, including the British Science Fiction award for that year. It is an ambitious project and an exciting read in its own right.The novel starts where the original left off, in 1891, with "the Time Traveller" preparing to return to the year 802,701 to save Weena, the young female Eloi who died in the fire [...]

    2. Taking on the task of writing a sequel to H.G. Wells’ classic The Time Machine must have been like painting a target on his back. Having read Baxter’s Xeelee Omnibus I was very curious if Baxter can pull it off as the Xeelee books are very hard sci-fi with some very complicated scientific expositions (half of which went well over my head). His prose style in those books is readable but not so high on literary merit. In contrast The Time Machine is a beautifully written and fairly straight fo [...]

    3. Cool because it's a sequel to The Time Machine; dull because it's written like a sequel to The Time Machine. A slow start that grows from intriguing to dull and back again, but Baxter's Hard SF misses the boat, er, ship, rather, when he mostly neglects Wells' primary social concerns for engineering sensawunda. Also, Morlocks probably don't call themselves Morlocks.

    4. Baxter did a great job capturing the feel and style of The Time Machine. What he didn't capture of H.G.'s brevity. There are some truly fascinating ideas in this book. The problem is that there's too many ideas. The result of this was a longing for the book's satisfying but predictable conclusion.

    5. I picked up Time Ships mainly because I enjoy works by Stephen Baxter. I had no idea he was such a Wells enthusiast. Apparently Baxter is the Vice-President of the international H. G. Wells Society. I didn't know this when I bought the book, but it's an authorized (by the Wells estate) sequel to the H.G. Wells classic "The Time Machine".The book is simply remarkable. Baxter really captured Wells use of language and vocabulary and the general tone of 1895. You would swear Wells himself had create [...]

    6. Baxter takes the classic HG Wells novela and expands it in new and interesting ways, while still being faithful to the original piece. Here the Time Traveler is more thoughtful and more scientifically minded than he was in "The Time Machine," but the characterization is the same.His journey starts where the first book ends and is split up into seven smaller "books" within the more than five-hundred page paperback. Each book takes the the Time Traveller from a child-like understanding of time, to [...]

    7. Don't be fooled by the doofy title; this book is a marvellously reimagined "sequel" to HG Wells' classic THE TIME MACHINE. As much as Wells' book was social allegory for the issues of his day, THE TIME SHIPS plumbs some of the questions of 21st century man through the lens of Wells' 19th century hero. I am so impressed with how Baxter uses those Victorian values and perceptions as a lens to grapple with very modern issuese narrator comes off as remarkably cosmopolitan, open-minded and intelligen [...]

    8. While I felt as if The Time Machine was somewhat too short, this novel was almost certainly too long. Baxter did do a good job of presenting this as a sequel to The Time Machine. However, as a few other reviews note, the Time Traveler does not make for a compelling protagonist. The Dyson Sphere and Many Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics were interesting elements to include, although I've seen both elsewhere, and handled much better. Some of the histories were interesting, and the altern [...]

    9. It starts exactly where the H. G. Wells's novel ends, but when the Time Traveller tries to return to the year 802701 to rescue Weena, he discovers that the future is altered! He must stop in year 657208 when the Earth is cloaked by an eternal night, because the Morlocks has built a giant Sphere around the Sun! And then he returns in time to July 1873 and confronts with - himself at the age of twenty six!And then the novel becomes more and more intriguing. There is the Juggernaut Lord Raglan - a [...]

    10. Continuación "apócrifa" de La máquina del tiempo, de H.G. Wells, me recuerda a las idas de olla metafísicas de Arthur C. Clarke con su saga Odisea.El viajero, con cada nueva visita al pasado o al futuro, cambia su línea espacio-temporal y se desespera porque cree que con ello niega la existencia de todos aquellos atrapados en una realidad que ya no existe. Como buen autor hard, Baxter no se corta un pelo con la física, hasta tal punto que hacia el final del libro parece más bien metafísi [...]

    11. Yeah. Well, I finished it but I'm not sure why.I love the work of H.G. Wells and I was interested in a book beginning at the point where Wells' The Time Machine left off. After all, there have been many such works and most of the have been interesting and a couple of have been downright brilliant. Baxter got the "voice" of the times just right but, he didn't quite capture Wells. Wells wrote story which had interesting and original thought experiments for the times. Wells at his wordiest cannot b [...]

    12. hier ist stephen baxter ein meisterwerk gelungen, indem er den roman "die zeitmaschine" von h.g. wells als steilvorlage in einen direktpass ins gegenüberliegende tor verwandelt hat. spannend und fesselnd von der ersten seite an verbindet baxter gewohnt bizarre zukunftsvisionen mit vielen paradoxas, die die idee des zeitreisens mit sich bringt. am ende wird es sehr abgedreht, obgleich alles logisch im rahmen bleibt und immer noch ein wissenschaftliches fundament hat: ein kunststück, das nur ste [...]

    13. A thrilling adventure through time form the perspective of H.G. Wells.Continuing on from the original premise of the time machine Well's sets out again into the future only to find that things have changed from his first venture, Why would history change ?Soon he is on multiple time journeys eventually travelling back to the beginning of time.Great read. Highly recommended

    14. Conflicted about this one. On one hand it really captures the tone and language from the original, but on the other hand it is.ummnda dull. I was never invested in what happened to the protagonist. Much in the same way he didn't seem to see the characters around him as people.

    15. Stephen Baxter's Time Ships is a sequel to HG Wells' classic The Time Machine. Where Wells was crisp, haunting and poignant, Baxter is deep and broad and offers his usual blend of hard core scifi philosophy and science.Time Ships picks up where The Time Machine left off. The Time Traveler (TTT), after getting nothing more than a tepid response to his story of his first trip to the future, rushed headlong back into the future to find and rescue his Eloi friend Weena. Instead of returning to fix t [...]

    16. This was a very unique reading experience, in the fact that Stephen Baxter wrote this as a kind of sequel to H.G. Wells' The Time Machine, and adapted the style and speech mannerisms of that older work in order to enforce the illusion. It was well done, but that might not be for everyone because it is actually like reading an historical book, with its historical sensibilities, and use of "men" everywhere to denote humans, and exclamation points to express emotion, etc. It does create a lot of in [...]

    17. This is a fantastic sequel to HG Wells' The Time Machine. Baxter takes the time traveller to a whole new level. Whilst Wells' original was less about the time travel and more about what the human race might become, this one is all about time travel and it's endless possibilities. The book sees the time traveller attempt to travel back to the future to rescue his Eloi friend, Weena. Except the future seems very different and it soon becomes clear that due to the publication of the original book t [...]

    18. The Time Ships by Stephen Baxter is pretty poor as a sequel to the original "The Time Machine" by H. G. Wells. This is mostly because the the Time Traveller displayed very different characteristics in each book, and the underlying messages and meanings in the original were not followed through. Indeed, the only ties between the two books were contrived references at the start of the novel and the Time Traveller’s attempt to rescue Weena at the end.BUT…As a novel in its own right, this is bri [...]

    19. It's been a long time since I've read any hard sci-fi, but after reading The Time Machine, I decided to swipe this from my brother's bookshelf and continue the story. I'm glad that I did because this is a fine sequel to H.G. Wells' classic tale of time travel. Mr. Baxter brings all of his knowledge of the theories of modern quantum physics to expand the story far beyond anything Wells' could have dreamed of. And yet, the language and characterizations of the main character feel so in tune with W [...]

    20. I wanted to like this book, truly I did. But I just can't. I really liked the original Time Machine by H.G. Wells, so I thought I would like this one. I read the first 1/4 of this book and then skipped to the ending. It was good until *spoiler* they went back in time to see the narrators former self. The part I loved about the original Time Machine is that the world of the Morlocks and Eloi is believable, at least to me. This book by Baxter crosses from science fiction to fantasy, and had SO MUC [...]

    21. I would have to say that this is the best time travel book I have ever read. It is the 100 year anniversary sequel to the H. G. Wells classic "The Time machine." It is even written in the same style as Wells. If you are familiar with the story, Wells never reveals the name of the main character, he just calls him "the time traveller." Baxter does the same. Except that this book is about four times longer than the original Wells short novel, and includes a variety of adventures in the wildly dist [...]

    22. I'm glad I readThe Time Machine before The Time Ships, because it heightened my appreciation for whatStephen Baxter has achieved in the latter book -- writing an marvelous novel that manages to be both a faithful sequel to a hundred-year-old book and an epic journey through millions of years and several very different human (and post-human) civilizations.

    23. Anyone who read H.G. Wells' TIME MACHINE and enjoyed it wanted more. Now, over a century later, Stephen Baxter has done just that: picked up where Wells left off and then takes us for a ride equally as surprising and revelatory as Wells himself. Only this time, the traveler ventures forth millions and millions of years into the distant future, in the company of a Morlock!

    24. I found most of the events in the book to be very plausible based on our current understanding of science, as well as the time traveler's motives from the original The Time Machine. I can tell that Baxter, like Wells, is very interested in science and the future of humanity. One thing that stretched plausibility was that the time traveler seemed a bit too stupid in this book. This was probably done to enhance the contrast against the smarter Nebogipfel, since an author can't easily portray a cha [...]

    25. The Time Ships is a sequel to H.G. Wells classic story "The Time Machine." It is an engaging and well written book and I gave it 4 stars. It picks up immediately after the events in "The Time Machine" as the time traveler goes back into the future to help Weena. As he travels forward through time he notices that events aren't the same as he remembers them from his previous journey and when the light from the Sun starts behaving strangely he stops the machine about 150,000 years short of his dest [...]

    26. I found this a highly enjoyable read and an impressive sci-fi epic. It was first published in 1995 as the authorised sequel to HG Wells’ classic novel, “The Time Machine.”  In a breath-taking centenary tribute, Stephen Baxter picks up the story from where the original left off, and takes his reader on a new journey with fascinating and far-reaching results.  It needed a writer of Wells’ calibre to take this on, and Mr Baxter certainly proved himself up to the job.   While it can ob [...]

    27. A sequel to H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine" by the quite capable Stephen Baxter, told in seven books, each in a different time period. Baxter attempts to replicate Wells' style, and does a pretty good job in the ealier books. As he dives deeper into modern physics, his own style emerges from behind the veil. Not surprisingly, some of the books are much better than the others. I could have disposed almost entirely with the war with the Germans, but of course, the nature of conflict in humans is an [...]

    28. If you have ever read H G Wells' Time Machine and wondered what happened next then this book is a must. Baxter takes the reader on a number of temporal journeys with vivid descriptions of life in different epochs. Scientifically plausible but at time rather bizarre. Several real characters from history are introduced into strange settings. Baxter is skilled at the scientific descriptions and explanations although the book for me still left many unanswered questions - perhaps leaving room for man [...]

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