The Doomsday Box

The Doomsday Box When the CIA created a program to research time travel in the s they never imagined it could lead to a global pandemic decades later But after an undercover agent code name Cobra exploits the t

  • Title: The Doomsday Box
  • Author: Herbie Brennan
  • ISBN: 9780061756474
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When the CIA created a program to research time travel in the 1940s, they never imagined it could lead to a global pandemic decades later But after an undercover agent, code name Cobra, exploits the time travel operation to send the black plague into the twenty first century, the supernatural teen spies of the Shadow Project are recruited to go back in time to Cold War erWhen the CIA created a program to research time travel in the 1940s, they never imagined it could lead to a global pandemic decades later But after an undercover agent, code name Cobra, exploits the time travel operation to send the black plague into the twenty first century, the supernatural teen spies of the Shadow Project are recruited to go back in time to Cold War era Russia and prevent this devastating chain of events from occurring There s just one problem How do four teenagers deter a seasoned CIA agent from his life or death mission Michael, Danny, Opal, and Fuchsia, a new agent with mysterious abilities, will have to use their powers of astral projection and persuasion to convince Cobra that what s at stake could hit closer to home than he can imagine That is, if they can even manage to survive in Moscow in the early 1960s, where the KGB wants them dead

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      What you should knowName Herbie BrennanOccupation AuthorFavourite book The Crimson Petal and the White, by Michel Faber.Favourite subjects Esoteric matters, psychical research, anomalies, Mac computers, other people and cats.Favourite journals Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, Mac Format.Favourite holiday spot Kenmare, County Kerry, Ireland.Number of books published 108.Total copies sold worldwide 7.5 million.Herbie Brennan recently written 2007, excerpt taken from The Restless Dead celebrated publication of his 104th book, The Purple Emperor, a sequel to New York Times bestseller, Faerie Wars A longtime student of sorcery, he discovered an old copy of the Lemegeton, or the Lesser Key of Solomon a book that really does exist in a junk shop and used it to conjure up The Necromancers The magical techniques described in the story are authentic, but cautiously edited to protect the reader.

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    1. I received this book as an ARC and was very pleased with the story and characters. This is the second book in the Shadow Project series and I have to admit that I have not read the first book, but I did find it easy to pick up with the second book and not feel that I had missed something. This book follows 4 teens in their attempt to stop a major catastrophe from happening when the Black Plague is released into our modern time. The only way to stop this from occurring is to go back in time and t [...]

    2. Jennica MundenAdventureCritical analysis: This is a story about a theory of time travel wherein one can change the future, teenage astral projection, and the classical mess the CIA always seems to end up in when exploiting new means and strange things.Opinions: Despite the attempt at seriousness, this is an unrealistic and mundane story with a few odd twists, and some kids thrown in. It turns a professional undercover agency into a teen hook-up program.Summary: In the 1940s, the CIA created a pr [...]

    3. Interesting book! It's a unique reading experience binding time travel with chapters narrated by each character. It's truly to see each character's point of view, especially since they are often separated. I recommend this book.

    4. Time travel books are just so much fun.  I'm fascinated by the concept, and the questions that go along with it.  The time paradox (if you go back in time and kill your grandmother, do you still exist?).  Things like that.  And in that regard, I really enjoyed this book.  The plot was tight and full of suspense.  I kept turning pages because I genuinely wanted to know how it would end.  It was quick, with twists and turns.But despite my enjoyment of the plot, the characters did absolutely [...]

    5. I read this book first, before it's predecessor, The Shadow Project. It's the first time a book sent me on a mission to finds it's prequel. Turns out this is even better thant he first book, all the suspence and pace with none of the confusion.The three teens from the first book are joined by a new member, Fuchsia, with a new power, one she is still developing. The four British teens working for MI6 find their way from Britain to New York where they are to investigate a long-forgotten CIA experi [...]

    6. I grabbed this book from the teen section of my local library because I was tired of seedy adult stuff. To be honest, this book wasn't that great. Note, I have not read the first one nor will I (EDIT: okay, due to certain criticisms I received through this review, I have since read book one, The Shadow Project. Nevertheless, I still agree with everything I have said in this, my review of The Doomsday Box one hundred percent). I'm still trying to understand why any government would want to hire t [...]

    7. During the twenty-first century, CIA created a time machine that would be able to bring CIA agents back into the 1940’s to change the horrible histories. But there was a dirty undercover agent, code name Cobra, which found the time machine from the 1940’s and decided to bring the black plague from that time to nowadays. In order to prevent this from happening, the Shadow Project from CIA recruited 4 teenage CIA spies had to go through the time machine to travel back to the 1940’s and chan [...]

    8. The Doomsday Boxby Herbie Brennan The Doomsday Box By Herbie Brennan is a much much more interesting novel compared to The Shadow Project. The biggest reason that it is better than The Shadow Project is because the plot mainly revolves around time travel. The plot is about four teens trying to stop the world from being engulfed by a plague brought back from the past called the 'Black Death' the black death is a highly deadly and infectious disease that killed off 25 million people. The Doomsday [...]

    9. Reviewed for ALAN's Picks, May 2011, at alan-ya/2011/05/alans-"The Shadow Project recruits teenagers with psychic abilities as special agents to solve cases that no ordinary spies can handle. The appearance of a mysterious box, sent through a long dormant time portal by the shadowy agent Cobra from some time in the Middle Ages, unleashes a deadly pandemic. The CIA calls on the Shadow Project—Michael, Danny and Opal, skilled in astral projection; and new agent Fuchsia, with the ability to see t [...]

    10. Opal, Michael, and Danny return in another Shadow Project adventure. This one adds time travel to their astral projection abilities and a new member is added, Fuchsia, who has her own special abilities. The crew partners with the CIA to try and prevent a modern day outbreak of the black plague. The mission sends them back in time to the Soviet Union in 1962 at the height of the Cold War, where they must outwit the KGB and a mole in the CIA to prevent nuclear war.This will appeal to fans of teen [...]

    11. Four teen spies, Danny, Fuchsia, Opal and Michael are part of the Shadow Project, working with their unique abilities to project themselves astrally and see into the future. When a box full of vials that contain the black plague from the Middle Ages shows up, it is up to these four resourceful teenagers to contact Agent Cobra in 1962 Russia. Traveling back in time does have its risks, yet they seem to have all the right intelligence. But, Michael and Opal are captured by the KGB, and Michael is [...]

    12. The Shadow Project is back. Book 2 brings a new member to the team- Opal and Michael are partners and Danny is now partnered with Fuchsia, both have talents beyond the standard Project remote viewing parameters. Herbie Brennan is fascinated with the paranormal. In this series he investigates how psychic powers might be employed to save the world. Sort of a spoiler follows. Still, I will be careful:In this mission the quartet go to New York state where a top secret remote viewing project from the [...]

    13. In the book, The Doomsday Box by Herbie Brennan a group of British special agents who just so happen to be teenagers are sent to America to oversee the reopening of a time portal at a secret government facility. They find a box at the foot of the portal and someone opens it releasing all the most horrible diseases wrapped into one on to the world. As people around them are dying the children realize they are the vaccinated. They must go out into time and try to stop the CIA agent who has done th [...]

    14. 3.5 stars. Quick read about Opal, Michael, Danny and a new girl, Fuschia, going back in time to save the world. I like the way the time paradoxes and precognitive visions were handled.(view spoiler)[Mr. Carradine telling the gang that Cobra was his father was interesting. It was irritating that Agent Stratford was a double agent. I felt terrible for Michael, but I was glad that Opal wasn't tortured.The paradox of changing the current time path so they don't return to a destroyed world was perfec [...]

    15. Slight book about a shadow agency that deals with psychotronic research - remote viewing, and time travel in this one. Fairly nicely done with some good twists and turns and unexpected things, but the main four characters were slightly drawn - didn't get a good feel for any of them, or their motivations, and they were quick to anger and meanness, and then all gone. Of course some teens are like that. But without an understanding of the character, it just is annoying. But the basic premise, if do [...]

    16. Very different from the first book--more time travel and less fighting embodiments of good and evil on the astral plain. If they recapped the teens' abilities better, I would say readers could start with this one, as it might appeal to a different set of them, but as it stands I think they'd just be confused. Overall, it seems like a more normal fantasy book--which is both good (the first book was kind of way out there) and bad (in that it's not as unique a plot). Still, I liked it.

    17. This is a good,fun book to read. The beggining is very slow but as you read on you will get interested.If you love time travel then this book os for you. The four kids apart of the english shadow project go back in time to save the world from the black death and the cuban missile crisis.This is a sequeal to another great book.

    18. I really liked this book. This time we have to take a look at the past. Is time travel possible and if it possible what happens then you send kids back in it. This books also introduces a new character to the gang of kids making it four. I wonder when the next book will be out. I will in line to buy it.

    19. A great sequel because it took the idea in the first book to a new level. Instead of just a new adventure about the idea of "out of body" experiences, this book added in time travel and precognition. How these things work together and how the characters relate to each other makes the book that much more interesting.

    20. Fast-paced, interesting sci-fi with out-of-body experiences and time travel. That's not normally my thing, but the historical aspect of it held my interest and I appreciated how the setting was set in lots of different parts of the world.

    21. despite doing the absolute opposite of what they were supposed to do, the characters somehow still completed the mission. WHERE IS REALITY WHEN YOU NEED IT?

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