Suitable for children
A veggie diet is very close to the official recommendations for healthy eating. But is it suitable for children? A resounding: "Yes, of course it is!" Vegetarian and vegan children obtain all the protein, energy and vitamins they need - and here's the research to prove it.

Nutritional advantages
The nutritional advantages of bringing up children on a veggie diet have been highlighted, too. The Journal of Pediatric Health Care states that veggie children and teenagers take in less harmful cholesterol, saturated fat and total fat, and more fruit, vegetables and fibre than their non-veggie counterparts - all essential to a healthy life. Vegetarian children are also leaner, says the report, and have less risk of developing several chronic diseases in adulthood. Click here to read more!

Vegan kids
Vegan diets have been given the thumbs-up, too. The American Dietetic Association, backed by the American Academy of Paediatrics, says that well-planned vegan diets provide all the nutrients infants and children need, produce normal growth and may cut disease risk in adulthood. Their final point - and it's an important one - was that because vegan children eat a wider variety of whole plant foods, it may help to establish healthy, lifelong eating habits. Click here and get the whole family munching!

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