The Ring of Rocamadour

The Ring of Rocamadour The perfect series for kids who loved THE LEMONADE WAR series and are ready for mysteries Edgar Award Nominee for Best Mystery With wit cunning snappy dialogue and superior math skills The Red Blaz

  • Title: The Ring of Rocamadour
  • Author: Michael D. Beil
  • ISBN: 9780375843037
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Paperback
  • The perfect series for kids who loved THE LEMONADE WAR series and are ready for mysteries Edgar Award Nominee for Best Mystery With wit, cunning, snappy dialogue and superior math skills, The Red Blazer Girls represent the best of girl detectives while still feeling relatable and real Nancy Drew would be right at home with this group Huffington Post s 15 GreateThe perfect series for kids who loved THE LEMONADE WAR series and are ready for mysteries Edgar Award Nominee for Best Mystery With wit, cunning, snappy dialogue and superior math skills, The Red Blazer Girls represent the best of girl detectives while still feeling relatable and real Nancy Drew would be right at home with this group Huffington Post s 15 Greatest Kid Detectives ListIt all began with The Scream And ended with well, if we told you that, it wouldn t be a mystery But in between The Scream and The Very Surprising Ending, three friends find themselves on a scavenger hunt set up for a girl they never met, in search of a legendary ring reputed to grant wishes Are these sleuths in school uniforms modern day equivalents of Nancy, Harriet, or Scooby Not really, they re just three nice girls who decide to help out a weird lady, and end up hiding under tables, tackling word puzzles and geometry equations, and searching rather moldy storage rooms for the stuff that dreams are made of that s from an old detective movie Oh, and there s A Boy, who complicates things As boys often do Intrigued The Red Blazer Girls offers a fun, twisty adventure for those who love mystery, math c mon, admit it , and a modest measure of mayhem Michael Beil, a New York City high school English teacher and life long mystery fan, delivers a middle grade caper that s perfect for middle grade readers who have finished THE LEMONADE WAR series and are ready for advanced mysteries From the Hardcover edition.

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      354 Michael D. Beil
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    About "Michael D. Beil"

    1. Michael D. Beil

      Michael D Beil grew up in rural Ohio , where he learned to milk cows and other important lessons He was a sailor, sailmaker and lawyer before finding his true calling in 1997 Teacher.Since 2001, he has taught English and drama at Saint Vincent Ferrer, an all girls Catholic high school in Manhattan, where he also wrote and produced Aftershocks, a play based on the challenges facing the immigrant families of some of his students.He lives in New York with his wife, Laura Grimmer, and their animals, dog Isabel and cats Cyril and Emma, and his complete collection of the Harvard Classics.

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    1. The Ring of Rocamadour, the debut to The Red Blazer Girls mystery series, is a valentine to New York City and the thousands of plaid-skirted parochial school girls that swarm Upper Manhattan. It made the decades that I’ve been gone just melt away and inspired a nostalgia-tinged smile.Seventh-grader Sophie St. Pierre and her friends/classmates at St. Veronica’s Catholic School on East 68th Street in Manhattan, Margaret Wroble and Rebecca Chen, are genuinely big-hearted, intellectually curious [...]

    2. Fun, fun, fun! I SO enjoyed reading this story of four friends attending Catholic middle school in NYC and the unexpected mystery they find themselves unraveling in hopes of finding a lost and very valuable birthday present that's been hidden for over twenty years--one that will have even more worth if it can help bring a divided family back together again. I love that the girls are fun and spunky and unabashedly into their school subjects, totally geeking out over Charles Dickens and geometry w [...]

    3. This book was so much fun! It is the first in the Red Blazer Girls series of mysteries. The four girls attend a private English Catholic school in New York City. They are all curious, adventuresome, and enthusiastic seventh-graders, each with her own unique personality, talents, and family background. There are ecstatic moments of camaraderie as well as times of doubt, disappointment, and insecurity but through it all, they remain forgiving, tolerant, and supportive. The narration by Tai Alexand [...]

    4. Starting this book, I noticed a real Blue Balliet "Chasing Vermeer"-type of vibe. But, that quickly evaporated. The Red Blazer Girls are much more accessible than the Balliet protagonists, who are genius child-prodigy types. You get the feeling that Sophie, Rebecca, and Margaret could be your friends, and that you (yes, plain old average-intelligence "you") could help them solve the mystery. Yet, I appreciated the fact that the mystery wasn't at easy to solve as you'd think, and just when you th [...]

    5. The Book Diva brought this to Aerie. I was really excited about it's high ratings and surprise ending. (it's for those who love mystery, math and a modest measure of mayhem) It sounded perfect for her.She loves math, mystery and mayhem! And the second book is all about a vanishing violin--what could be more fitting? However, after she read it for an hour or so during Sallie's group class today, she said, "I really don't like it." I told her I was surprised that she didn't like it, because it see [...]

    6. REVIEWDo you like puns? This mystery was full of them and they made me laugh. Oh, and there was a dash of romance mixed in. This mystery also had geometry problems and word puzzles to solve. How’s that for unique?The idea of a girl detective made me think of Nancy Drew, but Nancy was always older. I loved that The Red Blazer Girls were in middle school and Sophie is a “reader.” This made it easy for me to relate to them. I also liked how well they got along and worked together. The plot de [...]

    7. I didn't appreciate the language and some of the content of this book. It's a children's book right? I know some kids may be raised like this, but I don't want my kids to start speaking like these girls.

    8. Interesante pero me pareció que el autor se esforzó demasiado por sonar como adolescente y eso hizo que la narración fuera un tanto extraña. El misterio fue pintoresco y la inclusión de enigmas me gustó. Sin embargo no lo disfruté tanto como hubiese querido.

    9. I enjoyed this book, but I am unsure of who the target audience is. The language seemed more geared toward middle school age children, but the friendships and mystery were very child like. I teach 4th grade in the south so maybe I am prudish, but I would not feel comfortable having this book on my shelf for the quality of the book. I think The Westing Game has a much better example of a middle grade mystery.

    10. Oh my- this book is awesome! I'm intrigued enough to have already ordered another book in the series as soon as I started to read it. This is the first book in the series, written by a teacher. Narrated in the first person by Sophie St. Pierre, she tells of her adventures with her friends, Margaret Wroble, Rebecca Chen, and Leigh Ann Jaimes, all 7th graders at St. Veronica's girl school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The girls meet a slightly batty elderly lady who lives in the old nunnery [...]

    11. I was a kid, I read Nancy Drew nearly every day in fourth grade. (I also read The Hardy Boys, Trixie Belden, The Bosbey Twins, Cherry Ames, The Three Investigators and pretty much every mystery like these except for The Boxcar Children. I somehow missed The Boxcar Children.)You can probably guess that I liked mystery series as a kid. So imagine how excited I when the BookPeople buyer handed me a new children’s mystery series for girls. I even like to think of it as the Nancy Drew for the moder [...]

    12. This is a laugh out loud mystery which had me giggling from the very beginning! Even the chapters have hilarious names.I hadn't really read an honest-to-goodness mystery in a while, so I checked this book out at my library after recommended it to me. I started reading it and I was hooked. The narrator, Sophie, is extremely funny. So is Mr. Eliot. He made a comment about 'Randy Bob Shakespeare' that had me snorting in laughter. All the girls have their own unique talents, as well as their own un [...]

    13. It was ok and probably most of my beefs are with the reading, since I listened to this book. The woman reading did a good job with the voices, but her portrayal of the older woman kept making me think she was trying to pull one over on the girls. I was waiting for the cat to be let out of the bag. Instead the flip was someone else. Maybe I just wanted to dislike her for her over-niceness. My second problem was with the "teaching moments". They were painfully obvious and I could imagine the kids [...]

    14. I recently finished The Red Blazer Girls by Michael D. Beil. This book is great for people who like mystery, math, and a lot of action! Sophie's scream began it all After searching the school's church attic the girls find a secret passage way leading to the mysterious Ms. Harrimans home. She sets on an adventure to find the ring of Racamoudor. The author does a really good job describing the setting. It's like a painted picture in my mind of what everything looks like. The next few chapters are [...]

    15. This book did not live up to my expectations. The plot itself was interesting enough, but nothing to write home about. The three main characters are supposed to be 7th grade girls, but their behavior would be more appropriate for high-school aged girls. They stay out late without any major consequences from their parents. They hang out at the local coffee shop (where'd they get that kind of money?). The mild language (hells and damns and Oh my G*d regularly) doesn't belong in the speech of a 12 [...]

    16. In this book, Sophie turns from foolish and stupid to clever. This is because she is the one who solves the riddle of: who doesn't belong in the list? It was a list of characters from the books of Charles Dickens. It turns out that the character which doesn't belong is a girl while the others are boys. Here is a quote that proves her smart wits: "It's Esther Summerson!, said Sophie.'She's the only female! Jeez, I've come a long way. Sorry Margaret, I think I stole your place of being the smart o [...]

    17. I thought this would be a good "Winston Breen"-style mystery that I could recommend to my tween son. Unfortunately, it failed to live up to that standard. Content-wise and style-wise, it was a fun read; but the puzzles were sub-par. For the most part, they were too easily solved, probably even for kids. And one of them leads to a detailed instructions on how to plot lines on a coordinate plane. However, the real reason I won't be recommending it to my son is the language the girls use. There is [...]

    18. I really wanted to like this book. I had passed it several times in the library and thought it looked interesting. While the plot is engaging, the language occasionally used really turned me off. At one point in the book, Sophie says that her parents once talked about "their first-times" over dinner with her friends. As a teacher, I cannot fathom recommending this to my upper elementary students, even the ones that are mature enough. Mild profanity is placed throughout as well, but does not add [...]

    19. Fun story about a group of girls solving a puzzle paper trail which ultimately leads to a long buried treasure. It was very clever the way the author came up with the puzzles, then solutions, and how each girl had their special skills/traits to solve a portion of each.There was much talk about everyday events in their lives, which I felt slowed the story down a little bit, but all in all I enjoyed listening to this one.However, I think a print version would benefit better as then the reader migh [...]

    20. I liked the puzzles and the storyfun mystery for middle grade readers. In my opinion, this was similar to but not as good as Blue Balliet's mysteries. I was also surprised that the characters used mild profanity and the Lord's name in vain, particularly because they are Catholic school girls. Also, they did run around NYC with little/no supervision which felt off to me since they are only in junior high. So overall, I liked it but didn't love it. My daughter started it and decided not to finishd [...]

    21. I liked this, but while I thought this was sharp, witty and well written, Iwon't recommend it to many 5th graders. I think they would have too much trouble with the constant stream of literary references, Roman Catholic references, even the pop culture references would confuse the 5th graders at my school. That and the boy/girl stuff places this solidly as a middle school book IMHO.

    22. Very Nancy Drew meets The Princess Diaries, but as I've always been a sucker for girls' mystery series a la Nancy and the Boxcar Children (to say nothing of The Princess Diaries), this book gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

    23. if Nancy Drew was modern and did more work with her friends than alone, & went to prep school, she might be part of the gang. Character diversity & some real preteen struggling (boys, ugh, they're the worst) gives some fun to this group of good gone detectives.

    24. The use of brainteasers and math puzzles creatively provided interaction with the book and shows teens when they might ever use this "school stuff."

    25. This book made you think about what was going to happen, and I definatley did not see the plot twist coming. It all starts when one of the Red Blazer Girls, Sophie thinks she sees a ghost. So, her and her friends go explore in the church that is connected to the school and find an elderly woman lives next to the church and frequently visits the church. The elderly lady, Ms. Harriman starts the Red Blazer girls on a mystery that puzzles them and they don't stop until they find the answer, even if [...]

    26. This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing (no 'rithmatic!), movies, & TV. Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here. Graphic and children's reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book's interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don't really do stars. To me a book is either worth reading or it isn't. I can't rate it three- [...]

    27. The girls acted their ages emotionally, but definitely not intellectually. The author made them familiar with literature, religion, culture, etc. that 99% of adult Americans wouldn't have known, much less girls their age. Also, I weigh the amount of profanity against the quality of the story line, and this time, it wasn't worth it. I read over half, then skimmed the end of it.

    28. This was an amazing book for me when I was in elementary school. The Red Blazer Girls is perfect for anyone ages 9-13. This mystery has the perfect balance of excitement and relatable, everyday events that make the reader feel like they are living in the world of The Red Blazer Girls.

    29. Four friends at a New York private school stumble upon a twenty year old clue to a mystery ring and set out to find it. Full of fun and friendship this had a lot of heart and a little suspense. Upper elementary.

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