Concerned about raising your little one on a veggie diet? Confused about cooking without eggs? Want to know what to eat to maximise your health — or athletic performance? Then look no further. Written by experts, the VVF's guides are brimming with up-to-date information and helpful advice.

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Vegetarian and Vegan Mother and Baby Guide

Bringing up a vegan or vegetarian baby - a complete guide to motherhood, breastfeeding, and the first few precious years of your baby's life A wealth of practical information on having a healthy pregnancy and vivacious, robust baby!

Invaluable guide by Rose Elliot, Britain's best loved vegetarian cookery writer and Juliet Gellatley, founder of Viva! and the Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation. Contains a wealth of practical information covering all aspects of vegetarian or vegan pregnancies and how to bring your baby up on a meat-free diet. Includes a daily nutrient guide, essential nutrients for mums-to-be and the practicalities of breast feeding. Best veggie/vegan foods for weaning, survival tips and a discussion on formula feeds are also covered.

Veggie Health for Kids

Vegetarian and Vegan health for kids, make sure your kids are happy and healthy Every nutrient a child needs and how to get it. A guide for parents showing why vegetarian/vegan diets are the healthiest option for children.




Soya-Based Infant Formula

Infant formula fact sheet for vegetarian and vegan babies and parents

A safe alternative to cow's milk-based infant formula.

Breast is best but for mums who need an infant formula feed, soya-based formulas are a safe and nutritious alternative to cow's milk-based ones. Babies must NEVER be given normal adult cow's milk or normal adult soya milk until after the age of a year as these do not provide all the nutrients a baby needs.



The Food of Champions

Vegetarian and vegan diets for sportspeople Vegetarian and vegan diets for sports — an easy read for anyone who wants a healthy diet - whether you walk once a week or are a serious athlete. By VVF Nutritionist. Introduction by Dr Christine Fenn (Doctor of Nutrition).





Snappy Veggie Cooking with The Mollster (PDF)

Vegetarian and Vegan recipes to cook with your children Straight-talking vegetarian recipe guide for teenagers, by teenagers, with a little bit of help from Viva!'s hairy snoop, The Mollster.




Factsheet: Why vegetarian and vegan diets are the healthiest and safest option for children.

Vegetarian and Vegan recipes to cook with your children Plant-based diets offer the perfect vehicle for promoting healthy eating patterns in childhood, helping reduce the risks of developing many degenerative diseases in later life.









Rose Elliot's Bean Book

Rose Elliot's Bean Book First published in 1979, this is a classic! The mighty bean is oft-derided but seldom equalled and this book will show you how to make the most of its wealth of nutrition. From Lentil and Mushroom Pate to Kitchari (a mixture of rice and mung beans), you'll find many an interesting way to conjure up meals from the humble pulse.




30-Minute Vegetarian

30-Minute Vegetarian In addition to starters and mains, this collection of globally-inspired recipes includes desserts.

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The Lantern Vegan Family Cookbook

The Lantern Vegan Family Cookbook In addition to starters and mains, this collection of globally-inspired recipes includes desserts.

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Mmm Yummy Cakes

Mmm Yummy Cakes With nine cake recipes, five muffin recipes and four recipes for puddings, you won't go wrong. Proceeds benefit animal welfare.

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So, What Do You Eat?

So, What Do You Eat? No family kitchen should be without this. Full of nutritious and very easy, basic family meals, its wipe-clean cover gives this favourite staying power. Get the kids to help prepare meals, too!

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Easy Vegan Cooking

Easy Vegan Cooking Containing recipes for tasty food for every day of the year, this book is ideal for fledgling vegans. Try the classic macaroni cheese.

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Making Kind Choices - ethics

Making Kind Choices  ethics The president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals knows how to live every moment of the day compassionately. In this book, she shares her secrets. From organic gardening, recognising hidden animal ingredients, and baking to ethical animal companionship: it's all here. Seemingly small changes can actually make a huge cumulative difference to the world and its inhabitants. Get this book and get going for the better!

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Vegetarian Meals in Minutes

Vegetarian Meals in Minutes Calling all novices: this cookbook, with its full-colour photos and easy-to-follow instructions, guarantees that you'll whip up a meal within 30 minutes. Start here.

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101 Veggie Dishes

101 Veggie Dishe This compact-sized book is packed easy and affordable recipes. Colour photos illustrate the range of recipes available within the book's pages: everything from snacks to elaborate meals for guests can be found and enjoyed. As an added allure, each recipe is followed by its nutritional breakdown.

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Vegetarian Recipe Club

Vegetarian Recipe Club Slim down and be and stay healthy with the VVF's Vegetarian Recipe Club. Get a binder, four sensational seasonal vegan recipe packs, free nutritional advice, cooking tips, access to our wide range of tested, delicious vegan recipes plus fun and interactive health MOT all for only 15 a year!

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Tofu Quick and Easy

Tofu Quick and Easy As the title suggests, this cookbook is loaded with simple recipes incorporating the wonder food that is tofu. From dips to desserts, you're sure to find something to please your palate. Get Greek with Tofu Spanakopita or add a little salsa to your kitchen and bake an Enchilada Casserole! Follow with some New York style cheesecake and you're laughing and healthy.

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Vegan Family Favorites

Vegan Family Favorites Although this is an American book, the recipes are easy to follow and they don't rely on exotic ingredients. It is written for busy families, after all! From breakfasts to puddings, you'll find something to please. There's even a 'substitutions' guide for those who are sensitive to soya, as well as sample menus. Recipes include Cashew Dill Spread and Winter Veggie Chowder.

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Vegan Feasts

Vegan Feasts From quick snacks to impressive entrees and irresistible puddings, this book is accessible and indispensable.

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Vegan Lunch Box

Vegan Lunch Box Born out of the popularity of the author's american blog (, this no-frills healthy approach to the art of the lunchbox is a must for veggie parents. Full of inventive recipes such as Heart Beet Salad and Gingerbread Vegans with Vegan Icing. Grown-ups - these recipes are for you too!

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What's in This Stuff?: The Essential Guide to What's Really in the Products You Buy in the Supermarket

Vegan Lunch Box Though a lot of us may be concerned about what we put into our bodies, what of the chemicals that we might slather onto them? Find out 'what's in that stuff' as well as what might be lurking in the food that we lovingly feed to our companion animals and in the myriad concoctions we use to clean our homes. This book even includes a glossary of E numbers. Are you brave enough to confront the truth?!

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September 2008

Vital veggies for kids, Yoga & Health

Recipes and advice on how to get kids to eat more veg!

July 2008

Veggie health for kids, Yoga & Health

Slimming and healthy eating advice for the whole family

June 2008

Statement from the Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation (VVF) about children and vegan diets

Winter 2006

The great school dinner makeover: how to make a lunchbox as healthy and tasty as possible

September 2006

Clever capsules may spell disaster for kids...

April 2006

Health charity rejects claims that ditching milk 'stunts infant growth'

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